10 Superheroes That Should Get Their Own Movies

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The stars of Marvel that have yet to step into the spotlight

The world of superheroes is a vast one with the likes of Marvel and DC having many to offer to the fans who read the comics. Throughout the years there have been many a superhero taken from the pages of the comic books the fans love so much and brought to life on screen.

We have seen Batman fighting crime in Gotham and Superman doing the same in Metropolis. New York seems to be the luckiest of all cities, boasting iconic heroes such as Spider-Man, Captain America and Iron Man to name but a few. Yes, these are the most iconic heroes and yes the most iconic are the likely choices when contemplating the live of mmovie franchises and TV Shows. But what about the others?

What about all the other characters in the pages of comic books that fight for justice and to protect the innocent? Surely there are many others that deserve a little limelight of their own?

With a focus on the Marvel Universe, here is a list of ten superheroes that deserve a little spotlight attention of their own. 

1. Captain Marvel

Move aside Captain America, it’s time for Captain Marvel to step into the limelight. With powers such as flight, enhanced strength, durability and the ability to shoot concussive energy burst from her hands, who doesn’t want to learn about how Carol Danvers became the wonderful Captain Marvel. She’s basically the female version of Captain America only a little cooler. 

2. Storm 

Ororo Monroe, better known as Storm, is a force to be reckoned with. There are many mutants in the Marvel universe but some simply stand out more than others and, with her bronze skin, blue eyes and striking white hair, she is a real eye catcher. Oh, let’s not forget her amazing powers over the weather. We’ve seen her already in a few of the X-Men movies that have been released, as well as an animated TV show, but what would be wonderful to see is an origin movie for her, just as they had done for Wolverine. Learning more about who she is and how she came to be known as Storm would be really interesting. Not to mention seeing her fighting evil with her amazing powers would be something spectacular to witness on the big screen. 

3. Black Panther

The Black Panther pounced onto our screens in the Captain America: Civil War movie released earlier this year. With impressive fighting skills and a sleek black costume representing his name sake, fans cannot deny that they were intrigued by the warrior of Wakanda. T’Challa has an interesting back story, not to mention he is the first African superhero to rise up in the mainstream American comics. I would be very interested to learn more about who T’Challa is and also to see his home country. The little teaser of it received at the end of Captain America: Civil War has me curious about it. For those who have read the comics and seen the latest Captain America, will know there have been slight deviations in Black Panther’s back story which makes me wonder, if they were to do a stand alone film for him, would it follow the comic books or have the same deviations in it to link up to the Black Panther seen in Civil War? 

4. QuickSilver

Marvel Studios has given to the fans two different depictions of the quick footed young mutant known as Quicksilver. Whilst one may be a little more accurate than the other with regards to their back story, I think many can say that both depictions had their merits and were performed well by the actors portraying the role. Pietro Maximoff, aka Quicksilver, has had a very interesting life that was filled with hard times but also good. Reading up on his back story, I found myself thinking how great it would be to have a movie about his life. I am particularly curious about his stay in the Inhuman city known as Attilan which also brings about another question. Who are the Inhumans? Alas, all know that Quicksilver was killed in the Avengers: Age of Ultron movie so perhaps a bit of a reboot for that character would need to happen in order to have a stand alone film for the hero. But, with that aside, a film about this quick footed mutant would prove interesting and leave us all with racing hearts and spinning heads I’m sure. 

5. Silver Surfer

Norrin Radd, aka Silver Surfer, a ‘bad guy’ that is actually a good guy. We first saw the Silver Surfer glide onto the screen in 2005 when Marvel Studios released Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. In order to save his home planet, the Silver Surfer agreed to help a great evil known as Galactus by leading him to planets to consume. We can see his reasons for leading the great evil to Earth’s doorstep, he had no choice. It was either his planet or another and let’s think about it, if that was the only choice any one of us had, we would probably do the same thing. Luckily, Silver Surfer turned against Galactus and, with the help of Johnny Storm, managed to defeat the great evil and now is a protector of Earth. It has been over ten years since we first saw the Silver Surfer on the theatre screens. With the advancements in CGI and with the success of many other stories under the Marvel name, the resurrection of the Silver Surfer and a look at his tale would be one of great interest. I, for one, am curious to know just what his home planet was like. 

6. Valkyrie

With a strong name like Brunnhilde, not to mention being from Asgard, this warrior goddess is the perfect choice to lead the Valkyrior, even Odin would agree considering she was picked personally by him for the task. And we will be in luck at seeing the warrior goddess in action on screen when Thor: Ragnarok is released. However, I would still like to see a film that focuses on Valkyrie alone, one that puts her on centre stage. We’ve seen plenty of the men of Agard, it’s time to show us the strength of the women there. 

7. Nova

Richard Rider was a normal human being, just like many other superheroes that were created in the Marvel universe. The dying Xandarian Rhomann Dey changed all of that when he randomly chose Richard to imbue with Nova Corps powers. The young teenager was flung into the role and relished it fighting for justice as the hero called Nova. We’ve heard of the Nova Corps and the planet Xandar, having been introduced to both in the Guardians of the Galaxy film that was released back in 2014. The question on all the fan’s lips is simple: Will there be an appearance of Nova in the Guardians of the Galaxy 2? Many hoped to see him in the first movie, making an appearance as the hero for Xandar but alas, no such appearance came. An appearance in the sequel for Guardians of the Galaxy would be great and hopefully, that would open up the door for a stand-alone film for the lesser known superhero too. 

8. Vampyro

We’ve seen Blade making it big on the screens with his amazing fighting skills, his all black ensemble and his rather serious personality with a bit of a dry sense of humor, so why can’t another vampire from the Marvel universe make it big? I’m talking about Vampiro. There is so much about this character that needs answering. What is his real name? How old is he really? He possesses fangs, just like a regular vampire but does he behave like regular vampire? Other than the fact that he cannot be killed, he is a professional wrestler and he is part of a race of people known as the Eternals everything else about this character is a mystery which, could be a good thing or a bad thing in the terms of a film introducing him to the world. 

9. Nocturne

When you mention the name Nightcrawler, everyone immediately knows who you are talking about…Kurt Wagner, the blue skinned mutant with three fingers and toes and a tail that can teleport himself – and others – to basically anywhere and everywhere, but what about his daughter? Yes, he has a daughter. Talia Josephine Wagner, also known as Nocturne, is probably the spitting image of her father with her indigo skin, three fingers and toes on each foot and hand respectively and pointed ears. Does she possess the same abilities as her father or does she have a whole other set of ticks up her mutant sleeves that do a ‘one up’ on daddy dearest? And aren’t you curious to know how Nocturne came to be in this world? We can never have enough of seeing blue skinned mutants on the big screens. 

10. Gambit

The name Remy LeBeau is a very familiar one to the fans of X-Men, but most know him as the smooth talking, card wielding Cajun that goes by the name of Gambit and, personally, Gambit has always been a personal favourite of mine. Many know that there are already talks of Gambit having his own movie released in 2017, with the possibility of Channing Tatum taking up the role, but will they be able to capture the unique essence of the beloved Cajun or will there be another disappointing portrayal? Only time will tell.  

There you have it, my top ten list of what superheroes I’d like to see capturing the spotlight on the movie screen in the future. Some of the names here are better known than others but still often take a back seat to the more iconic superheroes of the Marvel Universe. Let’s see if we will be pleasantly surprised in the future by Marvel Studios.

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