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Those who prepare for anything can survive anything

4) Kaiju

Finding a Kaiju moving into the local area will defiantly cause property values to drop 

Fighting against a massive monster bent on destruction while having zero previous encounters and no information on its strength or weaknesses poses an imminent threat to the chances of success in defeating the creature.  

But when you know absolutely nothing about a creature such as a kaiju, the only thing you can do in the sense of strategy is to call the military to bring in the big guns. Using military grade weaponry is the best possible chance at keeping a kaiju at bay while scientist attempt to decipher the weaknesses behind this previously undiscovered being.

If I saw that creature from the street I would be signaling for the first taxi to take me away

In a real-life scenario, any kaiju that could survive military assault would leave all hope lost to killing it, with the last possible option being a nuclear strike. But finding a safe enough area, or predicting the kaiju’s direction with enough time to evacuate the target area so that a nuclear strike can occur without mass casualties is very unlikely. This leaves one to consider thousands of casualties through a nuclear strike, or continuing military assault in hopes of finding a weak point. Either one of these options can cause a firm standing government to crumble.

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