25 Upcoming PC Games We Just Can’t Wait To Play

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Are you a PC Gamer? Are you curious about what great games are coming your way? If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, then stick around as I go through 25 of the most anticipated games coming to PC.

25. Mount & Blade: Bannerlord

Mount & Blade: Bannerlord Gameplay

Release Date: December 2017

Mount & Blade has been an important series for me. I put a tremendous amount of time into Mount & Blade (2008) and then I got its standalone expansion, Warband came out in 2010 I put another 100 hours into it, and then even more into its Viking Conquest expansion. Mount & Blade is simply one of the best and most versatile medieval war games on the market to date. However that was seven years ago, and now finally the much talked about sequel finally has gameplay footage and a tentative release date.

We don’t know a lot about this installment except that it takes place several hundred years before the previous game. In it you will make a character, and roam the land doing … well pretty much whatever you want. Will you become a mercenary? A bandit? Will you build an army and become a conqueror? The series is incredibly open-ended and it looks like this installment will be no different. Throw some weapon customization in, and a greatly over-hauled siege system and you’ve got yourself a very respectable upgrade of Warband.

Rainbow Six: Siege (1066 edition)

I’m excited to be able to make and name my own weapons. My mighty blade Man-Opener will be born again!

24. Middle Earth: Shadow of War

Shadow of War Gameplay 

Release Date: August 22nd, 2017

When Shadow of Mordor came out back in 2014, it blew our collective minds. Not because it was the first sandbox Lord of the Rings game, and not because it’s story was both well written and entertaining. No, what really amazed us all was its “nemesis system”.

Basically no two playthroughs would be exactly the same because most of the antagonists through the game would be generated creatively by your actions through the game. Got killed by an Orc? Well he’s probably been promoted now and will remember you. That bodyguard you shot in the face? Well maybe he comes back with a metal plate in his head and a lot of anger to work out on you.

There really was no doubt that a sequel would come, and now with a confirmed release date and more gameplay footage coming out all the time, it’s hard not to be excited.

In Shadow of War you will continue Talion’s story, though not all is the same. This time you are armed with a newly minted ring of power, created by your wraith companion (who created the original one ring while he was alive) In this installment you will be able to travel far further, solving the common complaint about the original that the environments were all to similar looking to promote exploration. The Nemesis system has been greatly built upon, not only making enemies even more varied but also applying the same system to allies to allow for levels of loyalty and such. Now your actions will not only impact your enemies, but your allies as well which would bring a whole new level to decision making.

You also now have the ability to swap out your gear, further expanding on the RPG elements of the game.

Battles will be bigger, and choices will have more impact. Overall this game appears to be bigger in every possible way, and I have little doubt that it’s going to be one of the best games of the year.

Because clearly, Balrogs need armor.

One ring to … control them all, one ring to … locate them

23. Total War: Arena

Total War: Arena Gameplay

Release Date: December 2018

Now, this one is an interesting addition to the list. Anyone who’s familiar with the Total War series will know generally what to expect, but this game is a bit of a break of form from the rest of the series.

Usually in a Total War game you will choose a civilization and then through military tactics and politics, you will conquer the world. It’s pretty straight forward though it stands out from most of the rest of the genre by giving you direct control of hundreds of units and really giving you the ability to zoom in and feel like this battle is actually happening in the kind of scale you might expect from a real historic battle.

Total War: Arena differs from this formula in a few ways. Firstly, it’s an online game so you won’t have the usual single player conquest experience. In Arena you play in 10v10 matches, choosing one of a selection of ancient leaders (Leonidas, Julius Caesar, etc) and a few hundred soldiers of your choosing.

Leader characters can be leveled up to have more powerful abilities with XP gained in battles, and your unit types can also be upgraded with various weapon and armor upgrades the same way.

I’m unsure about how this game will translate to a multiplayer-only title, but on the bright side it’s going to be free-to-play, so I’ll definitely be trying it out.  

