[Top 10] Best Football Games For PC

Best Football Games For PC
Does Mbappe tip-toe his way to your number one spot?

The football gaming world is a popular one.

There are games out there for everyone, from seasoned football manager to casual gamer. From the full immersive experience to the ability to play the key moments.

The only question is, which one is right for you?

10. Rocket League

This may not be traditional but it's a lot of fun!

Rocket League blasts in at number 10. Definitely not your typical football game and it could be argued it’s lucky to make the list at all. 

It’s a mix of football and rocket fuelled action that gives you fluid, joyous and often hilarious moments. The matches are 3 v 3 and intense with the result likely to swing this way and that depending on who you have on your team or just sheer luck and a bad bounce of a ball. Add a bit of personality when customising your vehicle and choosing a game mode that best suits you. Play casually or competitively online, enter a career mode offline or sample the basketball and hockey style modes. 

Take it further by getting yourself a Rocket League Season Pass to earn rewards and drive yourself up the leaderboard. 


9. Pro Soccer Online

How good is your scoring technique?

Rated 9/10 on Steam, Pro Soccer Online is a 1st/3rd person skill based game that is input driven, competitive and rewarding.

The only thing that counts are the decisions you make and you and test your skills in single player matches or others in the Pro Soccer community. Pro Soccer Online gives you the choice of setting up matches that you want with team sizes ranging from 3 v 3 to 11 v 11 and can include overtime and single keeper mode. 

Give your player personality. Add the long hair. Allow him to grow his beard. Let him wear those outrageously coloured boots. If you make your player stand out with their appearance, make sure they stand out on the leaderboard by being a top performer as well as looking good.

This is a smooth playing game that gives users options to enjoy it their way.


8. Pixel Cup Soccer- Ultimate Edition

Bicycle kicking your way back to 1990s!

This game is a nod to the likes of Sensible Soccer but with a modern twist and is sure to take you back to your pixelated childhood of 30 years ago!. You can choose to play a variety of competitions including the Women’s World Cup, the Qatar World Cup and you’ll have the chance to guide your team through career mode.

Pixel Cup Soccer may look simplistic but it is wonderfully nostalgic and is a whole lot of fun!


7. Football, Tactics and Glory

Start at the bottom and work your way right to the top.

Step into an amateur club and begin your journey to the top division. To be a success you will need to build your team, to buy and train your players and test your knowledge against your skilled opponents.

You can customise the faces of your team and give your players a little bit of personality and you are able to add real life leagues and tournaments to improve your experience. This game is a great go to for those looking for an introduction to football management simulation or for those looking for a break from the in depth world of Football Manager.


6. Football Drama

Football Drama- the Eastenders of football management.

This is not your typical management sim. Taking on the role of the troubled manager Rocco Galliano you will be expected to turn the fortunes of Calchester Assembled Football Team. 

Rocco lives in a world that stretches far beyond football. He is surrounded by crime, corruption, drugs and romance and he must walk that tightrope with every decision he, or rather you, makes. You will need to talk to journalists, build up a relationship with the club president and be careful not to have your dealings with the Mafia leaked to the press. You may also find yourself talking to a cat!

Whilst you sleep with one eye open and find yourself constantly looking over your shoulder, you will need to at least try to win some football matches (if the mob wants that, of course). Work your team hard but keep their stamina high and use your shout cards at the right time to get the result you want. 

This one may not be for the purists of football management sims but it certainly brings drama and a soap opera style story to your gaming!


5. Championship Manager 03/04

These little dotted men will lead you to glory or heartache!

The last of the Championship Manager series before the split of developers, this game perfectly bridges the gap between CM01/02 and the in depth ‘attend press conferences in your front room’ versions we now enjoy.

Included in this edition is a 2D pitch and visual of the matches so you can watch the little round circles that are your players run around, make mistakes and make you more angry than if you had just been able to read the commentary!

The game played smoothly, you didn’t need to attend countles press conferences or meetings meaning it wasn’t a huge task to finish seasons. There were some great wonderkids to get hold of too, would you be able to tempt Wayne Rooney from Everton or could you be the one to help Cherno Samba reach their full potential?

Once again the game is packed with cult heroes and those who failed to live up to their in game talent. The great balance between quick play and the extra detail gives an ideal platform for you to build your team, get your hopes up and ultimately see it all end in disappointment!


4. Pro Evolution 2021

Rumour has it this lad is decent, can't wait to see how his career pans out.

Talk of the Pro Evolution Soccer series takes me back to controllers being thrown, consoles shut down and friendships on a knife edge. What a time the noughties were!

Konami’s product went, briefly at least, toe to toe with the dominant FIFA and this 2021 version was the last of its type. 

If you’re playing alone then the Master League is a must. It is one of the best single player modes around. Greater challenge from the AI is coupled with the fantastic gameplay. So, what’s stopping you from taking charge of your team and leading them from the lower leagues to the top of the pile? 

Despite living in FIFA’s shadow, the PES series has provided great fun and fallouts over the years and for that alone I am a big fan!


3. Championship Manager 01/02

Sometimes just beating Liverpool is enough (and all you have!)

A truly beautiful game! Yes, it’s old but like so many of us it’s old but brilliant! 

