Do Aliens Really Exist? Here's Proof They Are Among Us

Do Aliens Really Exist
The sprawling universe holds many secrets. Could life be one of them?

Proof Aliens Exist

For hundreds of years, the human race has been fascinated by the possibilities of what might live beyond our atmosphere. Are there little green men? Space men in silver suits? Microscopic bacteria? Or are we alone in the universe?

The case for extraterrestrial life is more compelling than you might think. If you know where to look.

Tale As Old As Time

An illustration of a strange incident in the Book of Ezekiel.

Long before the History Channel started its popular Ancient Aliens program, scientists were digging into the idea that humanity itself was molded by visitors from other worlds. In many of these theories, the arrival of aliens actually shaped the creation of religion. This is the case in ancient Irish mythology, in which the god-like Tuatha De Danann arrived from the sky within dark clouds that blotted out the sun for several days.

In the Ramayana, a religious Hindu text, gods consistently fly aircraft as a form of transportation. The stories are thousands of years old, long before the invention of the simplest motor-driven vehicles.

Within Christian tradition, many scholars have interpreted lines from The Book of Genesis as references to otherworldly visitors. Stories about the “sons of God,” marrying the “daughters of humans” seem to undermine the basis of the religion -- that we are all children of the same god. Unless, that is, the sons of God are not from the human realm.

While the “sons of God” theory is based on interpretation, a tale from the Book of Ezekiel is more straightforward. Ezekiel sees a giant cloud full of shining lights. In the center of the cloud are four distinct objects, described as wheels within wheels. They zip across the sky in strange patterns. This description is strangely similar to alien encounters that would occur millenia later.


Betty and Barney Hill, two of America's first known abductees.

It’s easy to be skeptical about alien abductions, but they’ve been happening for a long time. In 1896, Colonel H.G. Shaw reported being harassed by tall, thin men covered in fine hair, who attempted to kidnap him. These creatures seem to fit in with later accounts, which continue to this day.

Surely some of these stories are fictional, made up for a small amount of fame. But can that be the case of every one? Let’s say that these tales are nothing more than lies and exaggerations. The similarities between abductee stories would be hard to explain without the involvement of some worldwide, coordinated hoax -- one that has lasted decades and has outlived many of the storytellers themselves. Victims are often humiliated by their experiences. They know they’re unlikely to be believed Others have been emotionally harmed by the experiments of their captors.

And what’s the motivation? It’s almost unheard of for abductees to become rich off their stories. Underlining all of this is a 1992 report from the Harvard University Gazette. Sixty abductees were interviewed, and two trends were obvious. The sufferers were not mentally unstable,, and they did not believe they were lying. Overall, abductees are intelligent, healthy, and telling their truth about what they experienced.


The Hebei photograph.

The origins of the UFO phenomenon can be traced back to the 1400s BC. Its popularity only grew when crews aboard WWII bombers from several nations saw these “foo fighters.” But the first photographs of an unknown craft were likely taken in Hebei, China, in 1942. The most famous shows a crowded street in which pedestrians are pointing at an object floating in the sky.

UFOs flying above the US Capitol Building.

Ten years later, a large group of objects was photographed flying past America’s Capitol Building in Washington, DC. These are some of the most famous alien-related photographs, but they’re two of thousands. Again, many are probably fakes. But can that really account for all of them? Some come from reliable sources, such as the photographs taken from the USS Nimitz in 2004, which showa craft fleeing military interception.

The USS Nimitz photographs and video stills.

Photos exist of alien beings themselves, too. There are, of course, infamous rubber-suit autopsy photos. Many more believable photographs have been smuggled from New Mexico’s secretive Dulce Base.

Debate continues around this and other alien corpse photos.


Stills from an infamous Mexico City UFO sighting.

In more recent times, UFOs and aliens are more likely to be caught on video than photographs. Almost everyone has a video camerain their pocket, so it isn’t surprising that there are thousands of YouTube videos claiming to show extraterrestrial visits. Some of them are shoddy at best, but a few stand out.

A video from Mexico City, 1996, shows a clear craft flying toward and behind a downtown skyscraper. There were plenty of witnesses, and no computer technology at the time would have been able  to create such convincing CGI. Especiallyy not any software in the hands of the public.

One of the more recent UFO videos.

In Australia, 2016, a much clearer video shows several objects of white light flying into the bottom of a largercraft. While technology greatly improved in the 20 years between the videos, it’s hard to laugh off this footage. As cameras get clearer and more portable, it’s likely that we’ll start to see more definitive video proof that aliens are visiting our planet.

The Government

A stern warning awaits visitors to Area 51.

People have written entire books about government conspiracies to cover up the existence of aliens. In some cases, experts question why the government has backtracked on claims of UFO visitation. The most famous of these is the Roswell crash of 1947. It was first announced that wreckage of a craft had been recovered. Days later, the story was changed to the infamous weather balloon explanation.

On top of this, former government employees have slowly leaked classified information to the wondering public. The man who wrote the original Roswell press release, Walter Haut, supposedly wrote  a full confession about alien bodies found in the wreckage. Other former workers maintain that the bodies are still kept at Fort Worth Army Airfield.

Today, Roswell is largely considered to be the product of local hysteria. But with bases like Dulce in New Mexico and the most infamous of all, Area 51, still kept tightly under wraps, there’s a never-ending flood of speculation.

US Senator Harry Reid

Let’s leave conspiracies aside for a minute. In 2007, a few US Senators, including Majority Leader Harry Reid, pushed for the creation of the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program. The initiative was actually funded with black money from the Defense Department. The total bill? $22 million. That’s a drop in the bucket of the total Defense budget, but it’s a high price to pay for investigations into “hysteria.”

