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best rainbow six siege elite sets
Show your opponent just how big your wallet is by purchasing some of these elite operator sets

Rainbow Six Siege currently has 26 elite operator sets, with more on the way, including Ash’s upcoming Tomb Raider-inspired set. Unlocking each elite set will grant you a uniform unique to that operator, skins to customize their weapons and gadgets, a weapon charm so you can dangle a chibi version of your favorite operators from the sides of your firearms, and an animated MVP screen for when you come out at the top of the scoreboard after securing a win. 

Each elite set will cost you 1,800 R6 Credits, one of the game’s currencies. R6 Credits must be purchased in bulk with real-world money, the smallest amount available being 600 for $4.99. That means an elite set will run you about $15. Choose wisely. 

A lot of the elite sets have a historical basis, from both World Wars and the Spanish Civil War, to the early days of the FBI and more modern special forces operations. Others expand on each character's background, personality, or heritage. There’s a lot of them to sift through, so here is 15 of the best for you browse through, with all that’s included in each set outlined for your convenience. 

15. Ela’s Huk Sztuk

Ela’s elite set is one of the more colorful options - dying her hair, giving her a bright, casual outfit, and rainbow painting all of her weapons. Her elite victory animation even has her throwing neon blue paint all over the screen.

Huk Sztuk includes:

  • Counter culture-esque elite uniform
  • Colorful weapon and gadget skins
  • Elite Ela weapon charm
  • Paint throwing MVP animation

14. Hibana’s Onkochishin

Hibana’s elite set celebrates her Japanese heritage by giving her a traditional Kyūdō outfit, the garb worn by those practicing the martial art of archery. This elite set really shines with the MVP animation, where Hibana fires an arrow while cherry blossom leaves fall from the sky.

Onkochishin includes:

  • Elite operator uniform
  • Weapon and gadget skins with a black/white/red color scheme
  • Elite Hibana weapon charm
  • Unique archery MVP animation

13. Thatcher’s Operation Nimrod

Operation Nimrod was a raid carried out by the SAS (the United Kingdom’s Special Air Service) to free hostages from the Iranian Embassy in London in 1980. Thatcher’s elite skin pays homage to the heroes that brought the SAS’ counterterrorism capabilities to global attention. The uniform removes Thatcher’s regular gasmask to give us a view of his bearded face. 

Operation Nimrod includes:

  • Real life Operation Nimrod-inspired operator skin
  • Matching weapon and gadget skins
  • Elite Thatcher weapon charm
  • MVP animation featuring Thatcher descending from a helicopter

12. Mira’s Inspiración

Mira’s elite skin ditches the tactical nature of her design in favor of a uniform reminiscent of the Spanish Civil War, complete with an incredible looking beret. Complimenting her historical uniform, the elite weapon skins have an industrialized look, and her victory animation shows her standing atop an old machine gun emplacement. 

Inspiración includes:

  • Elite operator skin
  • Industrial, riveted weapon skins
  • Reskin of Black Mirror gadgets
  • Elite Mira weapon charm
  • Unique MVP animation

11. Frost’s Huntress

Frost’s elite set outfits her with equipment better suited for hunting her prey in the Canadian tundra. Fur-lined jacket and boots, leather gloves, and redesigned Welcome Mat traps help cement her image as an effective huntress. The MVP animation is the highlight, however, showing Frost warming herself by a fire while ice creeps in on the edge of your screen.

Huntress includes:

  • Elite operator uniform
  • Weapon skins with dark wood grain
  • Gadget skin for her Welcome Mats with terrifyingly sharp metal teeth
  • Elite Frost weapon charm
  • MVP animation

10. Sledge’s L Detachment

The L Detachment is a unit within the SAS that first saw action in Desert Storm. Sledge’s elite uniform gives him a camouflage jacket, new gasmask, red beret, and a sledgehammer with a rounded head. 

L Detachment includes:

  • Elite operator uniform
  • Weapon skins featuring woodgrain and dark gunmetal finish
  • New sledgehammer skin reminiscent of the hammers thrown in Scottish Highland games
  • Elite Sledge weapon charm
  • An MVP animation showcasing how easily Sledge could permanently maim someone with his hammer

9. Thermite’s Vintage Bureau

Thermite’s elite set harkens back to the early days of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. With his tall boots, leather pouches, and police helmet, he looks ready to hunt down notorious bank robber John Dillinger. 

Vintage Bureau includes:

  • Retro FBI operator uniform
  • Classic weapon skins that give his sidearms a polished gunmetal look
  • A gadget skin that makes his breach charges look as if they’re made with dynamite
  • Elite Thermite weapon charm
  • An MVP animation where Thermite shows off his… what is that? Amateur magic?

