[Top 10] Overwatch 2 Best Aim Training Maps To Improve Your Aim

Best Aim Training Maps to Improve Overwatch 2
Get worked up here at the best training maps of Overwatch 2!

Are you having a hard time winning in Overwatch 2?


Well, fret not, as we are going to list some amazing aim training maps you can try to  improve your aim in the game.

As you are surely aware, Overwatch 2 has a quite complex system in terms of gameplay mechanics. Because the game is so fast-paced and features so many distinct heroes, it can be difficult to keep track of what is going on. However, some heroes are really fantastic to utilize once you have a hold of the shooting mechanics in Overwatch 2.

Here is a list of the top 10 Best Aim Training Maps that you should play in order to improve.

10. Aim Trainer (6CJXR1)

Aim Trainer is a straightforward vertical aim training map based on the Lijiang Tower map. You can choose any hero, and there will be random heroes hopping about for you to shoot.

This training map allows you to customize the distance of the jumping heroes from your position. It's a useful method to see how well you can hit a projectile shot at your enemies. However, it is best used to train heroes with hitscan attacks, like as Widowmaker.

Why Aim Trainer is Great for Aim Training:

  • A simple map for vertical training that can help you get better aim against vertically moving targets, which is harder to hit than strafing enemies.
  • A great way to practice heroes that have hitscan weapons.
  • You can customize the map to put the enemy heroes farther away, which will be very challenging as they go farther.

9. Aim Training Labs (AA5QQ)

Aim Training Labs is an Overwatch 2 aim training map that emulates Aim Lab, a popular third-party aim trainer.

It actually works nicely, given that each hero in Overwatch 2 has a unique attack style. Lucio, for example, has projectile weapon firing, whereas Ashe and Widowmaker have hitscan. Aim Training Labs is an excellent tool for practicing your aim with various mouse settings. It also has numerous options where you can fiddle with things like adding modifiers like health to the targets or if it is strafing.

This is a great way to see if your DPI settings are correct.

Why Aim Training Labs is Great for Aim Training:

  • Simple, yet effective aim training map
  • Has different modes like changing the size of targets, adding health, etc.
  • A great aim training map when you are customizing your mouse settings

8. Aim Trainer 2 (GBM5N)

Aim Trainer 2 is a more sophisticated training because it requires heroes to move, crouch, and even jump. This training comes in two flavors. The first features numerous characters just strafing and evading your shots, which helps because it includes flying heroes like Echo and Pharah, tanks like Wrecking Ball, and even support like Kiriko.

The other mode is training for vertical aiming, which is useful as there are a lot of cases in Overwatch 2 when players leap around especially if you are up against a Pharah. Knowing where they will fall or jump during a match would be a huge advantage.

Why Aim Trainer 2 is Great for Aim Training:

  • An advanced training to help you aim better on moving targets.
  • Also has a vertical aim practice, which will be helpful on most matches
  • A great way to practice doing hitscan damage on flying heroes


This AI-controlled aim trainer map is essentially Junktown. It improves both your aim and your map positioning, so you're effectively slaying two birds with one stone with this training map.

Honestly, it may get insane because it is 1v5 and you will be fighting against two bots depending on where you wish to fight, such as defending the payload. It is always beneficial to practice on training maps that use a genuine map in ranked mode, as this can aid you in other areas as well.

Why AIM TRAINER W/ BOTs Junktown is Great for Aim Training:

  • Plenty of scenarios in Junktown, which will be very helpful. 
  • It helps you get better in positioning as you train your aim better.
  • You will also deal with long range bots such as Hanzo.

6. Practice Range 2.0 (8M72A)

The Practice Range 2.0 is essentially the same practice map as before, but with additional opportunities to perfect your aim. It introduces new scenarios, such as spawning a Wwidowmaker vertically with her grappling hook. This can help you practice your vertical aim, for example.

If you want to practice different scenarios, this would be an excellent warm-up or practice before playing a ranked match, as there are more than five scenarios to choose from, the majority of which deal with the most common enemies you'll face, such as teleporting Reaper or Genji blocking shots.

