[Top 5] Metro Exodus Best Pistols (And How To Get Them)

Switching to your secondary is faster than reloading.

Pistols can be utilized as backup weapons if your primary weapon breaks down or runs out of ammo. Their range is effective at near to medium distances, and their damage varies. Additionally, you may alter their sights, and magazines, or add lasers to them as you choose.

Due to the limited number of firearms in Metro Exodus, I've included two highly customized pistols for you to construct and use. We'll go over their mechanism, damage output, and range effectiveness, as well as where to find them. Let's begin without further ado:

5. Revolver

For cowboys only.

One of the easier weapons to get is a revolver; you may locate them in Metro Exodus's universe or plunder enemy corpses for them. Do they perform well? They certainly deliver a ton of damage at close range, occasionally taking out opponents with a single shot if your aim is good enough. Even though it can be a little bit trickier to target, they can be successful at medium ranges as well. Additionally, it's crucial to avoid pulling the trigger too frequently because a non-customized revolver only holds 6 bullets, making it challenging to engage several foes.

What this weapon excels at:

  • Hard-hitting rounds, capable of sometimes 1-shotting enemies
  • Decent at short ranges, okay on medium ranges
  • It’s also pretty easy to find

4. Ashot

Does this count as a pistol or as a shotgun?

It's a beast of a revolver-shotgun, the Ashot. At close range, it will completely destroy everything, and with any luck, it could even hit someone at a medium range. On the other hand, because of its appallingly low firing rate, this weapon should only be utilized as a last option or for ambushes. Even so, it's a very original weapon!

Why this weapon is awesome:

  • Similar to the revolver, you can find Ashot on the first bandit you come across
  • Absolutely devastating at close range, useful for initiating combat
  • Can be quite fun to play with!

3. Stallion

Not great for underwater combat.

The Stallion pistol is by far the finest to use out of the previously described guns because it has the least rudimentary appearance. It is the most accurate, having a faster rate of fire, and a larger magazine capacity. You may remain in action for whatever length you choose because of the incredibly fast reload speed. Fun and stylish pistol!

Why Stallion is awesome:

  • A cool name, plus it looks pretty badass
  • Decent magazine capacity, the standard magazine has around 7 rounds
  • Decent accuracy, and performs well at short to medium distances, although longer distances might require a bit of luck

2. Revolver(customized)

Quite deadly in the right hands. 

One of the most useful pistols in the game to utilize are revolvers with attachments since you may use them for covert tactics, conventional combat, or even as a sniper. If you want to increase the revolver's rate of fire, you may also add 8-shot cylinders.

The best attachments for the revolver:

  • 8-shot cylinder
  • Suppressor
  • Scope 4x
  • Heavy stock
  • Green laser

Why it’s awesome:

  • Effective at all ranges
  • Deals a hellton of damage, no matter the distance
  • Suppressor is useful for sneaky gameplay

1. Stallion(Customized)

The best.

The main weapon might be a Stallion that has been extensively modified. High-capacity magazines allow you to load your firearm and reload it very quickly at the same time. The pistol's default mode is semi-automatic, however it has the ability to switch to full automatic. Stallion can quickly overwhelm foes with its high firing rate and accuracy at close ranges. You have to buy it!

Best attachments for this revolver:

  • High capacity magazine
  • Red laser
  • Closed reflex sight
  • Long barrel with full auto
  • Heavy grip

Why this weapon is the best:

  • The high capacity magazine consists of 32 rounds, enough for a small skirmish
  • Red lasers, plus the reflex sight will help you with accuracy
  • Full-auto will shred everyone who comes across you

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