The Wolf Among Us Best Choices Guide

Everyone wants a redemption story for Bigby, this is your guide on how to get it...

The Wolf Among Us follows the stories of all characters from Fable comics which is kind of a perversion of our childhood story tales. The game begins with Bigby Wolf (Get it? Big B Wolf or The Big Bad Wolf) arriving at the scene of disturbance that took place at a residential building. Now that you the player have to decide between options for each correspondence that takes place. And each decision you make will cause the story to diverge into a different path, leading towards a different ending. And that also means how other characters of the game react to you.

Now as a player, I wanted to explore the most ideal ending that was possible; what exact choices to make to be in everybody’s good books? If you are like me and want to find out what options to choose but don’t want to go through the bother of going through the game over and over again then lucky for you, you don’t have to. I have already done that for you. Playing the game over 5 times to explore all outcomes to get the best one. This guide will be a step-by-step approach to the best important choices that you as a player can make. So, let’s get started!

Now there are 5 episodes in the game and each episode has its parts. I will elaborate on each episode and the route to take in each part. I will make it short and sweet. There are two parts to this, one is being nice to everyone, to the extent that is possible for Bigby, anyway, but this might not impact the outcome of the story whatsoever, just how the characters react to you during the conversation. The other will be the choices you make that will have long-term consequences. So, for the conversation part, I trust the player is intended to choose the least offensive route.

Episode 1: Faith

You, the player, will be acting as Sheriff Bigby answering a distress call because of the noise complaint in a residential building. After having a conversation with Mr. Toad, you go upstairs to find the Woodsman beating on Faith; you break them up, only to find Woodsman looking for blood. After you deal with the whole ordeal you have a conversation with Faith. Now Faith is short on cash for here comes your first choice.

Choice 1: Did you give Faith your money?

The player will have a choice to make that will change the story, here you choose to give the money to Faith.

Now after this you arrive at the Woodlands, and just as you are about to go in, you sense someone hiding behind a tree. As you call them out, you find Beauty standing. It is a little suspicious that she is out and about in the middle of the night but she wants you to keep this encounter a secret from everyone else, especially Beast. She says that she will explain everything to you later. As you go into the Woodlands, you find Beast looking for Belle. Here you have to make another choice.

Choice 2: Did you tell Beast the truth about Beauty?

Now, this is a difficult one because you want to stay loyal to both of them and you can’t do that without hurting the other. So, the best choice would be to stay out of it.

Part 4: Choices

An important choice you will have to make will be in part 4. As you investigate the murder of Faith, you find a lead, Faith’s husband Lawrence. But just as you were heading out, Snow White receives a call from Toad, seems in trouble, and requests Bigby to come to his place. Here the player will have to decide between the two that will change the entire outcome of the story.

Choice 3: Where did you decide to go first?

Now most players seem to choose Toad’s apartment first, understandably so, he seemed like a mess on the phone and you wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to him. But choose Lawrence’s Apartment. See, the cost of choosing Toad is too great because then Lawrence would end up dead.

Part 5: Consequences

Choice 4: What happened to Prince Lawrence?

Now to save Lawrence after you go to his place, be sure to tell Lawrence that Faith is missing or tell him the half-truth, but not dead. In the case of half-truth, Lawrence will point his gun at Dee but in case you told him that she was dead, jump out of the closet when you see Dee. Because if you wait for too long to jump out at Dee, Lawrence will shoot himself.

Now after giving Dee the chase and him getting away, you head to Toad’s apartment. Now arriving on the scene, you see traces of a fight taking place and Toad acting like he is DEFINITELY hiding something. No matter how you slice it, you will come to know the truth when Mr. Toad hugs TJ and you can see him bleeding due to a concussion. He will then admit his fib and tell Bigby that Dee wrecked his place and threaten him and TJ. You will get Faith’s coat from him with a letter to Lawrence, choose not to read. And he tells you that you can find the Woodsman at the Trip Trap. 

Part 6: The Trip Trap

Now when you arrive at the Trip Trap, you will find that Bigby is not welcomed. Both Holly and Gren just want him to leave and are hiding the whereabouts of the Woodsman. But they fail as Woodsman comes out of the toilet. After exchanging dialogue with the Woodsman, it will start to seem that the Woodsman might not have killed Faith. Gren becomes aggravated as he attacks Bigby. But you have an option to leave or to put an end to it by ripping his arm off. DO NOT RIP HIS ARM OFF!!

Choice 5: Who did you arrest?

Now after fighting Gren, Dee walks in offering $100 to anyone who has any intel on Faith only to find an injured Gren and Bigby in the middle of the mess. He decides to make a run for it and now the player has to choose who to catch. The Woodsman or Dee. Choose Dee. Regardless of the choice, you make you will find a severed head of Snow White at the door of the Woodlands.

