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17) IT

A gang of children in Derry, Maine realize that their terrifying experiences are the manifestations of a single being with a limitless capacity for evil. They fight IT, driving it into hiding. But years later, a series of phone calls reunites the gang on a journey to return to Derry as adults - this time, determined to destroy IT once and for all.

Of all the Stephen King adaptations, IT is perhaps the most Stephen King-ish, depending on a precise mixture of cheesy contrivances and gut-wrenching terror. If you find the spectacle of Tim Curry in a clown suit menacing little children to be funny rather than terrifying, I can’t help you. But to me and to thousands of other horror fans, this film is a gem. The town of Derry, Maine hides an entire history of madness and suffering behind its shuttered windows, just as Pennywise hides his true form behind a layer of make-up and a grotesque grin.

The production team pulled out all the stops to bring the cosmic monstrosity of IT to gruesome, writhing life, and if you are at all a fan of Stephen King’s work - warts and all - you owe it to yourself to dip into this adaptation of his horror opus.

Fun fact: this is Tim Curry’s least creepy face in the film. It only gets worse from here.

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