Pokemon Go How To Hatch Eggs At Home

How to hatch eggs in Pokemon Go, what is an egg in Pokemon Go
These are PPP Eggs: Purely protein and Pokémon


Hatching Eggs is a good way to find some spectacular Pokémon, get candies and even lose weight, since the only available method to do it is by walking, or at least this is what they expect from you. Sometimes we can't go out for some complicated reasons, such as a mortal virus or because our mother is mad at us... Well, she has been telling me to clean my bedroom since Sunday, but it's already Friday, so she just sent my story to the next episode of "Hoarders".

How to hatch eggs at home, in Pokemon Go 

● Enable Adventure Sync in Pokemon Go and close the app
● Download Google Fit app (Or maybe you are not lazy like me, and already have it), and open it
● Click on "track workout"
● Walk inside your house holding your phone
● Turn the "track workout" option off, then reopen Pokemon Go
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