[Top 10] Overwatch Best Torbjorn Skins That Look Awesome

Overwatch Best Torbjorn Skins
Have a glass with Torb as he shows off his coolest skins!



The brilliant engineer for the Overwatch team, Torbjörn, tears through the opponent’s offense by outmaneuvering and outsmarting the enemy team. Armed with a hammer and a molten pellet gun, don’t let his small stature fool you as this Swedish hero packs a huge punch! Not only is he a fun unique hero to play in this fast-paced FPS, but he also has some of the most epic skins in the game. With Overwatch 2 on the near horizon, we look back on the 5-year run of the original to check out some of the most awesome skins for Torbjörn the game offers!

10. Tre Kronor

With his blue and yellow color scheme, Torbjörn represents Sweden in the Overwatch summer games with this honorary skin. Keeping everything that made the default Torbjörn amazing, this skin does a great job of giving Torb a unique presence and does a great job presenting his Swedish heritage. A great skin to get!

  • The miniature flag on the plate skirt is a nice detail.
  • The colors flow very nicely together with the skin to where you don’t have to know its Swedish to love this skin.
  • A great price for a great skin!

How to get Tre Kronor: Open Summer games loot boxes or buy for 250 credits during the Overwatch Summer games/ Anniversary events.

See Tre Kronor in action: 

9. Deadlock

Ditching the engineering outfit for a tougher getup, Deadlock skin sees Torb pursues his longtime passion of joining a biker gang. Decked out with black leather accompanied by spikes and chains, Torb portrays the real ‘road hog’ of Overwatch with this epic skin.

  • The spiked helmet, tattoos, and braided white hair make Torbjörn look awesome!
  • The black and red colors make up a badass color scheme for this skin.
  • The chopper-like exhausts on his back are a nice addition to the biker theme.

How to get Deadlock: Open normal loot boxes or buy in the store for 1000 credits.

See Deadlock in action: 

8. Barbarossa

This awesome skin shows a menacing Torbjörn appearing ready to throw anyone overboard! The pirate theme is plentiful when it comes to Overwatch skins, but there is no denying that Torb would the captain of the bunch when it comes to this great skin!

  • The cannons on his back add a nice touch and a scary thought when it comes to practicality…
  • The red beard is a great look with this skin!
  • His weapons fit perfectly with this skin, especially the hooked hand.

How to get Barbarossa: Open normal loot boxes or buy in the store for 1000 credits.

See Barbarossa in action: 

7. Magni

Released alongside the Blizzard World map, this skin sees Torbjörn cosplaying as the Warcraft king of dwarves himself, Magni Bronzebeard. An epic design for an epic character, this skin fits Torbjörn perfectly! And who knows, maybe we’ll see Torb in WoW one day?

  • The dwarven armor looks awesome with the red cape pulling that epic feeling together!
  • The red beard fits perfectly but the braided mustache looks a little painful though…
  • The only way of telling the two characters apart is the eyepatch. Now that’s good cosplaying!

How to get Magni: Open normal loot boxes or buy in the store for 1000 credits.

See Magni in action: 

6. Ironclad

Portraying a younger and less hairy Torbjörn, this skin sees the early days of this promising engineer’s career. Back when Torb still had both his hands, these younger characters are always some of the most interesting skins released. Telling the story of who these heroes were before they got involved with Overwatch, a welcomed sight for any lore fans out there.

  • The beardless face is startling at first but really fits the skin once you get used to it.
  • The non-robotic left arm is a unique look at how much younger Torb actually is in this skin.
  • The orange color fits nicely and the tank top makes Torb look like a badass mechanic.

How to get Ironclad: Open Archive boxes or buy for 1000 credits during the Overwatch Archive/ Anniversary events.

See Ironclad in action: 

5. Viking

The Swede pays homage to his heritage with this skin, and we couldn’t be happier with how it turned out! Looking like the Allfather Odin himself, Torb embodies a Scandinavian Viking with this skin. A vicious warrior on the battlefield!

  • The battleaxes on his back are just for show, but a pleasant addition nonetheless!
  • The fur cape gives an epic feel to the skin.
  • His weapons are so badass on this skin, you have to see for yourself!

How to get Viking: Open Halloween boxes or buy for 1000 credits during the Overwatch Halloween/ Anniversary events.

See Viking in action: 

4. Santaclad

Who else on the Overwatch team is better to take on the role of Father Christmas than our lovable engineer himself? Fitting the skin like a glove, Torb embodies the holiday cheer and does so in epic fashion!

  • The Christmas trees on his back are an awesome addition.
  • Fitting the Santa look perfectly, Torb would likely be even better at getting down chimneys than old Saint Nick himself.
  • The brass and wooden weapons give an awesome toymaker feel!

How to get Santaclad: Open Winter boxes or buy for 1000 credits during the Overwatch Winter Wonderland/ Anniversary events.

See Santaclad in action: 

3. Zhang Fei

An awesome Chinese new-year skin dedicated to the Chinese general of the same name. This skin, like many of the other Chinese skins, is covered in so many cool details that it tells a story just by looking at it. A sign of an amazing skin!

  • The gold lining on the skin is always a welcomed sight and makes it seem even more epic.
  • The dragon design on the left hand is an awesome addition.
  • The colors fit nicely together and we love all the little details this skin offers.
  • The spiky black hair is unusual to see on Torb, but it really fits this skin well.

How to get Zhang Fei: Open Chinese new-year boxes or buy for 1000 credits during the Overwatch Chinese new-year/ Anniversary events.

See Zhang Fei in action: 


2. Surf ‘N’ Splash

Looking ready to build the best sandcastle along the beach, this skin sees Torb prepared for the best summer ever! Perhaps the silliest skin in all of Overwatch, this awesome getup shows the fun side of Torb and a surly welcomed sight!

  • His weapons are made to look like plastic toys, while his turret looks like a terrifying super soaker.
  • The shells in his beard are a nice touch for the beach bum appeal.
  • The bathing suit, sunglasses, swimming cap, and everything else! It’s bizarre to see on Torb we can’t help but love it!

How to get Surf ‘N’ Splash: Open Summer boxes or buy for 1000 credits during the Overwatch Summer/ Anniversary events.

See Surf ‘N’ Splash in action: 

1. Cybjörn

The best Torbjörn skin Overwatch offers, this skin sees Torb go from engineer to machine with this epic look! Decked put in uncommon blue armor compared to his normal red style, this cyborg skin offers the most unique look for Torb or any Overwatch hero for that matter, and that’s why it stands out at number 1 on our list.

  • The blue armor really stands out from the rest of his skin, and contrasts nicely with the other colors.
  • You look badass with a cyberpunk vibe!
  • The molten face and beard really pull the whole skin together and give it an epic feeling! (also Macaroni beard for the memes?)

How to get Cybjörn: Open Anniversary boxes or buy for 1000 credits during the Overwatch Anniversary event.

See Cybjörn in action: 

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