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Those who prepare for anything can survive anything

3) Artificial Intelligence

The advancement in technology has driven mankind to attempt to develop artificial intelligence with hopes of pursuing many different achievements like AI based assistance, or work replacement. Some worry that this is an unwise move and that the more intelligence we try to give these artificial beings the bigger gamble we take in creating beings so self-aware that they may one day revolt and take over our world.

In present day we ask AI questions, it is when they begin asking questions that we should be worried

We have yet to create anything close to being hyper-aware of its own existence and for that reason have no reason to believe that the real Terminator will be coming to our homes on a peaceful Sunday afternoon. But the future is constantly showing us that the things we once thought were impossible or simply non-existent were being built in a basement or secret research lab all while discussing the absurd possibility of their existence.

If a human creates the being that exceeds their own intelligence, has the human not exceeded intelligence?

If a day does arise when self- aware AI come to a consensus that humans have had their turn and that it is now time for the roles to change I would truly fear for the post-apocalyptic life that would be sure to occur. The AI would either be successful in taking over and continuing the hunt for humans as we all ran fleetingly in hopes that we may survive this mass human genocide, or humanity would construct some form of massive EMP disabling the AI but counter productively disabling all of the electrical machinery and hardware of the world knocking those who remain into a post-apocalyptic dark age.

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