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Horror Movies That Give Us Nightmares
Films to make your stomach heave!

19) Eden Lake

Young couple Steve and Jenny travel to a remote forest lake for a romantic getaway. But their peace and quiet is disturbed by a gang of youths. As gang steals their belongings and delights in provoking them, Steve confronts them - but he has underestimated the depths of brutality to which the boys are willing to sink for a good time…

The class commentary might make for uncomfortable viewing, but Eden Lake finds its groove in exploiting a particularly British fear of “hoodies”, and a more general fear of psychopathic leadership. Watching teens coerced into torturing a grown man seemingly for fun is an utterly soul-emptying experience in a way only a very few films can manage.

“All humans will tremble before mutantkind!…Oh, wait, too soon.”

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