A Greek general stoically contemplates if his life would be improved by pants

10 versus 10 is every bit as chaotic as you would expect, but it’s a good kind of chaos

22. Total War: Warhammer 2

Total War: Warhammer 2 Trailer

Release Date: December 2017

Of course if you’re more interested in a single player Total War experience, than you can still be excited about Total War: Warhammer 2. Though not exactly a typical Total War experience, what with magic, mythical creatures, and guns, it still keeps the series feel with its large-scale battles and complex strategy.

However as a divergence from the typical formula of the series, the main aim of the campaign is not territorial conquest. Instead each race is battling for control of the “Great Vortex”, a magical hole that drains magic from the world and thus keeps it from falling into chaos. Some races want to keep the vortex doing what it’s been doing, and some wish to corrupt it, but they all want it.

Throughout the campaign, you will complete a series of arcane rituals that will eventually lead to a massive endgame that will apparently be far reaching in its consequences, according to the developer.

Lizard people riding dinosaurs, what hope does anyone else have?

Damn, Morrison has let himself go.

21. Star Wars Battlefront 2

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Trailer

Release Date: November 11th, 2017

The original Battlefront series are some of the most beloved Star Wars ever made. It was no surprise when DICE rebooted the series in 2015, however the excitement for that reboot quickly dwindled as a laundry list of complaints about the game began to surface. It’s lack of a single player campaign, the lack of space battles, and it’s lack of the prequel era were only some of the complaints.

You will have trouble finding a bigger Star Wars fan than myself, and even I was very skeptical when I heard they were taking a second crack at Battlefront … however almost all of those reservations are long gone for me.

Battlefront 2 appears to be doing all the things right that its predecessor did not. From increasing the scope massively with the inclusion of both the prequel era and the new trilogy era, to hiring the man who wrote 2012’s chilling story about the horrors of war, Spec Ops: The Line, to write the single player campaign, this game looks amazing.

The protagonist is an Imperial Elite Trooper named Iden Versio, whose father died on the second Death Star. This is the first time since 1994’s Tie Fighter that a game has really explored an Imperial storyline (No I didn’t forget about Force Unleashed but given the direction that storyline takes I don’t think I’d really call it Imperial). Also, it’s worth noting that not only is Iden a woman, but she’s a woman of colour so that’s a continuation of the current trend in Star Wars of creating better representation in the series.

She even has what looks like a tiny probe droid, which I fully intend to name

No joke though, I’m really excited to play as Maul

20. Sniper Elite 4

Sniper Elite 4 Gameplay

Release date: February 4th, 2017

Sniper Elite is one of those games that found its rhythm and didn’t change it much as time went on. If you’ve played Sniper Elite 3, or even Sniper Elite 2 you have some basic idea what to expect from this game. There are a few updates of course, that make Sniper Elite 4 a strong addition to the series.

For starters, in 4 you can climb ledges and such allowing you to reach far more vantage points. This coupled with a greatly increase map size from the previous installment, allows for you to tackle Sniper Elite 4’s missions with a high degree of versatility. There’s no one way to do them, and I know that’s something I enjoy in a game.

This game takes place directly after the events of its predecessor, and will have you once again taking control of OSS sniper, Karl Fairburne. The Nazi’s are developing a new secret weapon (a radio-guided anti-ship missile) and you are sent to stop the development of this weapon by any means necessary.

The series’ famous X-Ray kill cam system is back, but it has been expanded to included shrapnel kills, as well as melee and stealth kills.

Sniper Elite is arguably the best sniper-focused game series on the market, and Sniper Elite 4 continues to deliver the level of quality you would expect from the series.

The real question is if I’m going to be able to resist yelling “finish him!” when things like this happen

Jaw dropping HD killcam

19. Elder Scrolls 6

Could be anywhere really, we’ve only had main games for three and a half of these provinces

Release Date: December 2018 (speculative)

Skyrim was one of the most wildly popular RPGs of all time. It united the folks that would usually play RPGs with the folks that were more into first person shooters. It’s been ported to nearly every console imaginable, with a Nintendo Switch release coming in the future.

So the question everyone is asking is, “When will there be an Elder Scrolls 6?”

