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 Overwatch Best Heroes
Tracer in a Jam


Since the start of Overwatch at beta launch, I have played the game throughout its evolution. While there are 32 heroes in Overwatch, here are my personal choices for the top fifteen best heroes in Overwatch in no particular order.  

Overwatch has 32 heroes, each unique in design, and with rich, interwoven backstories. Each hero has a different gun, hammer, or even fist as their weapon, and playing each one is a completely different experience. Here are fifteen heroes on Overwatch you should try out.




One of the 17 damage heroes, Doomfist is a highly mobile, squishy-crushing machine. 

All three of his abilities allow him to reach those hard-to-reach positions, so when you’re on the flank, you literally have the upper hand. His rocket punch can one-shot squishies, so you can load up your punch and drop down on an unsuspecting healer.

Doomfist is great in dive compositions or as a defensive brawler for king of the hill maps. His abilities can shut down most solo targets, but beware of crowd control abilities such as Ana’s sleep or Sombra Hack, as they can completely negate Doomfist’s abilities.

See Doomfist in action:




2. Reaper

Reaper is a strong damage hero that is relatively easy to play, but hard to master. His shotguns can shred tanks and shut down enemy backlines with ease, and his abilities allow him to get in and out under heavy fire. Knowing when to go on the flank or stay and protect your team is key.
Try Reaper when you have enemy dive tanks trampling your backline to shut down their push, or when the enemy is low on stuns, capitalize on that by ulting right on top of them.

See Reaper in action:


3. Mcree

Mcree is a top-tier damage hero that has been a crowd favorite since the beta launch and has been a staple pick in the competitive scene. 

His deadly revolver can gun down even the most chunky of tanks in seconds, and he can stun targets with his flashbang grenade and double-tap 200 health heroes. Mcree can play with his team for consistent heals and support from his tanks, or go off on a high-risk, high reward flank.

See Mcree in action:

4. Echo

Echo is the newest and final hero of Overwatch. Essentially a flying AI with pulse blasters, sticky bombs, and the ability to copy any hero in the game. The best part of her kit is her beam, which deals double damage to targets at half health for a quick kill.

Use Echo when you need to shred shields, get recon from the air, or when you just want to feel like a mobile fighter jet raining bombs down at the enemy. Make sure to be wary of hitscan heroes, as they can counter you if you fly out into the open.

Echo in action:


5. Tracer

While Tracer may get a lot of hate from Tracists in Overwatch, she has been one of the best heroes in Overwatch for a long time. Even with 150 health, she can completely disrupt the backline and scatter the enemy. 

When played right, her kit ensures that she never dies. Right at the edge of death, press E to recall from where you were a couple of seconds ago, including your health bar. Tracer is an essential pick for dive compositions, and always a nuisance for the enemy team.

See Tracer in action:


6. Wrecking Ball

Wrecking Ball, or more affectionately known as Hamster or Hammond, is the fastest hero in the game. A genetically engineered hamster that fights in cage matches as Wrecking Ball (his fighter alias), Hammond can swing around the map in his hamster ball that shoots two machine guns, and he can slam on top of enemy squishies for massive damage. If that’s not enough, his land mines can be big trouble for you if you’re not ready for him launching around the corner. 

Use Wrecking Ball as the point man for dive compositions, or to disrupt enemy backlines by running over them. Hammond is one of three dive tanks on the Overwatch Roster.

See Wrecking Ball in action:

7. Reinhardt

Reinhardt is the classic shield hero in Overwatch. One of the iconic tanks in the game, Reinhardt has the most shield health out of all the tanks and the most damage per shot as his weapon is a giant hammer. 

Reinhardt is all about protecting your team, and utilizing your abilities to do so. While you will mostly be shielding your team from damage, the key to playing Rein is to know when to put your shield up and when to swing your hammer and earth shatter. He is good with most compositions, and could even run dive if you’re brave enough to charge in headfirst.

