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 Jill Valentine Cosplays
Sienna Guillory as Jill Valentine in Resident Evil Apocalypse

31. Hini Tsuburagi

Cosplay by HiniTsuburagi

I really appreciate the color contrast in the bottom line of the skirt with the sweater wrapped around her waist. That’s a nice touch.

30. Ally Auer

Cosplay by Ally Auer

The seam lines on this costume are just wonderful. Ally did a great job a sewing this together!

29. Awesome Blossom

Cosplay by Awesome Blossom

I love the chest piece Awesome Blossom was able to design for this cosplay! She looks amazing all over!

28. Sheikahchica

Cosplay by Sheikahchica

It’s great to see cosplayers reaching into the the depths for Jill Valentine inspiration. This Resident Evil Revelations cosplay by Sheikahchica is wonderfully made.

27. Rejiclad

Cosplay by Rejiclad

BSAA Jill Valentine is quite the popular choice amongst cosplayers. The main thing I love about Rejiclad’s version is the gloves. Gloves are the worst part when it comes to making a cosplay. So, when someone has an excellent pair, they need to be celebrated!

26. Escaped Angel

Cosplay by Escaped Angel

This is a very well done cosplay by Escaped Angel. You can tell she spent a lot of time researching the Jill Valentine battle suit. I especially like how she made it two separate pieces. That is a brilliant touch!

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