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yennefer cosplay
With this much class, it's almost easy to be a supremely powerful sorceress. Almost.

26. Eisfluegel

Yennefer can strut fiercely in just about anything she wears, but sometimes this sorceress throws in her casual attire for something even more elegant.

Cosplay by Eisfluegel

25. XFirenX

With a mind as sharp as a master Witcher’s blade, and striking eyes compelling enough to bring anyone to their knees; it’s no wonder she was too much for the Sorceresses Lodge to handle.

Cosplay by XFirenX

24. LadyArcade

Even though Yen is undeniably one of the most powerful sorceresses to live, the state of the political world isn’t always safe for a sorceress. While still she bends her knee for no one, keeping oneself concealed is crucial to a sorceress’ safety.

Cosplay by LadyArcade


Between battles and treks into lands of harsh and dangerous conditions, this sorceress likes to unwind to enjoy the finer things.

Cosplay by Tegorin

Often times you can find Lisa bunkered down and scribbling away about far away lands, or curled up playing video games. Either way, it can be certain coffee is involved.
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