[Top 10] Final Fantasy Most Handsome Guys

Final Fantasy Most Handsome Guys
Don't let Squall's attitude fool you, he's a kind person underneath it all.

Final Fantasy is known for many things. Amazing stories, engaging combat, worldbuilding, and most importantly, a plethora of conventionally attractive men! Let's be honest: seeing those beautiful, spiky-haired boys on the cover initially drew a lot of players to the franchise. 

10. Balthier (XII)

Baltier and Freya make for an attractive and deadly duo!

Balthier is the self-proclaimed “leading man” of Final Fantasy XII, and he’s a sky-pirate with an awesome ride! He may as well be the secondary protagonist of the game if we’re being honest! He shows up close to the beginning of the game and plays a major role in involving Vann in the greater plot!

He’s suave, attractive, and quick on his feet. He’s a gunslinger with an attitude, and his partner Fran is pretty cool too! He takes charge of a situation, and that certainly adds to his appeal. He’s charming, dashing, and well-dressed! He has soft but masculine features and gorgeous golden hair slicked back in a clean and classy cut.   

Physical features aside, Balthier’s popularity and attraction are found in his excellent character depth.



9. Reno (VII)

Reno's a red head with an attitude, but he has the skills to back it up!

An elite member of the Turks, Reno is a spicy redhead with an attitude! He’s a recurring character in Final Fantasy VII, appears in Crisis Core, and also plays an important role in the cinematic film Advent Children. 

Reno's physical appearance alone can tell you why he is so appealing.  He has piercing blue eyes, bright, fiery red hair, and a work uniform that’s most likely an HR violation. There are other aspects of him though that make him so appealing. He’s funny, snarky, and really good at his job. He’s not really a bad guy, even if he isn’t really a good guy either.   

His partner, Rude, is his stoic counterpart, offering a quiet and reserved complement to Rude’s louder and more abrasive personality. Together they are an attractive and hard hitting duo, and Reno truly shines with his partner there next to him. Why didn’t Reno get his own fan club?



8. Squall (VIII)

Squall is the quiet and broody type, but he's a nice guy underneath it all.

The young, quiet, stoic, pretty boy protagonist is definitely not an unfamiliar trope in Final Fantasy, and Squall is one of the perfect examples!  Though his personality may come off as rude and abrasive at first, his growth and journey of self-identity alongside Rinoa truly bring out his best qualities. 

The main character of Final Fantasy VIII, Squall is a newly appointed member of the elite mercenary group SeeD. He eventually runs into Rinoa and joins a rebel group in an attempt to bring an end to the corrupt war that’s been waging on their homelands.   

Squall has a soft and pretty face, eyes the color of the sea, and great style! His outfit is peak Tetsuya Nomura character design, with enough belt buckles to spare. While the fur-trimmed jacket gives him an edgy and stylish flair, he is so dashing in his SeeD uniform. He appears almost princely and cleans up quite nicely If only he could dance…



7. Cecil (IV)

Cecil is quiet and reserved, but he is also kind and self-sacrificing. The perfect man!

Cecil is the main protagonist of FFIV. Originally a Dark Knight, Cecil has a change of job, heart, and perspective as he becomes a Paladin. He’s quiet, kind, self-sacrificing, if not a bit insecure. He takes his own fate into his hands, for his own sake and others. 

A Final Fantasy character with long silver hair sounds like an obvious choice, and that’s because it is. Cecil is pretty, with kind eyes and a soft face. He has an air of mystery, and when you play FFIV you get to go on his journey of self-discovery and identity along with him. For those of us that were attracted to guys like Sephiroth, or Riku from Kingdom Hearts, Cecil ends up being the perfect addition to that list.



6. Noctis (XV)

Noctis is determined, mature, and he's done playing games!

We would be remiss not to include Noctis on the list of most handsome men, especially time-skip Noctis! 

Noctis is the true king to his throne. After the fall of his city, Noctis and his royal crew are forced into the camping road trip of their lives!   

Sure, most will probably go for either a younger, “boy band” Noctis, or clean shaven older Noctis (which you don’t see until the very end anyhow), but something about his weathered, scruffy, but determined demeanor is hard to pass up. Not only that, but he’s the type to lose it and become absolutely unhinged when the people he loves get hurt. He will do everything he possibly can to save them and make things right, how can you not find him attractive?  



