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Horror Movies That Give Us Nightmares
Films to make your stomach heave!

18) A Nightmare on Elm Street 

The teenagers of Elm Street begin to suffer from violent nightmares that come true in real life. High school student Nancy Thompson is determined to discover the truth about the disfigured killer Freddy Krueger and find a way to survive the dreams - that is, if she doesn’t fall asleep first.

Freddy Krueger was initially intended to be a child molester, and it shows: not just because he targets children, but because of the way society responds to it. The law fails to convict him, the neighborhood impulsively lashes out, and his story is eventually buried as a symbol of the community’s shame. The surreal torments Krueger inflicts on the teens of the story give way to deeper, more adult fears underlying his creation, and it is that layering that makes A Nightmare on Elm Street a rich, satisfying horror experience.

Basically everyone’s first time shaving “down there”.

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