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horror comedy movies
Horror and Comedy make an awesome pair.

40. Thankskilling

Thankskilling Official Trailer

This corny B movie is hilarious to watch with your friends. Made on a low budget and it shows. A killer turkey killing college kids.

-The tagline “Gobble, gobble, mother*cker was written before the plot. 

39. The ABCs of Death

The ABCs of Death Official Trailer

This is a horror anthology put together by more than 26 directors. Each segment focuses on a different way to die. 

-A substitute teacher was fired and arrested for showing this movie to 14-18-year old’s in school.

38. Knights of Badassdom

Knights of Badassdom Official Trailer

This movie is about the magical world of Live Action Role Play. During a game of roleplay, the knights accidently summon real evil. Starring Peter Dinklage and Ryan Kwanten.

-This film was disowned by its director after the studio edited it. 

37. This is the End

This is the End Official Trailer

When James Franco throws a huge party in LA, all the stars show up. Too bad the world is ending tonight. Watch Franco and his friends try to survive the apocalypse in this seriously funny movie. 

-Most of the paintings in this film were painted by James Franco.

36. The World’s End

The World's End Official Trailer

Here is the Simon Pegg version of the end of the world. With Nick Frost, Simon Pegg and Martin Freeman being directed by Edgar Wright, you can’t go wrong. 

-This is a movie in the Cornetto trilogy. 

35. Dead Snow

Dead Snow Official Trailer

This is a horror movie set on a ski mountain. Oh, and there are Nazi zombies of course. This movie looks pretty funny and campy.

-This was inspired by the Call of Duty zombies’ levels. 

34. Jennifer's Body

Jennifer's Body Official Trailer

This movie is Megan Fox as a sexy demon. That’s literally it. Lots of plot and sexual metaphors.

-Megan Fox weighed just 97 lbs. in this movie. 

33. The Final Girls

The Final Girls Official Trailer

When five teens go to see a horror classic starring their friend’s mother, somehow, they end up inside the movie. This summer camp horror homage is reminiscent of Wet Hot American Summer. Starring Thomas Middleditch and Taissa Farmiga.

-The fire in the movie theater is all CGI. 

32. Tragedy Girls

Tragedy Girls Official Trailer

This movie normalizes murder in a freaky way. Either way, it looks pretty good. Two girls kill people in order to gain popularity through their blog. 

-This first death happens within 20 minutes.  

31. Deathgasm

Deathgasm Official Trailer

When a heavy metal band finds some music that gives them rock immortality, they play it while not realizing the consequences. Evil arrives and the band must fight for their live in this bloody metal comedy.

-Walmart renamed this Death Metal Apocalypse.  

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