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There are currently around 1200 variants in Marvel Snap and they are all of varying quality. There are some variants which make you sad when you get them accidentally from a Collector’s Reserve, but there are also some amazing variants which will make you want to spend Gold or real money on them. Since there’s no way to objectively rate the best 25 variants when there’s this many options to choose from, we’re going to take a look at the best ones from the most popular types of variants. They’re all cool and we hope that you find a variant or a category that you like here.

25.1602 Medusa

The 1602 variants are a take on superheroes but in medieval times. It’s a really fun skin line that should be fun to collect for all fans of DND and such fantasy media. The cards are really nice and like we can see with Medusa they have some very nice old-timey and mythological motives. This Medusa is really nice looking and it’s the best 1602 variant because it just makes so much sense! The design is nice and she has struck a really cool pose and I love her hair. It’s really cool to see Medusa actually having snakes on her head, and if you like this art style you should really try to cop her if she pops up in your shop.

All 1602 Variants

All Medusa Variants


24.Luchador White Tiger

It’s pretty self explanatory what this skin line is about. It’s a take on our favorite superheroes in Luchadore costumes, which is a nice niche subject that’s a cool and unique change of pace. White Tiger is particularly cool since she’s one of two female Luchador variants, with the other one being Titania. White Tiger looks really fierce here which goes well with her character and I really like the tiger that stares into your opponent’s soul being in the background.

All Luchador Variants

All White Tiger Variants


23.Winter Vacation Devil Dinosaur

The Winter Vacation Variants are obviously themed around Christmas and the Winter holidays. They feature our favorite heroes and villains while they are taking a break from their usual job and instead doing fun winter-y activities. Devil Dinosaur and Moongirl, as we can see, have gone Skiing. I don’t know about you, but I really love to see fierce and menacing characters like Devil Dinosaur in their less menacing moments. This is a really cute variant and it looks amazing once you upgrade it.

All Winter Vacation Variants

All Devil Dinosaur Variants


22.Knullified Captain America

The Knullified variants are sort of a what if scenario. What if Captain America was under the influence of the God Of Symbiotes - Knull. These variants are really epic, because Knull isn’t your average Symbiote, he’s the biggest and baddest one of them all. This is my favorite Knullified variant because we can see Captain America who is usually a symbol of nobility and justice, looking evil and corrupt. Knull’s influence can clearly be seen and I just love the details like the red, evil eyes and the burning flag.

All Knullified Variants

All Captain America Variants


21.Savage Land Devil Dinosaur

Savage Land variants were introduced during the Savage Land Season! They are very cool and there are a lot of them of various rarity. Devil Dinosaur was actually a Bundle variant, so he won’t be available to get anymore, but he’s still the king of the Savage Lands! Who would be more fitting for a prehistoric variant than a literal dinosaur? Noone! Devil Dinosaur’s Savage Land variant doesn’t change his design too much, it’s slightly more realistic than the normal Devil Dinosaur, but just the way that it’s framed with Devil Dinosaur looking as fierce as you’ll ever see him is just amazing!

All Savage Land Variants

All Devil Dinosaur Variants


20.Hero Spider-Man


This card was also part of a bundle so he won’t be available again, but we can still appreciate how cool he looks. The hero variants are a little weird, since they don’t seem to be as unified in the artstyle like the other variants were. Spider-Man is one of the less serious and more comical Marvel characters. This variant plays to his strengths and makes him look cute and quirky. I really like the way his eyes look and I can see the gold background being amazing with this variant.

All Hero Variants

All Spider-Man Variants


19.Summer Vacation Giganto

The Summer Vacation variants are very similar to the Winter Vacation ones that were already featured on the list. We see our heroes and villains taking a breather from the hard work of destroying and saving cities and instead go on a relaxing trip during the summer. This Giganto variant is really funny and cool, it’s comical to see Giganto chilling next to a ship in his big lifesaver. He looks as menacing as ever even while just chilling peacefully next to the ship.

