[Top 10] Pokemon Legends: Arceus Best Teams That Are Powerful

Gear Up for Battle

In any Pokemon adventure, you only have 6 slots to try and construct the meanest team possible. Along the way, you will be faced with many tough decisions, as each game has hundreds of great and not-so-great options to choose from. In Pokemon Legends: Arceus, the team you choose will be by your side through some of the toughest battles Pokemon games have to offer such as Giratina and Arceus, so choosing a strong 6 will be crucial on your journey. Pokemon Legends: Arceus does not have multiplayer functionality, however these teams could definitely hold their own competitively.


10. Kleavor + Basculegion + Hisuian Goodra + Hisuian Zoroark + Sneasler + Overqwil

Frenzied Noble Kleavor anchors this team

This is a fun team that utilizes only the new Pokemon introduced in Legends: Arceus to show off their amazing power. It provides great type coverage with a perfect balance of defense, offense and annoying status inflicting ‘mons.

Kleavor is the ace of this team and its high attack stat and powerful moves make it perfect for chipping away at opponents’ and bosses’ health bars. Hisuian Zoroark provides strong special attacks while Overqwil supports with status moves. Hisuian Goodra is a defensive wall who can also output some special damage and Sneasler is an ultra-speedy physical attacker who can also inflict poison.

Finally, Basculegion anchors the team with balanced stats and an interesting moveset including hex, which can punish statused mons’ (Overqwil, Sneasler, hint hint). Obtaining Basculegion can be quite difficult due to the method of evolution, as you need to rack up 294 recoil damage on a Hisuian Basculin in one battle.

“The New Crew” Strengths:

  • Great synergy, no two Pokemon fill same role
  • Balance of speed and attacking power
  • Defensive anchors in Hisuian Goodra and Overqwil
  • Status inflicting ‘mons in Sneasler and Overqwil
  • Wide type coverage and switch-ins for all threats


9. Torterra + Empoleon + Infernape + Hisuian Decidueye + Hisuian Samurott + Hisuian Typhlosion

Starters galore

This team uses every starter Pokemon available in the Hisui region to make for a fun, themed playthrough. Although not particularly diverse in coverage, each Pokemon has a secondary type to make up for that.

Infernape has seen usage in competitive before, being OU in its own generation 4 games. Hisuian Samurott is popular in the Scarlet/Violet meta for its hazard-setting signature move Ceaseless Edge. Torterra is a defensive beast that hits hard with the right EV training or the use of grit items.

Empoleon is another defensive anchor with a strong special attack and amazing typing. Hisuian Typhlosion acts as a speedy special threat while Hisuian Decidueye is a slow physical attacker that can take some hits.

“The Starters” Strengths:

  • -Strong core of grass, water, and fire types
  • -Secondary types to provide coverage
  • -Starters all have high base-stat totals around 530
  • -Switch-ins for every type threat
  • -Easily acquired Pokemon, all of which can be found as alphas


8. Hisuian Typhlosion + Lucario + Hisuian Goodra + Hisuian Zoroark + Sneasler + Ursaluna

A blend of classics and new favourites

This is a balanced team that combines new Pokemon and forms with an old favorite in Lucario.

Ursaluna is the star of this team with great defense and a whopping 140 base attack stat, making use of normal and ground type STAB moves. Lucario can act as a special or physical attacker depending on the opposing Pokemon’s defenses. 

Hisuian Zoroark and Typhlosion provide more special support while Sneasler can infuriate opponents with lots of poisonous moves.

“Old Meets New” Strengths:

  • -All Pokemon serve as offensive threats
  • -Ursaluna can break through most defensive walls with STAB Headlong Rush and Double Edge
  • -All team members have either the speed to move first, or the bulk to withstand hits
  • -Switch ins for all types


7. Infernape + Roserade + Floatzel + Staraptor + Garchomp + Dialga

Nostalgia ultra

This team is a callback to the generation 4 games where we were first introduced to the Sinnoh (Hisui) region. If you played through Pokemon Diamond or Pearl as a kid, chances are you have used at least a few of these ‘mons.

There is a reason this team and teams like it were so universal. Infernape is an incredibly strong Pokemon for a starter. The other Pokemon are mainly there to cover up Infernape’s weaknesses, and they are mostly available in the early game.

With the exception of Garchomp and Dialga, which become available later in Legends: Arceus, every team member can be found in the first area and evolved quite quickly. This team is enough to beat Cynthia, so it will be no problem to beat the main story of Legends: Arceus.

“The Classics” Strengths:

  • - Balanced, tried and true team for a playthrough
  • - Legendary Dialga’s incredible stats make battles easy
  • - Pseudo-legendary Garchomp’s great speed and attack make a perfect sweeper with Swords Dance
  • - Speedy, offensive focused team


6. Dialga + Palkia + Giratina + Landorus + Azelf + Regigigas

Roll up in style

This team is almost as unfair as it gets (just wait for number one). It uses the creation trio of Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina, and selects other strong legendaries to complement them.

Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina pair nicely and Dialga’s Steel typing makes up for their common weakness to Fairy. Landorus’ high attack and wide moveset allow for many different sets. Azelf is the prototypical glass cannon with little defense but high speed and mixed attacks. 

Abilities are not a thing in Legends: Arceus as well, so Regigigas is not hindered by Slow Start, meaning its full 670 base-stat total gets unleashed.

“The Legendary Squad” Strengths:

  • - Diverse typing 
  • - Legendary base stat totals above 600
  • - Legendary signature moves to blast through opponents
  • - Intimidation factor of carrying 6 legendaries, I mean come on


5. Hisuian Samurott + Infernape + Blissey + Togekiss + Garchomp + Hisuian Zoroark

So you picked Oshawott, eh

This team is great for a playthrough with Hisuian Samurott as your starter, the mixed attacking Water/Dark type. 

Infernape and Togekiss cover Hisuian Samurott’s Grass weakness, while Garchomp deals with Electric types. Blissey, although it may seem gentle and weak, it is a defensive wall and has access to many healing and status moves to support the many attackers on the team.

Hisuian Zoroark rounds out the team with its high special attack and signature move bitter malice which does extra damage to statused ‘mons.

“Samurott Squad” Strengths: 

  • - Perfect defensive synergy, every weakness is covered
  • - Potential for lots of status moves on Blissey and Togekiss
  • - Offensive synergy due to Bitter Malice’s status boost
  • - Good balance of fast attackers and defensive Pokemon


4. Hisuian Decidueye + Gardevoir + Empoleon + Hisuian Electrode + Drapion + Staraptor 

So you picked Rowlet, eh

This is another team built around a new starter evolution, this time Hisuian Decidueye, a bulky, physical attacking Grass/Fighting type. 

Empoleon covers Decidueye’s Fire weakness while Hisuian Electrode covers the flying weakness. Drapion fights off pesky Psychic and Fairy types with its dual Dark/Poison typing.

Add Gardevoir and Staraptor to round out the offense and Empoleon for some defense and you have yourself a team worthy of carrying through a playthrough. Multiple Pokemon can carry status moves to slow down opposing ‘mons.

“Decidueye Squad” Strengths:

  • - Defensive synergy, no type poses a major threat
  • - Options for every major boss in the game
  • - Lots of status move options
  • - Moves like Swords Dance and Nasty Plot have potential to boost team greatly

3. Hisuian Typhlosion + Gallade + Luxray + Gastrodon + Umbreon + Roserade

So you picked Cyndaquil, eh

Rounding out the trio, the next team is built around Hisuian Typhlosion, a speedy special attacker. 

Roserade covers the Water weakness nicely with strong special moves like Leaf Storm. Luxray can also switch in on Water types in case they have a secondary type such as Bug or Steel. Umbreon can deal with Ghost types while Gallade slashes away Dark types. 

Gastrodon is a bulky, specially attacking slug that can absorb hits while frustrating opponents with moves like Water Pulse and Toxic. 

“Team Typhlosion” Strengths:

  • - Amazing coverage for all weaknesses
  • - Good mix of speed and defense
  • - Great status users like Umbreon and Gastrodon


2. Vaporeon + Sylveon + Jolteon + Espeon + Leafeon + Flareon

Cuteness overload

This is a mostly for fun team using what many would call the 6 strongest Eeveelutions. 

Eeveelutions are some of the most consistently solid Pokemon, all having a base stat total of 525, just below most final starter evolutions. All major types are represented here, making for great coverage.

Each Eeveelution has one stat with a 130 total which acts as its specialty. Flareon’s is attack, Vaporeon’s is HP, Leafeon’s is defense, Espeon special attack, Sylveon special defense, and Jolteon speed. 

This means every Pokemon carves out their own role for success, and with decent movepools for each, this is a unique and powerful team for all Eevee lovers.

“Team Eevee” Strengths

  • - Each Pokemon has their own role and reason to switch in
  • - Fun, themed team to keep new playthroughs interesting
  • - Surprisingly good synergy, both offensive and defensive


1. Arceus + Dialga (Origin) + Palkia (Origin) + Giratina (Origin) + Cresselia + Darkrai

Who could stand a chance

This is quite possibly the most overpowered team possible in this game.

Combining the Origin Formes of some of the strongest legendaries in any game with the literal god of Pokemon makes for an easy match with any opponent. Add to that the moonlight and the darkness in Cresselia and Darkrai and you have an unstoppable force.

Not much else needs to be said. The creation trio’s base-stat totals of 680 and Arceus’ total of 720 speak for themselves. Darkrai and Cresselia are more so there for defense and support, however they can both dish out their fair share of damage with the right matchup.

“The A Team” Strengths:

  • - Everything
  • - All aspects
  • - I mean look at them
  • - How could you say otherwise
  • - Ok it has a common weakness to Fairy type but that is overcome by sheer strength and Dialga’s Steel type moves

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