Why Practice Range 2.0 is Great for Aim Training:

  • Utilizes the practice range map, which is a good map to practice yoru positioning.
  • Has different scenarios you can try like defeating Tracer, or trying to defeat Widowmaker as she grapples.
  • Works well on any heroes you want to practice aiming.

5. 1v1 Arena (TXCXX)

Start at: 6:54

A 1v1 scenario in a match is unavoidable; thus, the 1v1 Arena training map will be an excellent aim training map. It places you in an arena on the Lijiang Control Center map, and you must defeat a random hero while utilizing a random hero.

It is a difficult training, but it will help you aim better and become a better player on the hero you are using. It is a win-win situation for you. I recommend taking the training after you've warmed up just to see if you can improve your aim.

Why 1v1 Arena is Great for Aim Training:

  • Uses the Lijiang Control Center map, which is one of the most picked maps in the game.
  • Challenging aim training map that will give you random heroes to use.
  • After warming up and doing aim training maps, this is a great way to put your aim to the test.

4. Genji Blade Sleep Training Mode (ZKMC1)

Start at 0:42

This training map is tailored to Ana. The reason this is at the top of the list is that honing your aim with Ana's sleeping dart can help you avoid a team wipe against Genji's ultimate.

It also requires a great deal of skill to pull off, but it is considered a very good and clutch play, especially on a mobile Genji, which is always annoyingly moving. Once you've mastered knocking him out, you'll be able to apply it to other heroes with hitscan weapons.

Why Genji Blade Sleep Training Mode is Great for Aim Training:

  • It is based on a real match scenario, and if you are an Ana main, then this one will be a great practice of your aim.
  • A specific hero training, so if you are planning to be an Ana main in Overwatch 2, this will be a great training.
  • Training with this scenario can translate well on other heroes with hitscan weapons.

3. Practice Range 3.0 (DRSDD)

Practice Range 3.0 is a revamp of the practice range that appears much better than the original. It differs from Practice Range 2.0 in that the scenarios are distinct from one another.

This training map removes all the bots and replaces some of them into actual heroes while adding plenty of scenarios. You can also change some of the parameters, such as having endless ammo and instant kill, among others.

Why Practice Range 3.0 is Great for Aim Training:

  • A cleaner version of the practice range map
  • Changes the moving bots to heroes, which can help you with your aim on moving targets.
  • Plenty of scenarios available from the classic aim training exercise to heroes spawning and you need to defeat them as quickly as possible.

2. Aim Training and Warm Up (CTO4V)

Start at 5:33

The Aim Training and Warm Up Training Map is a simple map. It is one of the greatest maps for warming up because it will spawn bots in the arena constantly.

Cassidy is the best way to warm up because he is the most user-friendly. Simply start firing, and what's nice about this map is that it indicates your accuracy, including vital accuracy, so you'll know if you're ready and warmed up.

There is some modification available, such as gaining a speed increase (Lucio), a damage boost (Mercy), or a nano boost (Ana). The difficulty of bot motions is also configurable, so you can begin at a low level and progress until you reach the most challenging.

Why Aim Training and Warm Up is Great for Aim Training:

  • A very straightforward map, which spawns unlimited bots that utilize their skills.
  • Customizable map like adding buffs to your hero. This can help you discern your damage or improve your adaptability especially on speed boost.
  • You can practice any hero you want in this map considering that it only has one mode.
  • Increase difficulty to improve your aim better.


Start at 1:18

PMAJELLIES AIM TRAINER V5 is one of the best aim training maps on Overwatch 2, especially considering the range of settings. Training for movies, flying heroes, and hero arenas are some of the options.

The AI is also pretty good at avoiding your attacks. It is beneficial to use a hero and try to beat as many Tracers as possible in order to enhance your aim. It is strongly advised to begin with Cassidy, since he is one of the easiest heroes to use for aim training, and then progress to other DPS heroes like Ashe or Widowmaker.

Why the KAVE5 Training Map is Great for Aim Training:

  • Multiple modes ranging from Hero Arena, Hero Juggle, Flying Heroes, and more.
  • Very customizable modes like specifying heroes that will spawn.
  • Each spawned hero has an AI that will try to avoid your shots, great way to time your attacks and better your aim.
  • This is a good warmup map before going to ranked matches.

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