[Top 5] Predecessor Best Junglers To Play

Predecessor Best Junglers


The position of Jungler in any MOBA can be an extremely delicate role, as the remaining 4 characters on your team rely heavily upon you for support. The role of the Jungler is to maintain the Jungle as well as provide assistance to each lane by ganking the enemy characters. Jungler is one of the most significant roles of the game, and a good Jungler can be the reason a team wins or loses their match. 

If you’re looking for the best Jungler characters to play in the new console released Predecessor MOBA, look no further. Here are the top 5 best Predecessor Junglers to play.


#5: Countess - Jungler and Midlaner 


This quick paced assassin has the ability to regenerate health through her passive ability “Blood Tithe” which gives her the perfect basis for Jungling. Though her basic attacks alone don’t do much damage, her abilities carry damage far beyond expectations. 

  • Countess’ ability “Blade Siphon” creates a quick whirlwind of damage around her, dealing up to 210 damage and actively healing herself for 14 per enemy or minion that is struck by the ability. When using this ability in a fight against an enemy hero, the healing is increased by 400%. 
  • If you are still wondering “why Countess?” consider her ability “Shadow Slip” that is the perfect Jungling ability for a quick damage dealer and an even faster escape method. This ability allowsCountess to teleport on a nearby enemy, dealing up to 190 damage upon impact while slowing the enemy by 40%. When activated, the player is given a 3.5 second cool down visible on the screen to teleport back to the site of activation. This gives Countess an advantage for tower diving and securing kills. 
  • A combination of “Blade Siphon” “Shadow Slip” and “Eventide” is a securing method as her last ability sends out a cloud of darkness to her enemies, dealing up to 245 damage to anything standing within its path. Her abilities do damage, but her ultimate ability is where the enemy team begins to fear her. 
  • Countess’ ultimate ability titled “Feast” allows her to leap onto nearby enemies, attacking them with a loud screech of terror. The ultimate lasts 0.75 seconds and deals up to 325 damage to the targeted hero, as well as regenerating 50% health from the damage dealt. 


#4: Rampage - Jungler


Okay, so assassins aren’t your thing, that's okay because up next we have the tank Rampage. This beast is not known for his damage dealt, but rather his ability to push objectives, secure kills, and sponge damage for the team. His passive ability allows him additional attack speed and health regeneration while in the Jungle, increased even more when out of combat. 

  • Rampage has a special ability called “Pounce” that can be vital to catching up to escaping enemies, or in efforts to escape combat. The jump slams the ground when landing, dealing up to 210 damage, which can be the ending factor of enemies trying to run from battle. This ability is often paired with “Rumble” that can deal up to 165 damage when used, as well as slowing the enemy for 25% for 1 second. 
  • The “Boulder Throw” is a stun that, though difficult to perfect, can be detrimental for enemy players while in combat. The stun deals up to 270 damage, and renders the target motionless for up to 5 seconds. This wide amount of time is enough to gift the ally team with a secured kill. 
  • The most notable reason Rampage is not considered for damage as much as his tank traits is because of his ultimate ability. While “Behemoth” is active, Rampage gains up to 600 of his maximum health. His original health regeneration while in the Jungle is also increased by a factor of 3.5 times. This ultimate ability is useful in team fights, tower diving, as well as objective pushing, making Rampage a very useful Jungler. 


#3: Kallari - Jungler


Back to the assassins, this one is known to be one of the most dangerous Junglers in the game. Kallari’sability “Shadow Walk” gives her the ability to enter a camouflage state, becoming completely invisible to the enemy team and gaining 15% movement speed. This state of invisibility also allows her to regenerate health up to 20, and gives her next basic attack up to an additional 150 damage. 

  • Kallari’s passive ability, similar to the support Dekker’s, is a double jump called “Shadow Dance” which allows her a second jump, mid air in the direction of her movement. This provides a quick escape from combat as well as a tactical advantage to her positions while stalking enemies in lane or in the Jungle if invisible. 
  • While all Jungle characters have the assassins crest daggers that can deal damage for securing kills, Kallari’s “Crippling Dagger” provides up to 160 physical damage as well as a 20% slow for a short period of time. This ability is great for securing takedowns from enemies on the run, as well as clearing up Jungle minions quickly as it provides 65 additional damage to Jungle minions.
  • Just in case Kallai’s ultimate ability “Guillotine” doesn’t secure the kill with her quick dash forward dealing up to 500 damage, don’t worry there is back up for that. This assassin is gifted with a marker that empowers her next attack with an additional 10% damage. After 3 seconds of the enemy being marked, it detonates and deals 160 damage along with 8% of the enemies previously missing health.       


#2: Khaimera - Jungler


This popularly chosen character is amongst the best Junglers in the game due to his damage and health regeneration combination. Khaimera’s passive ability, named “Spirit Regeneration” is exactly what it sounds like it would be.

  • When damaging enemies and Jungle minions with basic attacks or abilities this character’s health regenerates, stackable up to 30 times. While Khaimera’s passive stacks are above 15,  his movement speed is also increased by 10% which makes his character practically impossible to escape during a chase. 
  • Khaimera has an ability called “Ambush” that is similar to Rampage’s leap, but it is specified on enemy characters. This leap can deal up to 160 damage, and is typically paired with his next ability “Unleash” which gives him a 3 second attack speed boost. This ability increases basic attack damage to 34 additional damage, previously 54 damage is increased to 88 damage. 
  • One of Khaimera’s most distinguishing qualities is his ability to cleanse all debuffs as well as healing himself for up to 15% of his maximum health. This ability, titled the “Invigorate” grants him Crowd Control immunity for 0.5 seconds, which can mean the difference between life and death when playing against late game Fay, who can take the whole team out with one well placed ultimate ability.


#1: Greystone - Jungler and Offlane


Holding first place, we have Greystone. This Jungle melee character is often seen as an offlane character, but is the most dangerous Jungler character in the game.

  • Greystone can be very useful for Jungle players, as his ultimate ability, called “Stone Forged Soul” upon activation puts the character into a stasis. This restores up to 18% of maximum health, basically giving the player a second life. The activation also deals up to 70% damage to nearby enemies, which is the perfect ability for someone who is frequently ganking the enemies in lane, as it can often lead to team fights.  
  • Greystone can have multiple different card builds to create the desired character for each individual player. The beginning crest recommended when the game loads in is the “Warrior Crest” which begins with the regeneration of 8% total physical power. Once the character restores 200 health, the crest is able to be upgraded into the “Fenix” crest. When activating this crest it marks your current location and if you are to die within the following 4 seconds after activation, you are resurrected at the sight of activation with 40% maximum health. 
  • While we have to count his lives on our fingers and toes to keep track of them,his three lives can be detrimental to the player.. This makes him the best Jungler in Predecessor, as he is able to push objectives, continue in long team fights that may come from ganking lanes, as well as escape enemy grasps when the allied team runs in attempt to live with the use of his ability “Assault the Gates” which is often used to jump away in order to preserve his life. 


There are a total of 14 different Jungler characters, and each player has their preference in which character is best suited for their playing style. While these are just 5 of the best Jungling characters of Predecessor, each one has specific attributes that are good in different matches. 

Good luck to everyone and have fun in your gaming adventures!


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