Top 15 Movies Like Only

Movies like Only
If all else fails, spend a romantic getaway in the woods

It may seem like the end of days, and if so, are you prepared? Find out how the following films overcome their hardships.

How far are you willing to go to protect the ones you love? After a virus has spread around the world, where only women are infected, a loving husband follows strict protocol to save the love of his life. Below lists fifteen movies like Only.

15. The Domestics

The Domestics Trailer

With their marriage on the rocks, the apocalypse finds a way for Nina and her husband Mark to patch things up for survivals sake. The couple aligns themselves with the domestics, while they outrun murderous gangs on their way to Milwaukee. Dealing with each other is better than the alternative.

Kate Bosworth stars as Nina in The Domestics. 

14. Hostile

Hostile Trailer

Juliette must brave the apocalypse in a rusty RV. As creatures lurk around her, she reminisces her life before things went to hell. Now she faces her fears and the creatures who await.

Actor Javier Botet has a syndrome called Morfan Syndrome, which gives him his tall slender build.

13. The Happening

The Happening Trailer

America is afflicted with mass suicides, and no one knows what’s happening. What Elliot does know, is he needs to find a safe place for him and his wife. They try to evade the invisible threat, but soon he will find out no one escapes.

At the 29th Golden Raspberry Awards, Mark Wahlburg was nominated for worst actor for The Happening, and Max Paine.

12. 10 Cloverfield Lane

10 Cloverfield Lane Trailer

Howard is just trying to help Michelle by holding her hostage in an underground bunker. You can’t blame him. Sometimes tough love is more effective, or is it? He tells her the world she knows is gone and that it’s safer with him. Despite his efforts to keep her inside, Michelle is determined to see the truth for herself.

The film won a Saturn Award for best thriller.

11. Z for Zachariah 

Z for Zachariah Trailer

Ann lives comfortably amid a nuclear fallout. Radiation has poisoned most of the land, but her hilltop farmhouse is in a prime location. Just as Ann acclimates to her new reality, Loomis enters her life for the better. The two try to set up a path for civilization, but their quiet life is disrupted when one last survivor shows up at Ann’s doorstep.

The film is based on the novel written by Robert C. O’Brian.

10. Carriers

Carriers Trailer

Brian has a strict set of rules, which we all might be familiar with. Don't come into contact with the infected, wear a mask, disinfect everything, you know the drill. When the group is forced to abandon their comforts to hitch a ride with the infected, there is no playbook. 

Kiernan Shipka was nominated for the young artist award for best performance in a feature film.

9. I Think We’re Alone Now

I Think We're Alone Now Trailer

Del is a lone survivor and happy in his small town. That is until Grace shows up. He teaches her his way of life, and how he cleans the town up one day at a time, but she knows there is more to life than Del does. She convinces him to leave, but will Del follow?

Peter Dinklage stars as Del.

8. Pandemic 

Pandemic Trailer

Dr. Lauren Chase and her team have a mission to retrieve any uninfected survivors, but they are all searching for personal reasons. Once they explore a rumored survival camp, the group realizes they may be the only ones. To numb themselves from the constant battle, they treat every kill like a videogame. 

Mekhi Phifer stars as Gunner.

7. Perfect Sense

Perfect Sense Trailer

The world is falling victim to a senseless disease. People are striving to connect with one another even though each day, their symptoms get worse. This doesn't stop Susan, an epidemiologist, from trying her hand in love with the chef next door. 

The film was shot is Glasgow, Scotland.

6. Where Have All the People Gone?

Where Have All the People Gone? Trailer

A family lucks out by not only surviving an earthquake, but they also survive a world-ending solar flare. Discovering only a few people were unaffected by the flash, they set out on a journey back home to their mother. Together, they fight off crazed animals, and not so friendly survivalists.

The film was a made for television sci-fi drama.

5. On the Beach (2000)

On the Beach Trailer

Nuclear clouds poison most of the world. Australia is spared for the most part, and a submarine crew seeks refuge after the war. There, they receive a signal coming from Alaska, and the submarine sets out on one final rescue mission.

The film is a remake of the 1959 film, which is based on the novel written by Nevil Shute.

4.  Last Woman on Earth

Last Woman on Earth Trailer

Evelyn goes on a scuba trip with her husband Harold and their lawyer Martin. They resurface to find they cannot breathe Earth’s oxygen and rely on the scuba gear to survive. They are the only ones left, which means Evelyn can choose freedom over Harold.

To make the most of his time on set in Puerto Rico, Robert Corman shot two other movies there directly after the filming of Last Woman on Earth.

3. The Last Days

The Last Days Trailer

Marc and Enrique scour an underground subway system after being stuck in a building for months. The world, struck by a catastrophic event that causes panic, has left everyone afraid of leaving. Marc is fed up and wants to reunite with his girlfriend.

The Last Days won all seven awards it was nominated for at the 2014 Guadi Awards.

2. Children of Men

Children of Men Trailer

All the women in the world are infertile. With mankind on the brink of extinction, there is hope when Kee reveals to Theo she is pregnant. There is little time to celebrate, and they run away with hopes she will be safe from those who intend to harm them.

The P.D. James adaptation won several accolades, including BAFTA award for best cinematography.

1. Light of My Life 

Light of My Life Trailer

Rag, the last female on Earth, is accompanied by her dad as they set out to find a safe place to start over. After all, it was her mother’s dying wish that she is safe. She disguises herself as a boy to not draw attention on their way to a family member's house. 

The film premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival.


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