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The Best Witcher 3 Cosplays
Some of the best cosplays from The Witcher. Spoiler: Roach was not cosplayed.

11. Elena Samko

This chilling creature is a wight, most commonly found in cemeteries and deserts. If a witcher ever finds themselves face to face with wights, their axii sign would prove most useful.

Cosplay by Elena Samko

10. direwolveScosPHOTO

Yennefer is a lady of luxury, and even while on the road, she never settles for less. Cosplayer Akiko stays true to Yen’s luxurious style, keeping warm in a fur shall. The fire she wields undoubtedly also keeps her toasty.

Cosplay by direwolveScosPHOTO

9. Elena Samko

The weavess is one of the Crones sisters who dwell in Crookback bog, and is also claimed the youngest of the three. It is supposed that the weavess wove the tapestry in which Geralt first speaks to the sisters.

Cosplay by Elena Samko

8. jellyxbat

When you train with the witchers, you travel like a witcher. Snowy terrains and frost bitten lips aren’t enough to turn this sword maiden away. Ciri always tilts up her chin and presses on, no matter the weather.

Cosplay by jellyxbat

7. Elena Samko

The Brewess is the middle sister of the three Crones of Crookback Bog. As her namesake suggests, the Brewess is known for concocting potions and elixirs, and more notably a human stew.

Cosplay by Elena Samko 

6. RavenN1ght

As a witcher, it’s important to keep your blade sharp and your mind sharper. Geralt is well versed in keeping both his silver and steel swords honed and sharpened on a grindstone.

Cosplay by RavenN1ght

5. MrFifiak

Lambert is a cunning witcher known for his sharp tongue and rough attitude. While he’s a skilled swordsman and aggressive speaker, he has a soft spot for a certain sorceress.

Cosplay by MrFifiak

4. Gerutskiy

Over-spoken and self-confident, dandelion is a bard like no other. While his appearance and lifestyle seems to be a complete polar opposite of Geralt’s rough demeanor, they are in fact close friends.

Cosplay by Gerutskiy

3. Lyumos

Shani was a medic, soon becoming dean at the Oxenfurt Academy. Cosplayer Lada shows that in Shani’s free time she likes to practice her Gwent deck.

Cosplay by Lyumos

2. IssabelCosplay

Being among the most powerful sorceresses, Philippa Eilhart never passes up the opportunity to dress lavishly. Cosplayer Julia shows Philippa in her Avian Legacy gown, reminiscent of her polymorph owl form.

Cosplay by IssabelCosplay

1. Juriet

Through all of her travels, Ciri would surely find it hard to navigate without her faithful companion, Kelpie. Everyone who saw Kelpie claimed the mare was phenomenal. It seems to be a fitting choice for an exquisite Ciri.

Cosplay by Juriet

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