Top 10 Games Like Metro (Games Better Than Metro In Their Own Way)

games like metro exodus
Fight for survival in these games like Metro.

Let's Countdown To The Best Games Like Metro and Metro Exodus

Metro hit a lot of good notes.

Most importantly, it told a great story and flawlessly immersed players into a terrifying setting.

The creatures help tell the story instead of becoming annoying inconveniences to the players.

We feel the following top 10 games like Metro capture those important aspects in horror and survival gaming.

10. SOMA (Developer: Frictional Games)

SOMA Gameplay

SOMA is a sci-fi nightmare that ultimately leads us to a question about identity.

After watching our character fade in and out of consciousness, unable to fully distinguish dreams from reality, we finally awake in a deep-sea research facility.

A grim reality where humans can be merged with machine. Where they can go insane trying to accept what they have become.

Players are given limited tools and no weapons. Fighting back isn’t an option. Survival relies on hiding until the big baddie finds something else to sniff around.

SOMA uses a click and drag system to interact with the objects in the world. Mechanics also utilize character collision, so if a door is open, characters can bump it closed with their bodies.

Something interesting in SOMA is the puzzles, most just require a little attention to the setting, such as a password scribbled on some paper.

Others are hidden, in fact, the developers even put a puzzle in the games file folder named supersecrets.rar.

Survival relies on hiding until the big baddie finds something else to sniff around.

Explore interesting and terrifying environments.


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