The 25 Best Ciri Cosplays We've Ever Seen (Most Beautiful/Best Looking)

The Best Ciri Cosplay
She may not be a Witcher, but she can fight like one.

When it comes to Ciri cosplay, no one does it better than these ladies.

Ciri, formally known as Cirilla of Cintra, is fierce, headstrong, and equally as beautiful. Geralt of Rivia took Ciri under his wing, and cared for her as if she were his own daughter. Ciri has taken on many of Geralt’s attributes; annihilating monsters has never looked so effortlessly elegant. Here are 25 of the best Ciri cosplay we’ve ever seen.

25. Akarana

Cirilla isn’t afraid to trek into blistering blizzards, undoubtably to slay the pestering werewolves and trolls. Unlike her predecessor, Geralt of Rivia, Ciri slashes through such monsters with grace and beauty.

Cosplay by Akarana

24. DenikaKiomi

After leaving Kaer Morhen, Ciri traveled great distances. Ciri pushed the boundaries across the lands, testing her limits each day to survive.

Cosplay by DenikaKiomi 

23. Lyrota Cosplay

Having been trained had Kaer Morhen, Ciri is an exceptionally skilled swordswoman.

Cosplay by Lyrota Cosplay

22. LienSkullova

It’s no wonder Ciri can dominate on the battlefield, but that’s not all Ciri picked up. Ciri’s elegance may have been a product of Yennefer’s example.

Cosplay by LienSkullova

21. AmazingRogue

Even though menacing monsters plague the land, Ciri finds ease in stopping now and again to enjoy her surroundings.

Cosplay by LienSkullova

20. BellaHime

Ciri’s difficult past has never stopped her on her path to greatness. In fact, her troubles have only given her the passion she needs to keep her chin up and press forth, no matter what lies ahead of her.

Cosplay by BellaHime 

19. Dragunova-Cosplay

Ciri’s path in life isn’t the straightest, nor the cleanest. Although, even through the sweat, blood, and tears, Cirilla’s beauty shines through.

Cosplay by Dragunova-Cosplay

18. FioreSofen

Even from a young age, Cirilla has exhibited immense power and skill. Perhaps she’s too powerful?

Cosplay by FioreSofen

17. Matissa-Shiro

It’s safe to say Ciri would never pass up a good fight. Don’t let her striking eyes fool you, she can take out even the biggest of foes.

Cosplay by Matissa-Shiro

16. DrosselTira

Ciri carries a magic amulet with her, one similar to Geralt’s, given to her by her mother figure, Yen.

Cosplay by DrosselTira

15. static-sidhe

Ciri may be young, but she’s no stranger to the fight. This helps her, and her friends, stay out of harms way.

Cosplay by static-sidhe

14. Sumire Cosplay

Ciri is not a Witcher like her father figure, Geralt. However, her capabilities aren’t diminished by this. She keeps herself at the top of the ranks by training and sheer determination, with a little help from her magic amulet.

Cosplay by Sumire Cosplay

13. MariyaNegoduet

No matter how much damage Cirilla takes, she always presses on in battle; elegantly and with poise.

Cosplay by MariyaNegoduet

12. SilverGrayDash

Ciri had never liked Vesemir’s book lessons at Kaer Morhen. Cirilla was much more interested in hands-on training. Both of which have certainly proved her useful.

Cosplay by SilverGrayDash

11. Ciri Cosplay

Through blistering heat, and treacherous winters, Ciri travels through an assortment of climates. There is no land Cirilla can’t conquer.

Cosplay by Ciri Cosplay

10. KICKAcosplay

While Ciri is strong, she’s not always alone. Ciri’s trusty companion, Kelpie, has always been close by her side.

Cosplay by KICKAcosplay

9. DamnAvenger

Cirilla’s past has been unfortunate, but being under the care of Geralt and the other senior witchers at Kaer Morhen has left a lasting impression. What will come to be of this young princess?

Cosplay by DamnAvenger

8. Boston Bee Cosplay

Ciri’s always had a wild streak in her. She may be mischievous, but she’s no barbarian.

Cosplay by Boston Bee Cosplay

7. Soylent-cosplay

Ciri is the perfect combination of her parental role models, Geralt and Yen. She’s confident and skilled with a sword, but she’s also ravishing and delicate. This certainly gives her the upper hand when dealing with mortal foes.

 Cosplay by Soylent-cosplay

6. Ver1sa

Even while in hiding, Ciri likes to stop and occasionally visit a tavern for a drink. There she can regain her strength while listening to bloody battle stories.

Cosplay by Ver1sa

5. Danderee

One of the many things Cirilla learned from Kaer Morhen is the value in meditation. Gathering and replenishing ones strength is vital.

Cosplay by Danderee

4. Kurai-Kardi

It would be hard to separate Ciri from her best friend, Kelpie. No other companion could compare in her heart.

Cosplay by Kurai-Kardi

3. TophWei

Ciri’s famous move, blink, has appropriately earned her the title Lady of Space and Time. Don’t bother trying to keep track of her, she’ll always be too fast for your gaze to follow.

Cosplay by TophWei

2. Lesciel

Ciri’s swordsmanship is unmatched. She can wield her blade with fierce effortlessness. Keep out of her way, or she’ll shred you into ribbons.

Cosplay by Lesciel

1. jellyxbat

When the battles are done and Cirilla has finally found some down time, what better way to relax than a game of Gwent? With her own powerful card in her likeness, she will not only defeat you in battle, she’ll strip your pride in a game of cards.

Cosplay by jellyxbat

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