[Top 5] Final Fantasy XV Best Axes and Maces (And How to Get Them)

Hey, Noct! Wake up already! Who sleeps during battle!?

In this list, we’ll be exploring the top 5 axes and maces that you can find in this game to pummel out those hordes of Magitek Soldiers and Daemons that you can find. This one is for all the strength-build users out there.

Have you ever felt like picking up something heavy and swinging it around just to feel like a strongman? Or ever wished to be like one? Not just in real life but in-game as well? Well, Axes and Maces tend to give that feeling pretty well. The same would go for this game as well. Axes and Maces may not be everyone’s preferred choice but they sure prove to be formidable weapons.

5. Golden Axe

Not a fan of Gold usually, but … it looks alright on this one.

FF15 Comrades Weapons Upgrade

First off on the list is the Golden Axe which is the upgraded form of the Imperial Axe that you can get from Meldacio Hunter HQ – Imperial Shop (All things Imperial and Empire related, this is your place to go.)

The good thing about this weapon is the Gold color. That and its Punisher X move which completely obliterates the enemy in front of you. The rest? It’s nothing special about this. I was never a fan of heavy weapons but at least it should pack a punch. 278 Attack is just not enough. Why did I even add to this list, you say? Well, it’s one of the only available axes in the game. Specifically, the Comrades Expansion pack.

Why Golden Axe is bad:

  • Despite the high attack, it delivers devastating damage to only a single enemy at a time instead of hordes of enemies making player susceptible to vulnerable attacks.
  • Slow movement also making susceptible to enemy attacks hence risk of losing health.
  • No magic or spell buffs making it a simple weapon to use and one of the weakest.

Golden Axe full details:

  • 278 ATK
  • Punisher X ability
  • 300 HP
  • 25 VIT

4. Mutant Mace of the Fierce

About the only photo that I could get regarding the X-Men version of the Mace. (Geddit?)

How to get Mutant of the Fierce

Well, as the name suggests, it’s a mutated version of the Royal Arm, not the original. So, there’s that. And top it all off, it’s a rare item drop as well from the bonus quest Daemonic Honor Rare Drop INGEM Barter. So, you might have to fight the boss several times for the item to be attained. It’s similar to the Magitek Armor V2 drop as well.

It’s got a very high attack power accompanied with resistance from physical attacks as well as dark resistance too. But the slow movements hamper all the greatness of this weapon much akin to its Royal Arm counterpart.

Why is Mutant Mace of the Fierce Average:-

  • Has the Sentinel X ability which negates all damage from enemy attacks making you go for the full offensive.
  • Slower movements of the weapon make the player prone to attacks and health damage.
  • Rare item drop which means grinding for this weapon depleting your inventory and eventually wasting time.

Mutant Mace of the Fierce full details:

  • 373 ATK
  • Sentinel X ability
  • 200 HP
  • 25 VIT
  • 10% Dark Resistance

3. Vitanova

Well … looks green enough. Kinda explains the healing properties associated with the Mace.

Vitanova Mace Hunt Guide

This one’s the strongest mace in the Comrades Expansion. And for good reason as well. The Vitanova is basically the maxed-out version of the Vesper Mace, which is the upgraded version of the Tainted Club. To get the Tainted Club, you need to break the head of the Black Flan creature which is pretty rare itself, via the quests Dave-jà Vu and Havoc Befalls the Hut.

There’s only one factor which makes this weapon one of the best ones here and it’s its healing properties. It has the Curaga spell imbued with it which is reason enough to have this weapon in your arsenal. That and the 241 Damage it gives make it strong enough to deliver damage to enemies of all types.

Why Vitanova is great:

  • Curaga spell imbued with the weapon proving it to be a lifesaver when health is depleted or near depletion.
  • Fast moveset of the weapon making it good enough to hold the weapon as deliver swift and deadly strikes.
  • Increases spirit-giving ability to cast Curaga more effectively in less duration.

Vitanova full details:-

  • 241 ATK
  • 30 MP
  • 8 VIT
  • 20 Spirit
  • 90 Spirit (After upgrade)

2. Mace of The Fierce

Well, the photo says it. One Bludgeon Royal Arm in the works.

Mace of the Fierce Location and Showcase

You already know what weapon is this. It’s the original and the one and only Mace of the Fierce. Property of an old king of yore known as The Fierce and situated at the tomb akin to its namesake located at the summit of The Rock of Ravatough. (Talking about the Campaign here now.)

Great for bludgeoning enemies and for a warp strike as well, you can’t go wrong with this Royal Arm. Just that it has very less Shot Resistance which is another problem if you ask me. Oh, and since it’s a Royal Arm, it drains HP as well. So, there’s that.

Why Mace of the Fierce is average:

  • Wider attacking range which is effective for crowd control and quick elimination of enemies.
  • Slow attack movements which can again risk Noct and the rest to susceptible attacks from the enemy.
  • Reduced Ballistic Resistance which is quite disadvantageous keeping in mind that there are more Magitek Soldiers hunting the four heroes and are ready to gun them down anytime.

Mace of the Fierce full details:

  • 334 ATK
  • 2 CRIT
  • Max HP: +300
  • Shot Resistance: -50%

1. Axe of the Conqueror

Hold steady, Noct. You’ve got a very heavy weapon on your hands.

Axe of the Conqueror

It’s the best Axe out of the whole list. That’s a given. I’m pretty sure you’re familiar with this Royal Arm as well. A story-attained Royal Arm with the weapon being originally of a king of yore known as The Conqueror who united the Lucian Continent in times of chaos. It’s a large labrys/double-headed halberd that instils fear in the hearts of the enemies.

You can get this weapon at the Tomb of the Conqueror, located at the end of the Keycatrich Dungeon in northern Leide. And you definitely can’t go wrong with this weapon either. Keep in mind that since it’s a Royal Arm, it drains HP pretty quickly, so use it only when desired.

Why Axe of the Conqueror is great:

  • Can perform Cross-Chains and Blindsides damaging giant enemies like Adamantoise, Behemoth etc.
  • Especially good at making enemies vulnerable where the rest of Noct’s gang can perform their attacks on them.
  • Highest attack in the game with 483 damage delivered to enemies making it one the strongest offensive weapons.

Axe of the Conqueror full details:

  • 483 ATK
  • 2 CRIT
  • Strength +60
  • Vitality: -80

And there you have it. The whole best axes and maces list in the game. Make well use of the list, padawan. This’ll surely come in handy. Until then, see ya.

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