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She may look sweet, but she'll icicle you in the face without a second thought.

What are Mei's best skins?

Mei is one of Overwatch’s most loved heroes, and it’s not very hard to see why: she’s adorable, has a cute little robot companion, and she can hold her own as a DPS. As the events have come and gone, she’s also gotten some of the best skins in the game.

Before we start, it’s worth noting that any seasonal skins can be unlocked during the Anniversary event, so keep that in mind. Now let’s jump into our top 10 list:

10. Pumpkin (Epic)

She's the best pick of the patch.

It may be one of the simpler skins on this list, but Mei’s Pumpkin Halloween skin is perfect for any lover of the classic orange gourd looking to show their spirit for spooky season.

What Makes This Skin Epic?

  • You maintain the look of Mei’s classic skin, but with a fun seasonal flair!
  • The Jack-o-lantern patches on her hands and shoulders light up, adding a cool pop of color and polish.
  • Her robot buddy Snowball is dressed as a little baby pumpkin, stem and all.

How to get the Pumpkin Skin: Halloween Terror Event loot boxes, or 750 currency during the Halloween event

6/10 Like we said it’s a bit simple, but it fits the Halloween theme perfectly.

Check out the skin in action:

9. Yeti Hunter (Legendary)

Mei can hunt me down any day.

Mei’s Yeti skin is pretty iconic for long time players, as it was one of the original legendary skins that dropped with the game. It also goes along with the seasonal Winter Wonderland game mode Mei’s Yeti Hunt that dropped in 2017, but you can grab this feather-topped fit any time of the year.

What Makes This Skin Legendary?

  • Custom gun design that has an awesome spiked silhouette.
  • A fun theme that goes along with Mei’s snowy abilities.
  • Big furry boots with detail to look like Yeti faces.

How to Get the Yeti Mei Skin: Regular loot boxes or 1000 currency

7/10 It’s all about the details!

Check out the skin in action:

8. Seoul Dynasty (Epic)

The epitome of class and elegance.

Alright, hear me out on this one… It’s a well-known fact in the Overwatch community that Seoul Dynasty has the best skins in the Overwatch League. Their colors look super sleek and stylish in-game, especially when you get the whole team on board, and Mei’s skin is no exception.

What Makes This Skin Epic?

  • The black and gold contrast is striking on screen.
  • It gives her old look a cool reimagining.
  • You get to rep on of the best teams in OWL!

How to Get the Seoul Dynasty Skin: 100 OWL tokens, which can either be purchased directly or acquired by watching Overwatch League games.

6/10 Pretty basic, but it gets extra points for the fashion.

Watch the skin in action:

7. Chang’e (Legendary)

Mei is shining bright for the new year.

One of the things that makes Overwatch stand out is how unique diverse its cast of characters is, so it’s always nice to see a cosmetic that pays homage to the culture of specific hero. That’s exactly what this skin does, as it outfits Mei in traditional Chinese garb.

What Makes This Skin Legendary?

  • A gorgeous color scheme (we really don’t get enough white skins)
  • A beautiful, flattering silhouette that’s really different from the rest of her skins
  • Snowball has bunny ears. Need I say more?

How to get the Chang’e Skin: Lunar New Year loot boxes or 1000 currency during the Lunar New Year event

7/10 Refreshing to see something different from the skins we usually see for her.

Watch the skin in action:

6. Rescue Mei (Legendary)

Rescue Mei can rescue me any day.

Mei is known as one of the kinder, more empathetic characters in the Overwatch lore, so it makes sense that she would have a skin that portrays her as a rescue trooper. This bright orange number might make you stand out a bit more on the battlefield, but you’ll look amazing, so does it really matter?

What Makes This Skin Legendary?

  • The detail of the soot on her face. So realistic!
  • Her cute little fireman’s hat. If only it acted as armor in-game…
  • Her cryo pack is reimagined as a fire hydrant. It really brings the whole look together.

How to Get the Rescue Mei Skin: Regular loot boxes or 1000 currency

7/10 Not very strategic, it’s a look all your teammates will be jealous of.

Check out the skin in action:

5. Ecopoint: Antarctica (Legendary)

She's prepared for even the harshest winter.

There’s nothing better than when a skin is tied to the game’s universe, as it makes the lore feel real and a part of the world. That’s exactly what this skin does, as it’s the outfit Mei wears to fix the radio tower in her animated short “Rise and Shine.”

What Makes This Skin Legendary?

  • The flaps on her hat have physics in game, so they move as she jumps around.
  • The details on her prototype cryo pack and gun are a-mei-zing.
  • You can’t beat a lore tie in!

How to Get the Ecopoint: Antarctica Skin: Regular loot boxes or 1000 currency

8/10 For the accuracy.

Check out the skin in action:

4. Jiangshi (Legendary)

Who doesn't love both spooky and cute?

While this skin is already pretty cool to look at, what most players don’t know is that a jiangshi is a hopping vampire from Chinese folklore. Not only does Mei get another awesome skin that has ties to her Chinese heritage, but this one even has a little hopping emote to go along with it!

What Makes This Skin Legendary?

  • A fun combination of tradition and Halloween mischief.
  • A beautiful purple color scheme that sets itself apart from her other skins.
  • Her little fangs! Enough said.

How to Get the Jiangshi Skin: Halloween Terror loot boxes, or 1000 currency during the Halloween event

8.5/10 Would wear all year.

Check out the skin in action:

3. Beekeeper (Legendary)

It's un-bee-lievable how cute this skin is.

When you think of a hero that has ice powers, beekeeper isn’t exactly the first thing that comes to mind. However, this skin works surprisingly well for Mei, especially considering how sweet she is.

What Makes This Skin Legendary?

  • A sleek design that reimagines her original concept.
  • The futuristic take on the classic beekeeper netting around her face.
  • Snowball dressed as a little bee!

How to Get the Beekeeper Skin: Overwatch Anniversary loot boxes or 1000 currency during the Anniversary event

9/10 Jerry Seinfeld is shaking.

Check out the skin in action:

2. Pajamei (Legendary)

Makes me tired just looking at it.

The Pajamei skin has been a fan favorite ever since its release, and it’s not hard to see why. This is the first time we’ve seen a hero look a bit more casual, so it’s nice to see Mei looking comfortable. She deserves a break every once in a while.

What Makes This Skin Legendary?

  • This is another skin that ties back to the lore, which is always a plus.
  • It’s inspired some pretty awesome (and comfy) cosplays.
  • How can you resist the pun?

How to Get the Pajamei Skin: Archives loot boxes or 1000 currency during the archives event

9.5/10 The bed head really makes this one.

Check Out the Skin in Action:

1. Honeydew (Legendary)

Bubble tea would taste even better coming from her.

This is hands down the best Mei skin, and I will not be taking any constructive criticism at this time. The socks. The bow. Her little apron. This skin truly has it all, and it’s the cutest she’s ever looked.

What Makes This Skin Legendary?

  • The color scheme is so bright and fun to look at.
  • The little Honeydew on her apron. That is all.
  • Easily the best part of this skin: her ice has been replaced with boba tea! When her gun runs out of ammo you can see the little tapioca pearls at the bottom. SO. CUTE.

How to Get the Honeydew Mei Skin: Overwatch Anniversary loot boxes or 1000 currency during the Anniversary event.

10/10 It truly couldn’t be more perfect.

Watch the skin in action:

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