Top 10 Overwatch Best Junkrat Skins That Look Amazing

Overwatch Junkrat Skins
Junkrat making sure he is getting his point across.

Top 10 Overwatch Best Junkrat Skins that Look Amazing

Junkrat is an explosion loving, thieving manic who (in the Overwatch’s universe) has been going around the world stealing the world's most priceless treasures alongside his bodyguard Roadhog (another playable Overwatch hero). Now that Junkrat’s introduction is out of the way we can get to the fun stuff, his skins! I bring to you Junkrat’s top 10 skins that look both amazing from worst to best. 

10. Jailbird

One of his more boring rares, Jailbird is still a fun skin to play in even when it’s just for humor sake.

What’s Awesome About Jailbird:


  • From what little is given about Junkrat’s background, I think we can assume that Junkrat was at least arrested once, so this may be an interpretation of what Junkrat was wearing while in or while escaping jail.  
  • It is not flashy in the least, so when you are trying to be a sneaky rat you may have a better time while in this skin. 
  • You know people say stripes are real flattering for small figures or, at least I think they say. 

        (This skin is available all year round)

See Jailbird in action:


9. Circus

Second to last rare that is going to be mentioned on this list, Clown is quite the bipolar opposite to all of the other rares in his roster.

What’s Awesome about Clown:

  • It takes scaring people as a clown to a whole new level because who wouldn't run when seeing this coming at them both in real life and in game. 
  • This is probably the only skin that has Junkrat wearing pastel pink and blue at the same time. 
  • It becomes more insulting to your enemies to be killed by a cotton candy demon over and over again while in this skin.

(This skin is only available during the Archives Event)

See Circus in action:


8. Firework


The last rare on this list is “Firework.” Just like all the other rares, this skin is not very exciting, but still deserves a mention. 

What’s Awesome about Firework:

  • It is a good skin to wear to put you in the celebrating mood during the Lunar New Years Event.
  • “Firework” plays with the fact that Junkrat loves explosions, so it is quite fitting that he has a skin named after a type of explosion. 
  • Even though it is just a simple skin, the red with the gold details and a pop of jade looks really nice together. 

 (This skin is only available during the Lunar New Years Event) 

See Firework in action:


7. Scarecrow


Now we start with the legendaries of Junkrat’s roster. So Let us begin with Scarecrow. 

What’s Awesome About Scarecrow:

  • It plays with the nightmare that we all have had at least once. You know, the nightmare of your great aunts 20 year old scarecrow coming to life and getting you while you are asleep.  
  • Kinda has a Batman villain vibe to it which makes it so much cooler to play in.
  • Leaves you and your comrades questioning whether Junkrat is more human than scarecrow or vice versa.  

(This skin is available all year round)

See Scarecrow in action:


6. Jester

Just when you thought “Circus” was a pretty creepy skin, Jester turns around and makes “Circus” run for its money. 

What’s Awesome About Jester: 

  • The second skin in Junkrat’s collection to have a Batman villain vibe. Joker anyone? 
  • This skin will not just have your enemies running, but also your teammates. 
  • I like to think that it is skins like Jester that prevent people in real life from becoming explosion abscessed clowns. 

 (This skin is available all year round)

See Jester in action:


5. Bilgerat

I think with Junkrat missing his arm and leg we all saw this skin coming. 

What’s Awesome about Bigerat:

  • Like I said in the introduction, Junkrat having lost both his arm and leg ( by means we don’t know yet) makes Junkrat the perfect pirate. 
  • Once again Junkrat is rocking them strips which makes him look... fabulous! 
  • You get to say all the Jack Sparrow lines into the mic while in this skin. 

(This skin is only available during the Anniversary Event)

See Bilgerat in action:


4. Cricket

Wonder what Junkrat would look like if he was an athlete? Well lucky for you Blizzard answered your prayers by bringing you the Cricket skin.

What’s Awesome about Cricket:

  • The Cricket skin is based on a real life sport that is played in both Australia and Europe.
  • They made the paddle that you would hit the ball with his peg leg.  
  • Even the sporting attire that Junkrat is wearing is spot on to what real Cricket players wear.  

(This skin is only available during the Summer Event)

See Cricket in action:


3. Dr. Junkenstein

Junkrat as a mad evil genius that made an abomination of life? Yes please!

What’s Awesome About Dr.Junkenstein:

  • It brings new life to a story that everyone already knows. 
  • The electricity that is on Junkrat’s RIP Tire is animated subprbley. 
  • Certainly a skin that can put any spoilsport into the Halloween mood. 

(This skin is only available during the Halloween Terror Event)

See Dr.Junkenstein in action:


2. Beachrat


Now, not many would expect this to be a Winter Wonderland Event skin, but how else would you expect Astailens to celebrate Christmas.

What’s Awesome about Beachrat: 

  • While in this skin you get to celebrate the winter holidays like an Astainen. 
  • It is quite humorous to watch Junkrat wander around wearing three different floaties even though none of the maps have rivers or waters that the character can run through. 
  • Another funny thing about this skin is that if you look at Junkrats right leg he has an ankle monitor strapped around it. Which gives nod to the fact that Junkrat is a criminal. 

(This skin is only available during the Winter Wonderland Event)

See Beachrat in action:


1. Krampus

Finally, we have reached the best and most epic skin (that I believe) Junkrat has in his roster, the Krampus skin. 

What’s Awesome about Krampus:

  • Even though it is a Christmas skin it has such a haunting cill to it  that you can’t help but get goose bumps down your spine when you look at it. 
  • It is a chilling reference to an existing urban legend that has scared the children of Germany into behaving for hundreds of years. 
  • The colors of this skin are very rich and will make you hard to miss as you place a bomb on the face of your enemies. 

(This skin is only available during the Winter Wonderland Event) 

See Krampus in action:


And that is it fine folks. We have finally reached the end of this top 10 list. Now, Go on and have a good day today either being a new fan to Overwatch or Overwatch veteran who was curious to see where your favorite skin was ranked. 

Skins and their Details:

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