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Horror and Comedy make an awesome pair.

10. Idle Hands

Idle Hands Official Trailer

When a stoner loses control of one of his hands, things go crazy. What if your right hand was murderous, but still attached to you? Starring Devon Sawa and Seth Green in this 1999 nostalgic classic. 

-This was filmed in the same neighborhood that Halloween was. 

9. Bloodsucking Bastards

Bloodsucking Bastards Official Trailer

This is an office horror in which everyone turns into a vampire. With the stoner from Cabin in the Woods and Pedro Pascal, this movie brings the funny.

-There are a lot of background jokes in this one. 

8. Dark Shadows

Dark Shadows Official Trailer

Starring Johnny Depp and directed by Tim Burton, you pretty much know what to expect. People that love that combination will love this remake of the classic vampire movie.

-This was filmed at Pinewood Studios in London

7. Blood Fest

Blood Fest Official Trailer

Antics ensue at a horror movie festival. With horror movie rules dictating this movie, you must follow the rules to survive. 

-This is produced by RoosterTeeth. 

6. Slice

Slice Official Trailer

This is an A24 movie about a killer on the loose with Steve from Stranger Things. It also stars Chance the Rapper. 

-Many of the actors in this have worked together in the past. 


Fear INC Official Trailer

When some horror enthusiasts are looking for a bigger thrill than your average haunted house, things get carried away. Does this game go too far?

-A few of these actors were on American Horror Story. 

4. Burying the Ex

Burying the Ex Official Trailer

One of Anton Yelchin’s last films, this movie depicts a guy who is planning on breaking up with his girlfriend when she dies in a freak accident. Strangely, she comes back to life, and this is the girlfriend Max really can’t break up with. Starring Anton Yelchin and Ashley Greene.  

-Anton Yelchin is now buried in the graveyard featured in this film.

3. Summer of Blood

Summer of Blood Official Trailer

When a socially awkward loser decides he wants to die, the universe grants him this wish. The only problem is that now he is a vampire and has to kill people to feel good. Starring Jonathan Caouette. 

-This movie was filmed in Brooklyn, New York.

2. Bad Milo!

Bad Milo! Official Trailer

Produced by the Duplass Brothers, a man goes through uncontrollable stomach pains. Turns out it’s a demon living in his stomach. Everything goes wrong for the main character in this one. 

-Most of the dialogue in this was improvised. 

1. Chastity Bites

Chastity Bites Official Trailer

This plot is crazy. When Countess Elizabeth, famous for her immortality from bathing in virgin blood, arrives at your high school, what can you do? Posing as an abstinence counselor, the bloodthirsty queen hunts on her victims. I can’t believe this movie exists. 

-Elizabeth Bathory was a real serial killer.

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