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Greedfall best class
Enter the World of Greedfall

A review of all classes and what to pick

Greedfall is an RPG with many options on how to play. There are three classes to choose from, Magic, Warrior, and Technical. And there’s the rub, which one should you pick? And why? Well, I’m going to run it down for you, check it out!

1. Magic

Constintin with the power of Teer Fadee

Let’s get into the three classes in the RPG adventure GreedFall. First, Magic, the magic class in Greedfall is good for distance fighting, healing, and crowd control. As you progress through the magic skill tree traits you also gain vicious physical attacks and quick movement, making it one of the most versatile classes in the game.

Why Magic is great:

● It ignores armor; There are many heavily armored enemies in the game, being able to bypass and deal damage to them directly is the best reason to choose Magic

● Allows for ranged attacks that are not ammunition dependent and keep you away from the enemy and allow you to avoid damage and survive.

● It progresses into healing for you and your allies making you less dependent on potions

● Progresses into lightning dash which allows for fast dodging and attack movement

● Starts you with bonuses to science and intuition which are key in gameplay and plot progression

● Allows you to do crowd control with stasis, literally stopping your foes in their tracks

Pick Magic if:

● Want to become less dependent on buying potions, armor, and weapons

● Like ranged attacks

● Want crowd control

● Want to heal

2. Warrior

The Coin Guard is ready and waiting

Warrior class in Greedfall is heavy damage dealing, with close-range combat. The warrior class is great for running through foes with your mighty blade. You can take down enemies quickly with heavy attacks, and your main weapon isn’t ammo or magic-dependent, so you can fight on without stopping. Your physical prowess as a warrior also allows you to either dodge or block almost any attack.

Why Warrior is great:

● Bonuses to Craft and Vigor, allowing you to regenerate health faster and improve your armor and weapons

● Continuous attack, you are not ammo or magic-dependent so you can keep on fighting

● Quicker kills, physical attacks do a lot more damage than most other types of attack and you can take down your enemies quickly. And as you progress, you simply become better at dealing damage and destroying your enemies defenses

●  Durability, progressing as a warrior demands that you progress your strength and vigor to acquire better weapons and armor, this increases health and makes you more durable

Pick Warrior if:

● You enjoy quickly crushing your enemies with sheer might

● Enjoy upgrading weapons and armor

● Want to be more durable, so you don’t have to start over every ten minutes

3. Technical

De Sarde finishes it!

The Technical class focuses on guns and traps, which are simply fun. This is a crowd control class, you can stay ranged with a devastating grenade and gun attacks, while leading your foes into traps. This class specifically avoids direct confrontation, perfect if you don’t want to get your hands dirty.

Why Technical is great:

● Guns do heavy damage, which you get better at using as you progress while remaining safe at range

● Grenades do great damage while assisting with crowd control

● Traps allow for versatility in your attacks and allow you to control the battlefield

Pick technical if:

● You love guns and want to deal big damage at a distance

● Want to control the battlefield

● Enjoy setting traps and luring your enemies into them

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