The results of the investigation have largely been kept from the public, but we do know that the focus was on UFO reports from military service members. At least five of these were classified as involving technology not yet within human grasp. This included the crafts’ ability to defy gravity without any clear thrust mechanisms.

Other findings included recovered metals from some crafts, which are unlike any found on Earth. The frightening conclusion was published in a Pentagon briefing in The New York Times, which stated that, “the United States was incapable of defending itself against some of the technologies discovered.”

The Fermi-Hart Paradox

Can we possibly be alone?

Not convinced by ancient stories, grainy photographs, or government programs? Let’s take a look at the big picture. For that, we turn to the Fermi-Hart Paradox.

In 1950, physicists Enrico Fermi and Michael Hart posed an interesting question: if extraterrestrial life is so likely, why haven’t humans encountered aliens yet? The first part of the question wonders about existence itself, and it pulls in some staggering numbers.

At the time, it was estimated that there were 70 sextillion stars in the observable universe. With Earth as the model for a life-sustaining planet, it was concluded that there could be a huge number of habitable planets within that space. And with the inconceivable amount of time that has passed since the Big Bang, it’s likely that civilizations far more advanced than our own have existed.

The paradox takes into account carbon-based life, and does not weigh in the fact that life outside our planet may look nothing like us. It may function nothing like we do. With this knowledge, the possibility of extraterrestrial civilizations is almost a certainty.

So why haven’t they made themselves known? Perhaps they don’t trust us. Perhaps we’re not ready for their cosmic truth.

And perhaps they have been here all along, guiding us with their wisdom and teasing us with their presence.

Top 25 Alien Encounters That Are Undisputable

Below are a few of the most interesting, and often convincing, tales of alien encounters.

25. UFO in Tucson, AZ

A white light flickered off and on in the Arizona sky on the Fourth of July, 2016.

24. UFO in St. Louis, MI

Strange objects were captured on surveillance cameras near the famous Gateway Arch in St. Louis.

23. UFO in Southern California

There was no missing this neon blue object as it moved through the SoCal sky and vanished before several witnesses.

22. Terror Above the Aegean

A couple in an airliner was shocked to see a strange craft outside their plane window.

21. Another Couple in Flight Captures Breathtaking Video

This Polish couple struggles to make sense of a large, rigid structure floating outside their plane.

20. Once Upon a Time in Mexico

It’s hard enough to capture one UFO on film, but somewhere over Mexico, one lucky man with a video camera caught an entire fleet.

19. Flyover Down Under

During a routine flyover of Melbourne, Australia, a pilot caught an unmissable craft floating above the city to his right.

18. Falling Stars in the Philippines

Dark footage starts out normal enough, with what appears to be a pair of stars in the night sky. Soon, though, more objects begin to fall like welding sparks.

17. Live from Hong Kong

While covering a protest in Hong Kong on live television, the BBC captured a light in the twilight sky that appears to move like a typical UFO.

16. Mexico City, 1997

In this famous UFO footage, a large craft floats above Mexico City. Its movements are particularly striking as it passes behind a large building before emerging again. Video editing software capable of producing this effect would not have been available to the public at that time.

15. Another Trip Down Under



In August, 2016, a man caught this unusual group of objects in the glow of a sunset.

14. USS Nimitz

This is one of few videos released to the public after the creation of a $22 million government program that was meant to investigate UFO sightings by military personnel. The program report concluded that some of these craft cannot be the work of any known human technology.

13. The Phoenix Lights

This documentary trailer gives the background information and shows compelling video evidence of one of America’s most infamous UFO sightings. Multiple witnesses throughout the city saw the same lights hovering in the night sky.

12. The Adelaide Craft

This surprisingly clear video shows a craft flying near Adelaide in Australia. It is fascinating, because it captures a stereotypical UFO: a saucer-like craft with pulsating, moving lights.

11. Interview with an Abductee

Taking a break from UFO footage, here is the ABC News interview with a man who was stalked and ultimately abducted by some curious aliens.

10. The Hill Family

Betty and Barney Hill are perhaps the most famous alien abductees in American history. Here, their niece tells their story and the impact it had on the couple.

9. Apollo 11

Mankind’s first journey to the moon was a historic event in human history. But were we the first ones there? This clip from History Channel’s Ancient Aliens ponders this question.

8. The Allagash Abduction

The abduction of four men on the Allagash Waterway in Maine is one of the most well-known stories of alien abduction. Check out this clip to see interviews with the men and visual recreations of their story.

7. Area 51

Area 51 is the most famous of America’s military bases, mostly because of its ongoing secrecy and rumors of alien technology tests. In this short documentary, firsthand accounts are told alongside the base’s history.

6. The Roswell Incident 

There are too many theories about what really happened in the desert around Roswell, NM, to list here. But this video takes a healthy, skeptical approach to the tales.

5. The Roswell Body

Can’t get enough Roswell? Take a look at this lecture from Mexico City, 2015, which elaborates on a strange corpse whose identity may shock you.

4. 1950s UFOs

Think the UFO phenomenon is a recent one? Check out this 1952 newsreel about the decades-old mystery.

3. Another Decade

A decade after the newsreel above played for audiences, there was a surge in UFO photography. Take a look at the best photos that the 1960s have to offer.

2. Quebec, 2018

This is one of the newest and most fascinating videos to ever capture a UFO. It was filmed in Quebec just last year.

1. Montage of UFOs

If you’re not ready for the aliens to leave you behind, check out this video collection of alien encounters that have never been debunked.

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