You can take your pick of teams from over 100 leagues and 27 different countries. In England, the position of top dog still belongs to Manchester United. Are you the manager who can knock them from their perch? 

Throughout Europe, it is Roma who dominate and who have swept all before them. Have you got the ability to build a team who can invade their empire? Or, if you can’t beat them, join them!

With many different leagues available, you are able to spread your wings and look for glory with clubs across Europe, Asia, in Australia, the USA and South America. 

If one of the big guns doesn’t appeal to you, you can always start at the bottom. Scarborough are in non-league and have debts of over a million pounds. Are you the gaffer to save them? Third division side Rushden and Diamonds are loaded at the start of the game so maybe you can throw money at it and get the now defunct club to the top of the game.

This game plays so easily and avoids the in depth overload of detail that we see in later management games. It keeps it simple. Sign players, choose a tactic, use it! You can complete a season in fairly quick time meaning that it is perfect to hop onto if you have a few spare moments.

Being 22 years since its release, there are so many ‘cheat’ ideas online. From WIB WOB tactics to super charged players to goalscorers that didn’t even exist! 

Keep the enjoyment and difficulty levels high by setting yourself different challenges. Take control of Athletic Bilbao in Spain and lead them to topple Real Madrid and Barcelona by only signing players from the Basque region. You might ban yourself from signing anyone and only use players from your youth set up or only sign players from a country of your choice.

This masterpiece has stood the test of time and brings a great sense of nostalgia for those of a certain (old) age.


2. Football Manager 23

Here are my latest team waving me goodbye after some bad results- thanks lads!

Until recently, this was latest in the Football Manager series and it more than doubled the average users for previous versions. Five million people can’t be wrong! Plus, you may have noticed I have a real soft spot for these types of games!

Football Manager is football’s ultimate RPG. You need to earn the love of the fans, the support of the board and lead your team to glory. Create your own managerial profile and get started! Whether you want to continue Manchester City’s dominance, return Manchester United to former glories (someone has to, right?) or take Blyth Spartans to the Premier League, this game is for you.

Football is not just about what happens on the pitch, you need to build a club. You need to create an identity. To build better facilities, to buy superstars and nurture young talent to create your own.  Will you entertain the fans with flowing football or park the bus to get results? Do you see youth as the way forward or put your trust in experience? Can you unearth the next footballing wonderkid?

Use your scouts, attend recruitment meetings and build positive relationships with agents to put together a squad capable of winning. The board will set goals and you will need to use your staff, your style of football and get results to stay away from the sack. Along the way, earn milestones using the Dynamic Manager Timeline. 

New for 23 are the now fully licensed UEFA Champions League, Europa League and Conference League to enhance the feel of a big European night. Add this to the match engine, the officially branded team sheets and the big match experience is brought into your home.

You could be managing a part time team or the world champions but this game will take hold of you. Like the previous games in the series, this becomes an obsession and you will immerse yourself fully into this game. Just make sure that your suit is dry cleaned and that no one else is home when attending the press conferences that you will be holding in your front room! 


1. FIFA 23

Jack Grealish and his wonderful hair no dount scoring a screamer!

Fifa 23 is the final version of the EA Sports phenomenon. Build your dream club using FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT), guide your club to glory or conquer the world with your country. 

Yet more heroes have been added thanks to Marvel. On a 21 name list for FUT you can add players like Peter Crouch, Landon Donovan, Rudi Voller and Diego Forlan to add chemistry to your team. 

FUT sees new additions in 23. Are you too busy to play full matches? Then Moments are for you. Moments allows you to play fun, fast and bitesize scenarios from the real and digital world. Can you score with your keeper? Can you fight back from two goals down with only ten minutes to go or score the weekend’s wonder goal? Moments gives you this chance.

As you complete your moments you will earn stars as a reward. The more difficult your moment is to complete, the more stars you get. Stars can be used for rewards in the FUT Star Gallery. On FUT you can build your dream squad to play others or on your own, customise your stadium and connect with players around the world.

At last PC gamers can experience HyperMotion and Technical Dribbling so finally there will be no excuses as the players move and dribble so much better thanks to Active Touch.

Changes to career mode mean you can live the life of your superstar striker on and off the field. What are they like as a player or person? Are they a maverick? The heartbeat of the team or a virtuoso? Do they play for the team or chase glory? Do they buy that sports car, visit injured teammates or endorse phone apps off the pitch? Every choice that you make decides how your player will act in different situations. Are you someone who enjoys going behind the scenes? Yes? Then Dynamic Moments will delight you. It will take you into the inner workings of your club as you welcome new players and make key decisions.

You can also take the role of one of football’s most famous managers and help them to lead their current club to glory or choose to jump ship and take control of their rivals. You will have to contend with better opponents as FIFA 23 sees improved AI decisions that depend on how each match is going.

Women’s football is on the game, finally. You can take control of one of the 32 nations in the Women’s World Cup or manage in the Women’s Super League or French Division 1 Feminine. And the Women’s UEFA Champions League and National Women’s Soccer League were added after launch.

That’s not all! Fans of Ted Lasso will not be disappointed. Take charge of AFC Richmond and take them to glory in career mode.

Take charge of your favourite team or create your own club and lead them to glory. Make the big decisions and sign the world class players as you compete against the best in the world. If you are good enough, take on players from around the world after building your dream team using FUT.


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