5. Vincent (VII) 

Are vampires with a tragic backstory your type?

Vincent Valentine is another perfect addition to this list from Final Fantasy VII. 

Formerly a member of Shinra, without giving too much away, just know that Vincent's story is a sad one. He joins Cloud and the team after being woken up in the basement of Shinra Manor and plays a major role in the events to come. He’s a gunslinger with a good eye, and his Limit Breaks feature transformations reminiscent of old Victorian horror.   

Long, dark hair, deep, brooding eyes, and an outfit perfect for goth clubs, Vincent is edgy in all the best ways. When pushed to his limit, he becomes a ferocious beast and deals some pretty heavy damage to the enemies. He cares about saving people and making sure no one has to endure what he has gone through. 

The dark, broody, and tortured trope is not a new one for Final Fantasy; however, Vincent Valentine would make a perfect poster child, and what's not to love about that?



4. Laguna (VIII) 

Not only is Laguna handsome, he's awkward in the most charming way.

Another gunner on the list, Laguna is a temporarily playable character in Final Fantasy VIII. 

A former Glabadian soldier, we experience Laguna’s story initially through playable flashbacks throughout the game. He’s charming, kind, and friendly, if not a bit awkward around women. For all of his charisma, it’s only “beautiful women” that tend to trip him up, and his right leg starts to cramp up under the pressure. 

His long, dark hair hangs in his eyes, his face is soft and caring, and his smile could light up a room! He’s known to make up words and phrases when he doesn’t know what else to say, often getting embarrassed in front of his friends. 

Laguna is one of those characters that makes you stop and say, “Oh who is HE?” And once you get to know him, it’s obvious to see why he’s so attractive. 



3. Auron (X)

The wisened mentor, Auron is very handsome to those of us attracted to older men.

This one goes out to those who like the older, stoic, no-nonsense type of men. 

Auron is a playable character in Final Fantasy X. He is a mentor and father figure to Tidus, who always does what he can to keep the younger man on track. As a warrior and monk-type fighter, you know he’s dedicated and has amazing self-discipline. 

Again, his level of “handsome” probably depends on who you ask, but not everyone is attracted solely to the younger characters that look straight out of a K-Pop group! Auron has those silver streaks accenting his dark hair, showing his age and maturity. The thick scar down his eye proves his worth as a fighter and gives him that “dangerous edge” that many of us tend to find attractive. He’s the strong and silent type, but you know that when he does speak up, you had better listen!



2. Ignis (XV)

Ignis Scientia is the epitome of handsome and classy.

Ignis Scientia is a playable character in FFXV. 

He is the right-hand advisor to Noctis and a lifelong childhood friend and companion. He’s no-nonsense, but not without his sense of humor! (He is still only about 22 or so throughout most of the game, after all!) He is tactical and intelligent, and he always has a solution. 

He’s smart, funny, AND he can cook? As far as his physical traits go, Ignis is the epitome of handsome. He has distinct, angular features, beautiful eyes, and a tall, slender figure. He is well dressed, and even his “casual clothes” are well-pressed and professional. He still knows how to have fun and let himself relax too! He will indulge in a game of King’s Knight with the boys when he’s not busy cooking dinner. He’s a coffee connoisseur and loves a new and interesting recipe. 



1. Sephiroth (VII)

Is it predictable? Sure! But can you blame us? Absolutely not!

Sephiroth is a former member of Soldier, and the main antagonist of Final Fantasy VII. 

Sephiroth is one of the most prolific and recognized Big Bads from Final Fantasy. As soon as his theme song starts to play you already know who’s around the corner. Before his fall, Sephiroth was a renowned member of Soldier First Class. He even had his own fan clubs! (One of them called the “Silver Elite.”) 

Sephiroth is known for his long, thick silver hair that hangs well below his waist and piercing blue Mako infused eyes. His voice is sultry and mysterious. When he fights, it’s with tenacity and conviction, for better or worse! 

He may be the bad guy, but he wasn’t always that way. So hey, you can fix him!


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