Episode 2: Smoke and Mirrors

Part 1: Grief

Episode 2 starts with Bigby being interrogated about Snow’s murder when the detective starts to bleed from her nose and lose consciousness. It appears that the entire precinct is rendered unconscious as a result of a spell that Crane used to clear the evidence they have found and to break Bigby out. As they were heading back to the Woodlands, they share a car ride and Crane shares his distraught at the news of Snow’s demise.

Choice 6: How did you respond to Crane about Snow’s death?

Now if you want to make a “good” choice, you’ll have to sympathize with him and choose “It’s hard.”  But I mean would you as a player want to sympathize with Crane? I mean I wanted to tell him off. And if you feel the same, well, good news! Just for this choice, even though it’s an important one, you can decide to tell him off and it won’t have consequences in the plot whatsoever. Now isn’t that great?

Part 2: Wrath

Now as Bigby and Crane arrive at the Woodlands, you go down to the basement where Dee is being held, currently being interrogated by Bluebeard. Now it’s your time to interrogate. Now how you choose to interrogate Dee is set as an example for the rest of the plot. And there is no one answer to it. You will have a series of choices to make.

Choice 7: How did you treat the murder suspect?

Dee will remark, “How’s your head?”. Now you can choose to stay quiet or reply “It’s been better.”
Then you follow up with these 4 questions:

Who's your boss?
What are you up to?
Why were you at Faith’s?
Why were you at Toad’s?

Now as stubborn as Dee is he won’t fess up anything. And you will be compelled to choose between these 3 choices. Now the idea is to persuade him into telling us, not use scare tactics. So, choose either [Leave him be] or I’m not messing around.  You will have a choice of torturing him or showing him the picture of Snow. Show him the picture. After that click on his straps and he will ask you to loosen them. Loosen his straps. Regardless of our choices, we will have to go through his things.

Now in the items recovered from Dee, you will find money, a cigar, and whiskey. Confiscate the money as it can be of use later on. When you do you will have a conversation. Ask him, “What did she steal?”. And you got him talking.
Now pick up the whiskey and you have 2 options: Smash the whiskey or offer the whiskey. Offer him the drink and you can ask a question.
If you pick up the cigar, offer it to him and you will get him talking some more. After using all the dialogue options, you get two options. [Choke him] or [Let him talk]. LET HIM TALK.

At this point, Bluebeard is pissed! Accusing you of treating Dee like a houseguest and promptly punching him in the gut. Now as he is beating on Dee you have the option on what approach to take to stop him. Choose to Stop!. This will cause a scuffle between Bigby and Bluebeard and Snow will appear putting an end to things.

Part 3: Blood

Snow is furious at what she saw and you will engage in a dialogue with her. As you try to explain your side and your relief that she is alive, she will fill you in that she was following up on a lead with Mr. Toad and both him and TJ are waiting in Crane's office. Now she also warns Bigby to take a gentler approach. After talking to TJ, you follow Snow to where the body of the imposter Snow is and you will examine everything.

Choice 8: Did you let Snow come with you to the Trip Trap?


Now after examining the body, her glamour seems to wear off and you can see that it’s a troll. Presumably, Holly’s sister. Bigby now has to inform Holly that her missing sister is found dead. Snow White feels responsible and has a sense of stepping up. This is an important choice and, in this case, you will have to choose, “It’s up to Snow.”. However, even if you do not choose this, Snow WILL come there, ignoring you stopping her. So, this might not set the story down a different path.

Part 4: Skin

Now after visiting the Trip Trap, Holly fills you in about her sister Lily and how she was working at Pudding and Pie to pay off her debt, eventually leading her to only be indebted to the owner Georgie. So, you had to Pudding and Pie to have a chat with Georgie and to find out his involvement in all this. Now outside you find Vivian who warns you that Georgie isn’t in the mood. You walk in to find Georgie training a new hire.

Choice 9: How did you handle Georgie Porgie?

Now you are going to ask Georgie some questions, but no matter how you look at it the guy won’t budge without some intimidation. So now you have to choose the least violent options for what comes next. So, do not hit Georgie. Whatever you choose will drop Georgie’s boombox causing him to be upset and talking a little bit about his place and how everything works. Then you see Hans, and he slips out about a book in which everything is noted. This angers Georgie and Bigby notices and starts to use scare tactics, but remember, we have to persuade him, do not to wreck his place. If you continue long enough you will find a hidden compartment with the book about all the prostitutes working there.

