The 25 Sexiest Pictures of Jade - Mortal Kombat We've Ever Seen (Most Beautiful/Best Looking)

You better watch out, Jade has challenged you.

Since Mortal Kombat II, with its secret stage where players could fight her, Jade has been a fan favorite. She was one of the hardest bosses to defeat, similar to Kitana and Mileena, but she was harder to beat and wore a green costume. She obviously inspired an incredible number of cosplays. Here are 25 of the best ones.


25 - Giorgiacosplay

Cosplay by giorgiacosplay

The spear is the weapon of choice for Jade; she is fast and deadly with it. Be on your guard if she decides to use it against you.


24 - DawnArts

Cosplay by DawnArts

Dawn Arts does an amazing job of capturing Jade’s dangerous femininity, surely the strongest quality about her.


23 - KristenHughey

Cosplay by KristenHughey

The iconic green costume with the mask is unmistakable, you could spot Jade in a crowd, but only if she wants you to…


22 - Nemu013

Cosplay by Nemu013

Who says that a fierce fighter like Jade can’t take some time off and relax along the coastline? Even a Mortal Kombat character deserves some time off.


21 - Danielle Vedovelli

Cosplay by Danielle Vedovelli

Jade is the perfect example of a combination between danger and beauty. This is why she's been a fan favorite since Mortal Kombat II came out.


20 - Nuna-aka-Chris

Photo by steeveliphoto Cosplay by Nuna-aka-Chris

Jade’s dexterity with her weapons is unmatched. In the ring, she is a force to be reckoned with.


19 - FioreSofen

Cosplay by fioresofen

No wound or damage could stop Jade from fighting against her opponent. She is relentless when she has an objective.


18 – Larxenne

Cosplay by Larxenne

Jade is an icon, one of the most recognizable and loved character of the Mortal Kombat franchise, this cosplay shows why, the costume, the stance, the weapon, everything screams icon!


17 - hidricorubens

Cosplay by hidricorubens

Jade can count on many weapons in combat, but her strongest one is obviously her sensuality.


16 - Karsha-chan

Cosplay by Karsha.chan

If you see a glowing purple stick and a green costume, run like the wind. If Jade catches you, you are done for!


15 - Ruzira

Cosplay by Ruzira

Jade can seem innocent and vulnerable, but don’t take her lightly. She can destroy you with a single move.


14 - Dahlia-Thomas

Cosplay by Dahlia-Thomas

You should hope that Jade is on your side. If she’s not, this is the last thing you’ll see. Not a bad last view, though.


13 - Lucky Grim

Cosplay by Lucky Grim

If you find yourself crossing paths with Jade, don’t stop to talk to her. It will do no good to you to face such a powerful opponent.


12 - Evgeniya Rukavitsina

Cosplay by Evgeniya Rukavitsina

You can run from Jade, but you can’t hide. She’s already looking at you from behind the wall. She always knows where you are.


11 - Ewenae

Cosplay by Ewenae

The look on her face is not one you should be happy to see. Never get on Jade’s bad side or you’ll suffer the consequences.


10 - paradise-cosplay

Cosplay by paradise-cosplay

Jade’s flexibility is unmatched among the fighters in Mortal Kombat. She’s also the fastest fighter, even faster than Kitana.


9 - perolaluizi

Cosplay by perolaluizi

A fantastic cosplay from a fantastic artist, Perolaluizi perfectly replicated the original MKII costume and pose.


8 - Fancosplay

Cosplay by Fancosplay

Jade’s sinuous form and pose are difficult to replicate. Her beauty is a rare gem, but Aretasan does an incredible job in this amazing cosplay.


7 - OtakuHD

Cosplay by OtakuHD

The eternal rivalry between Kitana and Jade is a well-known fact among all the warriors. Which side are you on?


6 - Noriyuki83

Cosplay by Noriyuki83

This is the view that all of Jade’s enemies see after she beats them. Not a bad one if you ask me.


5 - Lye1

Cosplay by Lye1

It doesn’t matter if Jade doesn’t have her weapons; she’s such a skilled fighter that even with her bare hands she can cause serious damage.


4 - MistyMountainCold

Cosplay by MistyMountainCold

If you find yourself this close to Jade’s face, it means that your minutes are numbered. I’d tell you to run, but it would be pointless.


3 - diacita

Cosplay by diacita

The endless fight between the two rivals, Jade and Kitana, is an exciting saga that will go on until one of them is defeated, or admits defeat...


2 - AGflower

Cosplay by AGflower

The weapon, the pose, and even the gaze are all perfect; spiteful but sensual.


1 - KinslayeR13

Cosplay by KinslayeR13

Don’t be deceived by Jade’s beauty. If you cross weapons with her, her victory will be flawless, with a fatality at the end!

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