All Summer Vacation Variants

All Giganto Variants


18.Guillo Rincione Maximus

Giulio Rincione is a comic artist that has a unique grim and creepy art style. Some of his art is creepier than others, but most of them use dark colors and relay a sense of menace while you’re looking at them. This Maximus is a really nice looking variant. The pose is very dynamic and unique and I’d say it’s a lot better than any other Maximus variant. I love the way all of the chains on the variant move around the card.

All Giulio Rincione Variants

All Maximus Variants


17.Sports Miles Morales

The sports variants are pretty self explanatory, it features our favorite heroes and villains while they are competing in some sort of sport whether that’s MMA, swimming, archery or, like Miles, Basketball. This is arguably the best sports variant, because it just goes so well with the character. Miles Morales is a young and dynamic version of Spider-Man and he loves sports. Seeing him mid dunk looks just amazing, this variant is so cool and so dynamic and it’ll look even better if you upgrade it.

All Sports Variants

All Miles Morales Variants


16.Steampunk Bishop

Steampunk variants look exactly like you’d expect them to! They are characterized by gears and other mechanical components. It’s a cool and fun aesthetic especially for the fans of this type of style. Bishop’s Steampunk variant could have been acquired during the recent Steampunk variant rush which featured a lot of nice variants. I particularly like this one because Bishop looks extremely cool as a sort of steampunk cowboy. 

All Steampunk Variants

All Bishop Variants


15.Flaviano Ultron

Flaviano is a comic artist that has a peculiar style of drawing. He likes to slightly alter the proportions of some parts of the characters and he puts a lot of contrast in his work. I really like this Ultron variant because of the amazing design! It looks extremely menacing and I love the sword-arm that he has in the art. Besides that, this variant just looks like it pops really nicely once you upgrade it or especially if it has a Gold background.

All Flaviano Variants

All Ultron Variants


14.Rian Gonzales Cosmo

Rian Gonzales is a cover artist for Marvel and she has a really unique and interesting artstyle. I’d say her art looks like a mix of 80s and anime. The art is very colorful and cutesy. Cosmo is already a space-doggo, so a cute variant really suits him. I really like how carefree and chill he looks while he’s walking on a rainbow in space. This variant isn’t available yet, but you can get it in the next Season Pass!

All Rian Gonzales Variants

All Cosmo Variants


13.Artgerm Carnage

Artgerm’s art is very realistic and beautiful. The way he draws looks closer to a photograph than an actual drawing. It’s one of the prettiest variant styles in the game and it’s very aesthetic and different from the other possibilities. While Artgerm is able to draw beautiful faces and figures, I just love how he draws this Carnage. It looks realistic and if you take a look you can clearly see the muscles, the Symbiote goo, the slimy eyes and so on. Just because Carnage doesn’t just look like a human, it’s great to see such a talented artist bringing this comic villain to life.

All Artgerm Variants

All Carnage Variants


12.Noir Sabertooth

Noir is a term that stands for black and white crime movies that take place in the 1940s and 50s. The Noir variants look just like that with our heroes either being depicted as criminals or detectives and all of the cards are in a black and white color scheme. I like Sabertooth here because we usually see him in his villain suit looking fearsome and ready to pounce, but here he’s all suited up looking like a mob boss which looks like a really good aesthetic form him. He looks menacing and fearsome and his devilish grin matches his personality.

All Noir Variants

All Sabertooth Variants


11.Kim Jacinto Darkhawk

Kim Jacinto has a really unique way of drawing his characters. Their proportions are not perfect like you would usually expect, but that’s because Kim Jacinto has a way of disfiguring his characters to make them so much more fluent and unique. I’d say his best one in the game currently is Darkhawk. I just love the particles on this card because they look so flashy and Darkhawk looks menacing and ready for battle. I just also really love the way that this variant is collared with the blue and purple just popping off of the card.

All Kim Jacinto Variants

All Darkhawk Variants


10.3099 Nakia

The 3099 variants are inspired by the comic series that takes a look at the development of civilization from the years 2099 to 3099. All 3099 variants look very futuristic and that’s a really nice variant collection, especially for people who like cyberpunk. This Nakia variant is certainly the best 3099 variant. She just looks extremely cool with her visor and futuristic weaponry. The other 3099 variants are also futuristic and cool, but nothing compares to Nakia because she just pops off the screen and her color scheme is really good.