Part 6: Revelations

Now after you are done with Georgie, you find Nerissa, the girl working there that he was berating when you arrived. She wanted the culprit to be found so she helped you as much as was physically able to. She “lets you in” on which room Lily used, 207 by hiding it under 'you booking a room with her (204)'. See I told you that cash we took from Dee would be useful. You pay her with that and book a room at the Open Arms. There you find Beauty, working as a receptionist. Now Beauty helps Bigby to get around to room 207 and as he was about to open the door, Beast shows up, accusing them of cheating.

Choice 10: Did you keep punching Beast when he was down?

Now Beast turns senseless, no matter how much Beauty pleads with him or how much Bigby explains the situation, he just wants to kill him. And so, the player engages in a fight with Beast. Now after punching him once you have a choice to hit him again or let him go. Choose to let him go.

Episode 3: A Crooked Mile

Part 1: Windy Night

Bigby is furious when he finds out how Crane had dirty fantasies about Snow that he used to play out with Lily. Furthermore, what worries him is that now since Lily is dead, Crane might target Snow. He tries to reach out to Snow who is at the moment attending Lily’s funeral.

Part 2: Marching Song

Choice 11: Did you interrupt Snow’s eulogy? 

Now this is an important choice, to interrupt Snow’s funeral or not, though interrupting it will not impact the story whatsoever, isn’t it more decent to not do it?

Part 3: Travels

Now the Deedle Brothers crash the funeral, creating a conflict between them and Bigby, Holly, and Gren. After an open fire, we find Bigby injured in Crane’s office and Dr. Swineheart treating his wound. We also discover the broken mirror with a shard missing. Amidst this, Bluebeard gushes in because Snow called him. After that exchange, the player ultimately is left with 3 choices.

Choice 12: What place did you investigate first?

This choice is the most important one in the game and will change the story’s outcome. Now you will only have a chance to explore two places. Now between Crane’s apartment and Dee’s Office, these two are the real possibilities, and changing their order can drastically change things. If you choose Crane’s apartment first, you will find a lot of useful information and encounter Jack. And then if you go to Dee’s Office you can see the mess that Bluebeard made alongside a beaten-up Flycatcher.

Part 4: My Kingdom

Choice 13: Did you offer Flycatcher a job?

Now, this possibility only comes when you choose to go to Dee’s Office but if you do, offer him the job.

Part 5: Happy Thoughts

Now after completing part 4, you find out where Aunty Greenleaf lives and you head to her place with Snow. You are greeted by a little girl, who is Aunty Greenleaf in glamour. Now Snow orders Bigby to burn down her tree which is the source of her magic and the only thing she brought from the Mainlands.

Choice 14: Did you burn down Aunty Greenleaf’s tree?

Now when Snow asks to burn down the tree, literally chooses any other option than to burn down the tree. And offer her a job.

Part 6: My Shadow

After leaving Aunty Greenleaf’s place, Bigby and Snow head to the Pudding and Pie to arrest Crane. There they find Crane forcing Nerissa to tell him something when he is interrupted by Bigby and Snow. You arrest Crane but as you were taking him to jail, you get ambushed by Bloody Mary and the Tweedle Brothers.

Choice 15: Did you kill Tweedle Dum?

As Bigby engages in battle, Bigby starts turning into a werewolf, and the player has an option to kill Dum or to let him go. Choose to let him go.

Episode 4: In Sheep’s Clothing

Part 1: House Call

Bloody Mary joins the fight and severely hurts Bigby by firing silver bullets at him, his Kryptonite. The fear of Bigby losing his life causes Snow White to intervene and give up Crane to the Crooked Man for whom Mary is working. Then, episode 4 starts with an even more injured Sheriff being treated again by Dr.Swineheart. Now you find Colin over there and you are faced with a choice that will affect the storyline.

Choice 16: Did you send Colin to the farm?

When Colin asks if you are going to send him to the farm. Choose I wouldn’t do that to you. After all, that’s what a good friend would do.

Bigby heads to his office as Nerissa is waiting for him. As they talk, they are trying a way around the spell through which Nerissa is bound to from spilling the beans. Now Bigby is presented with a choice here.

Choice 17: Did you attempt to remove Nerissa’s ribbon?

Now DO NOT attempt to remove the ribbon, either stay silent or ask if there is any way to break the spell. Now, these options may cause Bigby to come closer due to his curiosity and Nerissa to pull away from him. So, in the next line of options, choose to comfort her.

Part 2: Past Due

Beauty and Beast call upon Bigby’s help with the matter about their loan from the Crooked Man. Beast lets him know that he did some side jobs for the Crooked Man as a delivery man, making deliveries for the Cut Above. Beauty lets him know that the Lucky Pawn is where the people of Fabletown got loans from.


Choice 18: Which Crooked operation did you investigate first?

To be honest with you, even if you were to choose one or the other, the consequences more or less will be the same, you retrieving the mirror shard from Crane’s coat. The only difference is if you choose the Lucky Pawn first, you will get an encounter with Mr. Toad, but it won’t make any difference to the storyline.


