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Those who prepare for anything can survive anything

5) Cataclysmic Event

 With earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, tornadoes, and more in its arsenal it goes without saying that cataclysmic events make their way onto this list. Cataclysmic events set to take place millions-billions of years from now are bent on wiping out most if not all life on earth. It isn’t certain whether these events will completely annihilate the human race, but the chances are rather high.

Several weather based catastrophes occurring simultaneously will leave the world in complete disarray

However, those who manage to beat the odds, whether it is due to luck or resilience will be forced to suffer through earth’s most brutal sate of decay and suffering. Those who manage to survive will have to adapt to the changes and chaos that occurs on earth. From the destructive creation of super continents to the solar burned remains of a dehydrated planet, humanity may never know what diversity and lushness once lived on this now post-apocalyptic husk of a planet.

As oceans, rivers, and lakes become nothing more than dust, all things living will begin to die

What is left of mankind must adapt in order to find sources of food and hydration upon newly created ecosystems that fight to redevelop the fragile balance of today’s ecosystems. This goes beyond being a challenge as stability is not yet met and finding a place among the rest of the animals could prove to be either the survival or extinction of mankind among the ever-growing scarceness of nature provided rations.

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