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1) Armageddon

If you could take every post-apocalyptic scenario and roll them up into one chaotic mass of tortured insanity, then you would have the Armageddon. The term usually referencing any apocalyptic end of days, this one is held a bit more to the biblical interpretation.

The four horseman of the apocalypse are a personification of four events that plague humanity

 By which it acts as a meeting place where angelic and demonic meet in a single location, known as Armageddon and wage war while the earth is ravaged by pestilence, war, famine, and death. Depending on whether you choose to interpret it as metaphorical, or literal will decide just how much more insanity and chaos is truly apparent.

Hell, has no war like that planned in revelations

The overall scenario, despite choice of interpretation, is absolutely monstrous as a war between the heavenly and demonic deities wage war among one another with armies of angels, demons and those who choose to follow them meet in a chaotic mass battlefield of absolute carnage and sorrow. A post-apocalyptic survival based on a single mass war with an end goal of surviving the creation of a new world as opposed to surviving in a dead one with no chance of ever seeing any form of re-creation.


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