All 3099 Variants

All Nakia Variants


9.Jim Lee Colossus

Jim Lee is one of the most respected comic artists and he has been in the industry for a long time. He’s best known for his great, detailed art. I think this variant looks so good, because it perfectly represents Colossus’ personality and his powers. I really like the way he’s shaded in this variant and his pose is really dynamic and cool.

All Jim Lee Variants

All Colossus Variants


8.Luca Claretti Mister Negative

Luka Claretti has a really unique artstyle. He slightly alters the proportions of his characters to make them pop off more and have a more dynamic look. His art is very clean and clear to read, and I really love all of his designs. This Mister Negative was available for purchase as part of a bundle a while back. Unfortunately it won’t be available for purchase again, but still, it’d be a shame to not admire how good it looks. This variant gives Mister Negative an anime-like feel and I really love how slim him and his sword are looking.

All Luca Claretti Variants

All Mister Negative Variants


7.Venomized Barron Mordo

The Venomized variants are a what if scenario for a few characters, and for others it’s what they looked like when they were engulfed by Venom. I really think all of the designs of Venomized variants are really nice looking and Venom looks so cool he can make any card look good. I would have never thought that Venom would look so good in Green. I just really love the pose and the overall design of this card. The coloring is really nice, and I think that this is one of those variants that really pop once you upgrade them.

All Venomized Variants

All Barron Mordo Variants


6.Peach Momoko Mystique

Peach Momoko is an artist and a writer. Her variants look very unique and like they were drawn with watercolors. They look amazing and are way different than all other variant collections. Mystique was part of a bundle that was available for purchase recently. I think this variant looks very unique and cool and it represents Mystique perfectly. Both halves of the face look so good and they really portray Mystique’s personality.

All Peach Momoko Variants

All Mystique Variants


5.Max Grecke Blue Marvel

Max Grecke is an Illustrator with a very unique artstyle. His characters are very stylized and gorgeous. I really love the way each of his variants looks and how it’s so easy to recognize Max Grecke’s variants because of their uniqueness. I love the way Blue Marvel looks because of his pose and unique design. He just looks so smug while flying through space. I love the particles around his hand, they pop out of the card and look amazing.

All Max Grecke Variants

All Blue Marvel Variants


4.Baby Iron Man

Baby variants are a really fun take on our iconic superheroes. They are not the coolest variant that you can have for a card you like, but they are cute and fun. I particularly like Iron Man, because he’s so cute. It’s fun to imagine a small Tony Stark with a baby suit. Baby Iron Man looks small yet fearsome. 

All Baby Variants

All Iron Man Variants


3.Chibi Galactus

Chibi variants are exactly what you would expect them to be. They are all very cute and Chibi, with exaggerated heads and eyes.  Galactus is my favorite because he’s usually so huge and dangerous, eating planets with ease and in this variant he looks so small and cute. Galactus has many cool variants, but this one is nice for people who like a good lighthearted variant.

All Chibi Variants

All Galactus Variants


2.Dan Hipp Helicarrier

Dan Hipp is an artist behind Teen Titans Go. His art is easily recognizable and cute. There are a lot of his variants in the game and they all look great, if you like the cartoony artstyle.  Helicarrier is in my opinion the best Dan Hipp variant. Helicarrier is not one of the strongest cards in the game, but this variant looks so cool. It’s just perfect. Helicarrier looks like he’s smiling and there’s a small Nick Fury flying out of it.

All Dan Hipp Variants

All Helicarrier Variants


1.Pixel Green Goblin

Pixel variants have a bad rep in Marvel Snap since there are so many of them and they are usually pretty bad. There are obviously some really good Pixel variants, but most people would like something cooler instead of a just a low effort Pixel variant. Nonetheless, the best looking Pixel variant is Green Goblin. He actually looks good and has a really nice looking face. He has a wide smile which is characteristic for Green Goblin and he looks menacing and cute at the same time.

All Pixel Variants

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