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The Best Witcher 3 Cosplays
Some of the best cosplays from The Witcher. Spoiler: Roach was not cosplayed.

40. TophWei

Ciri may be young, but she certainly knows how to hold her own. Cosplayer Toph shows that Ciri can be both beautiful, and keep up with the guys in the tavern.

Cosplay by TophWei

39. Keevanski

In an alternate universe, the female White Wolf is just as courageous and sharp as our Geralt of Rivia. Keevanski’s gender bend Geralt is so fierce, it’s almost scary. Monsters beware.

Cosplay by Keevanski

38. Elena Samko

There are many monsters in a witcher’s world, one of the most deceptive being the succubus. Many fall victim to the succubus’ lies…don’t look into her eyes, or you’ll find yourself torn to pieces.

Cosplay by Elena Samko

37. fenixfatalist

Triss Merigold may have a love for elegant attire, but we should never forget her true power. Cosplayer Fenix show’s Triss’ fiery attitude.

Cosplay by fenixfatalist

36. GrellkaLoli

A powerful mage and sorceress, Cynthia’s power and abilities know no end. Witchers should be wary of this secretive mage.

Cosplay by GrellkaLoli

35. MilliganVick

Cosplayer Vick sheds a bloody light on Cerys an Craite. Naturally determined and encouraged, Cerys is always up for wholesome bloodshed.

Cosplay by MilliganVick

34. Lyumos

Solemn Iris Von Everec has endured an unfortunate chain of events, leaving her deeply solemn. While cosplayer Lada projects the mournful memory of Iris, she is still portrayed as beautiful as ever.

Cosplay by Lyumos

33. tarrer

As one of The Hunt’s most infamous warriors, it’s no question that Commander Imlerith wields unrelenting power. Only the most experienced witcher has a chance to bring him down.

Cosplay by tarrer

32. ValtirFaye

As a phenomenal bowman, Iorveth’s head count is high. Iorveth is headstrong and supremely proud of his elven heritage. In his mind, there is no room for humans. This elf must be approached with caution.

Cosplay by ValtirFaye

31. CynShenzi

As an expert sharpshooter, it’s no wonder why Ves was awarded the title as lieutenant to Vernon Roche. Cosplayer Shenzi brings to life Ves’ true savage image.

Cosplay by CynShenzi

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