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Sonya Blade Cosplays
Revenge is a dish best served sassy.

18- Fire Lily

Sonya Blade Fire Lily cosplay

Fire Lily cosplay Mortal Kombat

Cosplay by Fire Lily Cosplay 

With a name like “Blade”, it’s interesting that Sonya actually prefers hand-to-hand fighting and guns. Has she ever used a knife in battle? We may have to research this.

17- Nami Taicho

Sonya Blade Nami Taicho cosplay

Mortal Kombat Nami Taicho

Cosplay by Nami Taicho 

Sonya is very cold, but she obviously has a big heart. She’ll face all of Outworld to stick by her mottto, “no man left behind”.

16- CLeigh Cosplay

Sonya Blade CLeigh cosplay

CLeigh Mortal Kombat cosplay

Cosplay by CLeigh Cosplay 

Remember in Mortal Kombat Gold when Sonya sidestepped Jarek and he hurled himself off a cliff? She calmly pulled out her radio and talked to Jax like nothing happened. Good times.

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