10 Reasons Every Man Should Learn Martial Arts

10 reasons to learn martial arts, why should i learn martial arts
Two men enter, one leaves. Make sure you're that man.

You’re at a Disadvantage If You Don’t Train in Martials Arts. Here are 10 Reasons Why…

The world is tough, so you need to be tougher. There are millions of things in life ready to stop you, so you want to be prepared for as many as you can manage. But why pick a martial arts? What benefits could be stowed away in these teachings? There is a reason many have survived centuries of technological advancements, and why new forms are being developed every day. You may want to consider studying a martial art now, and reap the advantages they will offer you in the future.

1. To Protect His Girl

Sometimes the only thing between her and danger is you. Make it count.

Women like feeling secure in a relationship. Not just financially, or emotionally, but physically as well. A good way to fill that need is to learn a martial art. It is not just about feeling or looking strong, but actually being able to use your body correctly, and more importantly, effectively protecting your loved one from harm. If you’re not exactly Mr. Olympia, that is  not a problem. Many martial arts deal with the difference in strengths by teaching techniques designed to counter disadvantages. You don’t have to fret over not looking like the protector, you just need be the protector. Not only that, it doesn’t just help knowing how to fight off an attack. Martial arts will teach you also how to not get injured yourself. Find a martial art that’s right for you, and be assured in your newfound ability to shield your loved one from danger.

2. Women Love Men Who Can Fight

Women are out there looking for the traits they like. If you have them, they will spot them.

Women find that the ability to fight is important as well as appealing. Self-defense is important, but going out of your way to learn to be a better fighter is a good sign of your masculinity. Women love a strong, aggressive man, seemingly fearless in his approach to life. Make sure that the martial art reflects ideas you can live up to. If you’re more of a passive type, find a more defensive martial art to participate in. If you’re energetic, find a fast and furious style to match up to. Remember, all martial arts are designed for fighting, so don’t worry too much about how it looks. Fighting is fighting, regardless of how it is performed. The end result should be you standing, and the other guy walking away, or lying unconscious. Remember to stay humble, though. You don’t want to go out looking for fights, because that’s simply a turnoff for most women. You want to be able to repel a threat when it approaches you, not become a threat to everyone.

3. To Give Yourself the “Bad Boy” Mindset and Build Self Confidence. Girls Love That

Let them know that it’s not your blood splattered everywhere.

Confidence is sexy. If you haven’t had much luck with the ladies lately, maybe you gotta give yourself a quick shakedown, and see if a lack of confidence is killing your vibe. Secondly, if you are confident, but you don’t look, or act confident, then you’re not going to get a second glance from prospective partners. Start training in a martial art. Most martial arts teach a very specific skill with every move: confidence. Nothing will make you seem more proficient at fighting than confidence. And this will bleed over to other aspects of your life as well. It will change the way you walk, the way you answer a question, even how you deal with the opposite sex. You need to be fearless in the way you approach life sometimes, and the feedback you get from training, sparring, and successful completion of techniques will boost your courage immensely. Moreover, this will also teach you how to deal with defeat. Lose a sparring match? No problem, dust yourself off and try again. The same applies to the ladies. One girl rejects you? No big deal. The sea is vast, there are plenty more fish.

4. To Teach Bullies They Messed With the Wrong Person

Make sure it’s the bully who comes away from this with a lesson.

Bullies are everywhere. They’re not always beating up on some innocent kids, but they exist in many forms today. Sometimes you need to get physical in confronting them. What better way to teach a lesson, than with pain? Well, you could dive into that mosh pit like a clumsy ragdoll, and hope for the best, or you can acquire some martial arts skills, and dish out the appropriate amount of agony. Not only will you come away largely unscathed (if you practice enough), but you will send a strong message. When you spend very little effort in dispatching of unruly individuals, it makes another incident very unlikely. Let’s say it’s not you who is getting bullied. You may have to step in and help protect someone else from harassment. You want to be able to confidently and intelligently engage your foes, allowing victims to escape. But if you’re unskilled in approaching threats, you might get yourself and someone else hurt. Dedicate some time and effort in a martial art, and this will not be a problem for yourself or others.

5. To Improve Your Fitness Levels

It’s your body, so give it some upgrades here and there.

Everybody is raving about fitness, and exercise. There seems to be a gym on every corner, jam packed full of meatheads, soccer moms, gym teachers, and yoga students. An environment like that alone can be exhausting. Your average dojo is small. There are like minded individuals, all gathered to partake in a mutual learning experience. Then to top it off, the workout is very balanced. Regardless of what martial art you partake in, total fitness is usually the common theme. Upper body for strikes and blocking, core for stability, and legs and glutes for movement or agility. You will feel better, and look younger due to the constant cycle of improvement you will be undertaking. You won’t have to guzzle protein shakes, measure pre-workout chemicals, or measure your carb intake. Not to mention, the overall process will be healthier for you than the entire physical stress you would be forcing upon yourself within 30 minutes of lifting. 

