[Top 3] Ark Survival Evolved Best Armor For Heat

[Top 3] Ark Survival Evolved Best Armor For Heat, top 3 Ark survival armors for heat, Ark best heat armors
Avoid melting in the cruel desert by crafting the right armor

3. Ghillie Gear 

Look out! A bush is attacking you!

The Ghillie Armor is famous for offering the perfect camouflage when hunting or taming a dinosaur. However, you might not know that this armor also provides excellent protection against heat, keeping you cool in the hottest climate. Surprisingly, it even exceeds the properties of the Desert Cloth Gear when it comes to heat protection. The organic polymer, combined with leaves and fiber is the perfect combination for resisting hot temperatures. Even more, it adds 160 protection against damage and 24 cold resistance, so if you haven’t reached the Late-Game yet, this armor is the best way to go!

Why is the Ghillie Armor Great For Heat: 

  • It’s available from low levels and it requires a minimum of resources 
  • 155 protection against heat
  • Perfect for camouflaging in areas with a warm climate 
  • The mask disperses heat and keeps you cool

Ghillie Gear details: https://ark.fandom.com/wiki/Ghillie_Armor#Gauntlets_ 

  • How To Get the Ghillie Gear: 
  • Reach level 33
  • Gather 26 x Organic Polymer, 40 x Hide, 18 x Fiber
  • Craft it in your inventory!

2. Tek Armor 

Stand on the top of the world with the Tek Suit

The Tek Suit comes second place on the top for the best heat protection, right before the Ghillie Armor. You’d think that the Tek Suit is the best in everything, but there is one particular Armor that steals its first place when it comes to heat resistance. Apart from that, the Tek Suit truly is the best out there, incorporating unbelievable features, like night vision, a jet backpack, or incredibly strong Tek gauntlets. Apart from its unique functions, it offers the highest possible protection in battles, with a 900 resistance against damage. Moreover, when it comes to adventuring in the wildest and most dangerous areas, this armor protects against any environmental conditions: cold, heat, or even radiation.

Why is the Tek Suit Great For Heat: 

  • 208 protection against heat 
  • Extra +225 hyperthermal bonus to the wearer
  • Grants you special abilities that are useful in a warm climate
  • Offers radiation resistance 

Tek Suit details: https://ark.fandom.com/wiki/Tek_Armor#Chestpiece_ 

How To Get the Tek Suit:

  • Reach End-Game and defeat Broodmother the: Lysrix (Beta, Alpha), Desert Titan, Dinopithecus King (Beta, Alpha), Moeder, Master of the Ocean (Beta, Alpha),  Rockwell (Beta, Alpha), Rockwell Prime
  • Gather the ingredients: 600 ×     Crystal, 600 ×     Polymer, Organic Polymer, or Corrupted Nodule, 275 ×    Black Pearl, 100 × Element, 2250 × Metal Ingot or Scrap Metal Ingot
  • Unlock the engrams 
  • Craft it in the Tek Replicator 

1. Hazard Suit 

Bees? Radiations? The end of the world? The Hazard Suit has your back

Finally, if you want to obtain the best protection against heat, The Hazard Suit is the top pick. It requires an advanced level and some gathering skills, but it’s surely worth it. Besides its heat protection, this armor allows you to access Bee Hives without any worries. Even more, exploring will become a piece of cake, as the Hazar Suit will have your back in any environmental conditions, protecting against radiation, poisonous mushrooms, spores, or poisonous gas. Cold resistance also comes with the full set. 

Why is the Hazard Suit Great For Heat: 

  • Best heat protection available in the game: 300
  • The mask protects against both suffocatingly hot air and contaminants 
  • It can be repaired
  • Will protect you from Poison Wyvern and Basilisk poison gas attacks

Hazard Suit details: https://ark.fandom.com/wiki/Tek_Armor#Chestpiece_ 

How To Get the Hazard Suit :

  • Reach level 68 
  • Unlock the engrams: 104 engram points
  • Total Ingredients for a full set: Total Base Ingredients: 1152 × Stone, 576 ×     Chitin, Keratin, or Shell Fragment, 125 × Congealed Gas Ball (Aberration), 85 ×    Blue Gem (Aberration), 166 ×     Crystal, 144 ×     Obsidian, 235 × Fiber, 155 × Hide
  • Craft it in the Fabricator or the Tek Replicator 

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