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Sonya Blade Cosplays
Revenge is a dish best served sassy.

15- Deanna Krahn

Deanna Krahn Sonya Blade cosplay

Mortal Kombat Deanna Krahn

Cosplay by Danquish 

You’d never know Sonya had Cassie with her perpetual washboard abs. And Cassie managed to follow right in her footsteps even though Sonya was too busy saving the world to be present.

14- SamiEggPower

SamiEggPower cosplay Sonya Blade

Mortal Kombat SamiEggPower

Cosplay by SamiEggPower 

Where exactly does Sonya’s ring blast power come from? Does anyone know?

13- Kory Ember

Sonya Blade cosplay Kory Ember

Mortal Kombat cosplay Kory Ember

Cosplay by Kory Ember Cosplay 

If the government had listened to Sonya and Jax when they first returned from Outworld, Mortal Kombat 3 didn’t have to happen. Just saying...

12- Franny Cosplay

Franny Cosplay Sonya Blade

Mortal Kombat Franny cosplay

Cosplay by Franny Cosplay 

Sonya Blade definitely deserves whatever vacation she can get. We’re pretty sure she’ll still be armed in the bikini.

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