[Top 10] MK11 Best Character Endings

MK11 Best Character Endings
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Once a player finally defeats Kronika in classic tower mode then the selected fighter gets an specific ending that dives deep into the psyche of said MK warrior. This is nothing new for Mortal Kombat; however, these little stories add a nice dimension to these fighters. Here, we’ll examine the ten best character endings in the MK 11 game overall. 

 10) Jax Briggs

9) Kano

Can you image the Black Dragon leader as the ruler of the world? A unique scenario that could also be a fun story if Ed Boon and creative decide to make this dream a reality (from a video game perspective). Not surprisingly, the snarky asshole used the power for his evil doing and seems to have turned the world into some cyberpunk universe that only obeys everything Kano says. However, under the douchebaggery is a man with a black heart, Kano’s revelation that having all the power in the world is a fun little development for the black arms dealer; however, the creators made sure to keep him in true form by using his powers to continue his long-standing rivalry against Sonya Blade and Jax Briggs. Kano’s ending doesn’t have the emotional weight as many others on the list; however, imagining the twisted world that the MK original leads is compelling in its own right.

8) Rambo

The Vietnam war veteran just wants to go home and rest. Fans of the 80’s movie icon understand the hell that John Rambo has been through and the ending where Rambo just wants peace is perfectly fitting for the gritty character with heart. Rambo isn’t a Kano type, so, understandably, he would want to fix all the pain he’s dealt with in the past. Unfortunately, once Rambo realizes that pain and suffering come with everyday turmoil, the soldier decides to pack his knife and grenades and retire for good. A surprisingly emotional, but fitting end for the legendary character.

7) Scorpion

Death seems to follow the man formerly known as Hanzo Hasashi. Even with the power of Kronika’s hourglass, happiness still eludes the original MK fighter; The story of Scorpion’s family dying regardless of the warrior turning back the sands of time is a tragic one, but Scorpion’s quest to take down the other elder God’s is equaling compelling. Could this be a tease for the next story in Mortal Kombat 12? Probably not, but Scorpion has a rich history that’s worth diving into and if Ed Boon decides to explore the past of Scorpion then it’ll surely be one hell of a story to play through.

6) Joker

I’m begging you DC, give me a live-action version of the League of Misunderstood Manics! In true Joker fashion, the comic book villain’s story was downright entertaining from beginning to end. This is also due  to the incredible performance of Richard Epcar (who also voiced Joker in MK vs. DC video game), who easily rivals one of the top Joker performances in any form of media. Epcar brings the clown prince of darkness to life every time Joker is on-screen. “Maybe we’ll come to your house and slip live grenades under your pillow. Maybe we’ll gut your favorite pet. Or maybe we’ll just break your TV right now!” Never have I heard such beautiful words from the most colorful character in media history.

5) Terminator

It’s judgment day all over again. Not surprisingly, the T-800 decided that the best way to use the hourglass was to give the machines a chance to finally win the war against humanity. However, like its movie counterparts, the machines continued to lose the fight against humans; With the Terminator ultimately creating a safe space for both humans and machines before sacrificing himself to save humanity. Nostalgia kicked in during the Terminator ending for those who watched T-2. While the only thing missing was the voice of Arnold Schwarzenegger, this was still a fun trip down memory.

4) Johnny Cage

The ending of Johnny Cage gave fans a nice little glimpse of the relationship between him and his daughter Cassie growing up. The Hollywood action star has vastly matured since his early days of Mortal Kombat and it was nice to see the evolution that Cage went through to get there. Being one of the good guys, Cage ultimately kept the timeline in balance, though it was cool to see him resurrect his rival-turned-lover, Sonya. If the final image of him and Sonya happily swinging on a vine doesn’t tug at your heartstrings then perhaps you should see a doctor.

3) Mileena

The genetic experiment’s story was equal parts sad, scary, and heartwarming. You can understand why Kitana is so cold to her twin counterpart; Mileena was created out of evil and was the complete opposite of the princess. However, Mileena just wanting to be a family is a nice wrinkle to her overall character. The MK warrior  wanted to be loved, and since Kitana refused to share the same feelings back, then Mileena killing  the 10,000-year-old princess and using the hourglass to assume her identity is a dream any psychopath would love to fulfill. The ending with Mileena having a daughter that loves and respects her finishes off an unexpected journey of humanizing the flesh-eating monster, and also possibly teasing a new character for the next chapter of Mortal Kombat. Though an offspring of Kano was teased in Mortal Kombat 10, so I wouldn’t get my hopes up too much about a second-generation fighter of Mileena.

2) Sindel

Everyone will finally bow down to Queen Sindel. Surprisingly, the ruler Edenia’s backstory was revealed to be a lie; Sindel aided in the muder of her husband Jerrod, proving  that the DLC character was always about greed and power. Of course, Sindel used the hourglass power to satisfy her thirst and destroyed her family along the way (poor Kitana). To see Sindel finally rule the world is an oddly gratifying (but twisted) visual, but the journey leading up to eventually rule was a compelling story worth watching.

1) Rain

Like so many other Mortal Kombat characters, Rain’s past is filled with lies, blood, and betrayal, stemming from his “father” abusing and killing his mother. What seems like a beautiful story turns into a shocking tragedy quickly; however, the narration, accompanied by gorgeous imagery, really helps sell the overall arc. Rain’s tale of bloody revenge is nothing new; however, it doesn’t make the journey less compelling. The satisfaction of seeing the half-god wiping out his so-called father and his two sons is rewarding.

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