Part 5: Piece Together

You walk into Crane’s office and share your findings with Snow. You’ll also see Mr. Toad whom Snow is convinced should go to the farm. As you have a chat with him, you’ll have to let him know if he will go to the farm or not.

Choice 19: Did you send Toad to the farm?

Now you tell him, “I’ll do what I can” but ultimately the decision is up to Snow.

Part 6: Come Knocking

Now with the Mirror fixed, you can finally locate the Crooked Man’s moving door but you have to hurry as it changes its location. As you find yourself entering the portal-like door, you see Tim or Tiny Tim waiting for your arrival to escort you to the Crooked Man himself. When you meet the Crooked Man, you find yourself yet again with another choice.

Choice 20: How did you respond to the Crooked Man?

Now when the Crooked Man offers to have a civilized discussion, the player has a choice to make, though to be honest with you, the outcome won’t make any difference, I tried. But it’s only fitting to react with the same politeness, choose, “Alright. Let's talk”.

Episode 5: Cry Wolf

Part 1: The Chapel

Now obviously the discussion didn’t go as civil as one would have thought as the Crooked Man gives up Georgie for killing both Faith and Lily and then decides to tell his underlings to finish Bigby instead. Bigby defends himself, fatally wounding Georgie as a result.

Part 3: Vagabonds

Now Georgie is making his escape with the help of Vivian and Bigby trying to catch hold of him, as we go down the car chase, we see Bigby transform into a wolf-like being. We see them reaching Pudding and Pie where we learn the truth about the ribbon, Vivian is the original “the girl with the ribbon”. Vivian’s conscience couldn’t take it anymore and she decides to set everybody free by breaking the spell and killing herself as a result. Georgie tells you where to find the Crooked Man and make him pay. You see a broken and gutted Georgie distraught, in pain asking one last act of mercy.

Choice 21: What did you do to Georgie?

You have an option to prolong his suffering or to mercy kill him. Choose to Kill Him.

Part 4: Face to Face

After heading to Sheppard Metalworks and facing the final battle with Bloody Mary and defeating her, you come face to face with the Crooked Man, the man behind everything wrong going on in Fabletown. Now you have to make a choice, to kill him for everything he has down or to bring him to trial.

Choice 21: Did you give Crooked Man a trial?

Now facing this choice, Cuff him and take him to trial. This is the most important choice of the entire story yet. If you don't the people of Fabletown will not see you anything by the BIG BAD WOLF.

Part 5: On Fairness

Now as you take the Crooked Man to trial, your job as Bigby is to persuade the people of Fabletown to support your stance.  The Crooked Man has a way with words so be warned. But even if the Crooked Man manages to get people to his side, you see Nerissa showing up claiming she has witnessed as proof that he is the one that ordered the hit on Lily and Faith. Upon which, the people present are horrified but are left to make a decision. What should be the punishment for the Crooked Man?  And through popular vote, the decision falls on the only officially appointed member, Sheriff Bigby Wolf.

Choice 22: How did you punish the Crooked Man?

Now the choice that you have to make is pretty plain and clear, choose to Lock him up. The Crooked Man will grab Bigby with his cuffed arms in an attempt to throw him down the Witching Well, where you will get to make the choice again, choose to LOCK HIM UP.

Part 6: The Life of a Good-for-Nothing

All seems well in Fabletown, the Crooked Man locked up in a cage as a crow and Snow White officially being the Deputy Mayor that the people needed. You run into Flycatcher who is working again in the Woodlands after many years, he forgot to grab his keys, which Snow gives to you to give him. As you head out, you see Toad and TJ being taken to the Farm and Toad being salty about it. As you talk to TJ, he wants to give a goodbye gift to Snow.

Choice 23: Did you accept TJ’s gift for Snow?

I mean you are kind of heartless if you didn’t.

After the Toad and TJ’s see-off, you spot Nerissa standing across the street. You go to her and she divulges that she was planning on escaping with Faith and Lily but got cold-feet and as a result, ratted them out, thus them being murdered as a result. As the conversation continues, you have a choice to choose your last words to Nerissa.

Choice 24: What were your last words to Nerissa?

Now, this choice is entirely up to the player to decide. After all, these are your words, what you felt while you were playing the game. It wouldn’t feel right to say otherwise. So, give it a go!
Now, Nerissa’s last words to Bigby will be, "You are not as bad as everyone says you are.". Ring any bells? As a puzzled Bigby recalls, these are the exact last words that Faith had said to him.
Which makes one wonder, what TRULY happened that night. Was this Faith disguised as Nerissa as we never got the autopsy report of Faith or was it Nerissa disguised as Faith all along?

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