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 Jill Valentine Cosplays
Sienna Guillory as Jill Valentine in Resident Evil Apocalypse

25. Alexiel Cosplay

Cosplay by Alexiel Cosplay

There are so many beautiful lines on this cosplay! Alexiel did a fantastic job of putting it all together.

24. Madam Bella

Cosplay by Madam Bella

The boot covers on Madam Bella’s battle suit Jill Valentine cosplay are astounding! So is the back piece. Perfectly seamless! 

23. PriSuicun

Cosplay by PriSuicun

Beautiful work by PriSuicun on her Jill Valentine Remake cosplay! It is pretty much spot on!

22. Tiny Purple Wings

Cosplay by Tiny Purple Wings

I am loving the apocalyptic feel to this cosplay by Tiny Purple Wings! It was a really great thought process to make the costume look “dirty.”

21. Jill Styler

Cosplay by Jill Styler

The accessories on Jill Styler’s cosplay are perfect! This is an extremely well done Jill Valentine cosplay!

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