8. Valkyrie’s War Photographer ‘72

No, that’s not Joker, the Vietnam war photographer protagonist from Full Metal Jacket, that’s Valkyrie wearing her elite uniform. She’s got the classic olive drab coloring of American forces in Vietnam and a sick, all black Desert Eagle skin to go along with it. Plus some eye black in case those sunglasses on her head don’t do the trick. 

War Photographer ‘72 includes:

  • Vietnam era-inspired elite operator skin
  • Matching weapon skins, including an all black Desert Eagle
  • Unique, leatherbound gadget skin
  • Elite Valkyrie weapon charm
  • MVP animation showcasing Valkyrie’s photography skills

7. Fuze’s 2nd Shock Army

The 2nd Shock Army was used by the Soviet Red Army in World War II to overcome defensive positions in order to allow the movement of heavy vehicles into enemy territory. The set includes a few references to Fuze’s in-game affinity for accidentally blowing up the hostage with his cluster charges, such as the phrase “Fuze the hostage” on one of the weapon skins and eleven tally marks on the Mother Land shield skin. 

2nd Shock Army includes:

  • WWII Red Army inspired operator uniform, complete with Soviet hammer and sickle
  • Matching camouflage weapon, shield, and gadget skins
  • Elite Fuze weapon charm
  • Retro film grain MVP animation

6. Kapkan’s Vympel

Kapkan is already one of the more intimidating-looking operators, and his elite set cranks it up even more. His elite uniform is based on the Soviet special forces unit Spetsgruppa “V.” His blue striped undershirt is commonly worn by Russian special forces groups, and his hat proudly displays the Soviet hammer and sickle. 

Vympel includes:

  • Spetsgruppa “V”-inspired elite uniform
  • Woodgrain and black gunmetal weapon skins
  • EDD MK I gadget skin, a prototype version of his usual EDD MK II
  • A ferocious, knife-wielding MVP animation

5. IQ’s Reunification

IQ’s Reunification elite set takes inspiration from the green uniforms of the West German Police. It is by far the most comfortable elite uniform, and has a Walkman to match.

Reunification includes:

  • Elite operator uniform reminiscent of those worn by the post-WWII police in West Germany
  • Bright yellow weapon and gadget skins
  • High-kicking elite IQ weapon charm
  • One of the best MVP animations

4. Doc’s Trench Medic

Doc’s elite set comes straight out of the trenches of World War I. He looks like a French medic from the early 20th century, and he’s got the mustache to match. 

Trench Medic includes:

  • WWI French medic-inspired operator costume
  • Weapon skins with wood grain and patchwork components
  • Retro gadget skin
  • Elite Doc weapon charm
  • MVP animation featuring old-timey music and sophisticated pipe-smoking

3. Blackbeard’s Guerilla 

An operator with a badass name like Blackbeard deserves a badass elite set, and that’s exactly what he got with his unique Guerilla items. Looking like a supporting character in Full Metal Jacket or Platoon, Blackbeard dons equipment reminiscent of American troops during the war in Vietnam. 

Guerilla includes:

  • Operator uniform that would be effective in the jungles of Southeast Asia
  • Similarly camouflaged primary weapon skins, and an engraved Desert Eagle sidearm skin
  • Jungle camo gadget skin
  • Blackbeard elite set weapon charm
  • Intimidating MVP animation

2. Pulse’s Lucky Seventh

You caught me. That’s not Pulse. That’s Robert de Niro in Martin Scorsese’s 1976 masterpiece Taxi Driver. De Niro’s character, Travis Bickle, provides the aesthetic inspiration for Pulse’s elite set.

Lucky Seventh includes:

  • Elite uniform inspired by Taxi Driver
  • Weapon skins featuring wood finish details and the same olive drab as the pants on the uniform
  • Olive drab gadget skin
  • Pulse Elite weapon charm
  • Unique MVP animation

1. Jäger’s Flying Ace

The famous Red Baron made his reputation as a terror of the skies flying for Germany in World War I, becoming a flying ace with 80 air combat victories. It’s only fitting that a German character, Jäger, receives the most badass elite skin in the game. Paying homage to Baron von Richthofen himself, Jäger wears intimidating, WWI-inspired flight jacket and pilot helmet. 

Flying Ace includes:

  • Red Baron-inspired character uniform
  • Weapon skins with red color palette adorned with WWI-era Balkenkreuz, a symbol frequently used by the Luftwaffe
  • Unique gadget skin
  • Jäger elite weapon charm
  • Elite set MVP animation

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