6. It’s More Fun and Advantageous Compared to Other Sports

The military does not waste time with sports, trophies, or scores. Fighting is the best preparation for its missions.

In addition to the fitness component, another bonus to martial arts are the rewards they bring. Work at it long enough you will find yourself advancing steadily through the ranks, attaining skills, and learning from real scenarios through sparring and tournaments. What others sports lack in this regard is applicability. Sure you can dunk, throw a ball, or hit homeruns. But none of those skills have applicable meaning outside of the sport. But with a martial art the ends are limitless. Learning how to escape complex chokeholds in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu? You’re applying on demand problem solving skills. Improving your Kung Fu stances? You’re working on your stability and balance, meaning you are less likely to fall or trip while walking. Reading the teachings of Aikido? Now you’re being educated on calming your mental state, which leads to a reduction in stress. All of these are life hacks are in martial arts teaching. Some may be blatant lessons, others are subtle improvements to your lifestyle, even reaching as far as changing your outlook in life.

7. You Don’t Know When You’ll Get Into a Dangerous Situation

Someday you may be faced with the choice of standing up to a challenge, or running. Give yourself the tools to stand.

The mindset of “that’ll never happen to me” is dangerous on its own. The world is treacherous. It is nobody’s responsibility to take care of you as an adult. Time to take that in your own hands. Buying a gun is an option but you can’t always have your gun within reach. So how about learning how to fend for yourself without a physical weapon? Simply put, turn yourself into a weapon, arm yourself with martial arts skills, and supplement that deadly combination with secondary measures. The  only thing you will always have is yourself. Martial arts skills are the oldest known concealed weapons in the world. No one can take them from you. And you can have as many as you have time to learn. A common misconception about martial arts self-defense is that it is “impractical” or “unrealistic”. What those people tend to forget is that martial arts teachings are structured specifically to enable easier learning. It’s about the application of the combat intentions that makes the art “martial”. Never forget that most of these techniques were designed for dangerous situations, not sport.

8. It’s a Healthy Hobby With Many Benefits

Whether you are looking for inner peace, or to calm your racing mind, you can find it here.

There’s a reason many elderly people turn to martial arts. The health benefits have been proven. You don’t see too many athletes participating in sports past 50 or 60 years of age. But you will regularly find even older people practicing a martial art. First off, most are safer than sports since the focus is fighting, an inherently dangerous activity. To offset that, higher safety measures are in place. Secondly, most martial arts promote healthy living as part of the training. To fight at top most quality, your body must be in top notch shape. This means you must give your body the best in nutrition. And lastly, there is the mindset. Meditation, stress management, calm thinking. These are all tenets of learning to fight. Heavy emphasis on these aspects make for a better state of mind, which can lead to a variety of positive effects on your well-being.

9. Once You Are Good, You Could Make a Part Time Income Training Newbies

Some part time jobs are boring, and some let you beat up inexperienced fighters. Take your pick.

Every hobby should be somewhat of an investment. You put enough time and effort into it, and you can earn the right to teach your martial art. A lot of people will pay to have their kids come get whipped into shape by you. It’s a modest income, but it could fill your pockets fast. Many dojos and gyms will pay for assistants, or part time coaches for the martial arts. Other options are being sparring referees, or program coordinators. If you’re passionate about the art, you can train even more to be qualified to lead dojos/gyms, which can lead to some serious income if you find the right clients. Often the right reputation is a step in the right direction. You want to talk to a current teacher or coach about the skills needed to teach, and see if it fits your schedule. With the right kind of cooperation, you can find a good time slot, and the right kind of students, and be very happy with your commitment to the art.

10. To Build a Nice Muscular Physique

Get ripped, lean, and strong and stay that way for life.

Lifting weights, cardio, and diet plans are boring. They are targeted, routine exercises that don’t inspire a lot of creativity or evolve in anyway. But a martial art is packed full of different, unique and incredible fitness routines that help propel your body into a wicked shape. Strong, agile, lean, and flexible. If those attributes sound good to you, then you might want to find the closest dojo near you. Repetition is key to any good workout, but it becomes much more intuitive when working with your own body weight. Don’t be mistaken: if you want to look like a bodybuilder, you need to do bodybuilding. But if you want to look like Bruce Lee, Michael Jai White, or Chuck Norris, then you need to work out like a martial artist.

Attain the Body You Want, and the Mentality You Need

Your life depends 100% on your choices. You know what you’re going to do tomorrow, and the day after next. Why not change it up, by inserting some variety? Become a fighting machine, attain inner peace, or effectively relieve stress, all while gaining some life skills in the process. You may not need them now, you may not need them ever, but it is better safe than sorry. Your family will be proud, your spouse will thank you, and your friends will be impressed with the progress you make. But most importantly, you need to be committed to improving yourself all the way.

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