See Reinhardt in action:


8. Roadhog

Roadhog is an off-tank hero, one of the only tanks without a shield. He uses a giant scrap shotgun that deals massive damage at a slow rate of fire. To compensate, Roadhog also has a meat hook that reels you in to deal the maximum amount of hurt.

Use Roadhog when you have pesky Doomfists flying around, or when you want to one-shot Tracer players. Beware of Anas though, her entire kit can shut you down when played correctly. Roadhog is quite slow and bad for dive compositions but is great if you want to play more independently from your team.

See Roadhog in action:


9. Zarya

Zarya is one of the strongest off-tanks in the Overwatch universe, quite literally, as she is the world champion weightlifter from Russia. Her abilities are quite simple: she can give shields to herself and to another player, and her ultimate is a black hole that holds you down for several seconds.

Zarya is a great off-tank to learn as she can be essential to any composition, whether your main tank is a Rein or Winston player. The more you take damage with shields, the higher your damage becomes, and Zarya can shred squishies like no other when she is charged up.

See Zarya in action:


10. Sigma

Sigma has been described as “Junkrat with a shield”, but he’s much more than that. His kit is versatile in that while you can shield off enemy damage as the main tank, you can also serve the off-tank role and defend your teammates or find an off-angle to annoy the enemy team. 

Sigma is an essential part of the double-shield meta, along with Reinhardt and Orisa. His rock throw is a huge AOE stun that can stop bigger targets in their tracks, and completely crushes smaller ones. Be careful of Sombra, a strong counter that can disrupt your ultimate and all your abilities, leaving you vulnerable to attack.

See Sigma in action:



11. Zenyatta

Zenyatta is an omnic monk that uses his transcended state to destroy his enemies and heal his team. One of the highest damage healers you can play, Zen is more so about his damage than his healing, although the latter shouldn’t be sneered at either.

While immobile and squishy, Zenyatta uses his damage orbs to deal massive damage to anyone he sees. If he or his team is in a bind, use his ult to get out and heal your team through almost anything that would kill them.

See Zenyatta in action:


12. Ana

Ana is another healer in Overwatch, a favorite target of many dive tanks and damage heroes due to her high tactical value. She can sleep targets from miles away and stop them in their tracks, or throw her grenades during a team fight so her team can get the upper hand. The nano boost, her ultimate, can boost your teammate’s damage and reduce damage taken for a short time, making them a force to be reckoned with.

Ana can be played in a variety of compositions due to her versatility and ability to heal from a far distance. She is as comfortable with dive compositions as bunker compositions. Be careful of dive heroes, and save your sleep so you have it when you really need it.

See Ana in action:


13. Mercy

Mercy is one of the most iconic heroes in the Overwatch universe. One of the original healers in the game, Mercy can fly around and heal her teammates, as well as damage-boost her teammates, and even resurrect those who have fallen. With her Valkyrie ultimate, her flight is even faster and she becomes more elusive to kill.

Mercy is good with most compositions and is a great pick for new players due to her easy kit. Being aware of your surroundings is essential as a good healer, as your first priority is to focus on staying alive and keeping your team alive.

See Mercy in action:


14. Brigitte

Brigitte is a healer that has been hated on when she first came out due to the overpowered stun whip shot combo, but she has been balanced out more and feels more like a brawler healer than ever. She is relatively easy to play mechanics-wise, but a good game sense is what separates good Brigittes from great ones.

Brigitte can be a great off-healer for main healers like Ana, Zen, or Baptiste, as she can stun and whip away enemy dive tanks and damage heroes and prevent them from killing the backline.

See Brigitte in action:


15. Baptiste

Baptiste is one of the newest healers in Overwatch and has already established himself as a staple pick in competitive Overwatch and in the Esports scene. His AOE healing cartridges allow for quick heals when your team is grouped together, and an expert marksman can take down targets like no other when combined with his ultimate.

Use Baptiste when you want to maintain high ground as a healer, or when you know the enemy team has a team wipe ability or abilities that you can counter. It may be hard to play in dive compositions as Baptiste, as he doesn’t reposition as fast as other healers.

See Baptiste in action:


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