Well, sadly that one is in the air. Bethesda Studios has not confirmed that they are even working on it, and have said that they have several very large projects that they are currently working on that are not Elder Scrolls related.

There’s a lot of speculation as to what it will be about and where it will be set, (My favourite theory is that it’ll be set in Valenwood, the province of the wood elves) but in terms of concrete information we know absolutely nothing. And it’s quite likely that we won’t know anything for quite a while because Bethesda has a history of not revealing much information before they choose to announce the game. Before Skyrim was announced there was nothing but rumours and speculation as to what it would be about, or when it would even come out.

Sadly for this one, we’ll just have to wait and see.

18. XCOM 3

Admittedly, I’m just curious how they are going to out-do this spectacular cover art

Release Date: December 2018

XCOM is a classic PC game series. It was a hit back when it came onto the scene in the 90’s, and the rebooted series has met with tremendous success. XCOM 2 was amazing and took the series to new heights of creativity and freedom. Now we are left to wait and wonder when the inevitable sequel will come out.

In XCOM you control the actions of the XCOM organization, who are kind of like a more military version of the Men in Black. You protect human kind from alien invasion or, in the case of XCOM 2, you lead a resistance movement against an alien occupying force.

Currently we know little more than rumours and what we can piece together with speculation. The ending of the previous game dropped a pretty clear nod to Terror from the Deep, the second game in the original series. People are now divided as to whether or not that is what the next game will be based on.

I think it’s infinitely more likely that they will combine that game with its successor, Apocalypse as a means of properly wrapping up the series and giving gamers a great deal of freedom and gameplay variation. Terror from the Deep was focused on underwater combat, which many have said ended up feeling very repetitive at the time. Now with newer technology and engines, it seems very unlikely to me that they would limit themselves that much. Combining the two games would however allow them to explore that and ground based combat in a post-advent world. Perhaps even throw in some space combat.

We can probably expect to hear something about XCOM 3 before next year, so keep your ears and eyes open for this one.

17. Gwent

Gwent Gameplay

Release Date: December 2018

If you are the kind of person, like me, who beat Witcher 3 and in the process found that you were playing a whole lot of Gwent … then this is something to be excited about. The fans asked for more Gwent, and CD Projekt Red answered.

I played the beta of this and I have to say, it’s great. It’s far better than the version of Gwent in Witcher 3 in that there are a lot more cards, and a lot more effects that cards can have. This means that matches can go a lot of different ways and make things a lot more interesting.

Oh, did I mention? It’s free. You can buy items in game, but you can play perfectly well without ever spending a cent.

If you remember from Witcher 3, pretty much once you got a few solid hero cards, you were virtually guaranteed a win every time you played. As you might expect with this being a multiplayer game, this is not the case in the standalone game. Hero cards definitely help, but a clever strategy with the right status effecting cards, can take the day just as surely.

I’m very excited to see what CD Projekt Red does with this after release. Will they add more decks? I hope so. I hope this game gets a great deal of support going forward, because it’s going to be a lot of fun.

I really have to wonder how Geralt never comments on how many people he knows from his deck…

Basically the same interface but fairly a little more streamlined than the original

16. State of Decay 2

State of Decay 2 Trailer

Release Date: December 2017

State of Decay was that rarest of things, a unique zombie game. It managed to walk the line between focusing on survival and resource management, while still having a lot of good old fashioned zombie slaying. Your characters could die permanently, which given they had personalities and were levelable; it could be kind of upsetting when they did. Not to mention a complete pain because you had to find their body and retrieve their gear if you didn’t want to say goodbye to it forever.

Not a lot has been announced about State of Decay 2 except that it will be similar in gameplay to the first game, though it will have a strong co-operative gameplay style with up to three other players. The trailer seems to imply that there will be a much better system for upgrading settlements than in the previous game.

More information, including the exact release date, is scheduled to be revealed at this year’s E3.

It’s alright, he’s unarmed

The group that kills zombies together, stays together

15. Dawn of War 3

Dawn of War 3 Gameplay

Release Date: April 27th, 2017

There have been about a million games made with the Warhammer universe, and to be perfectly honest most of them suck, most of them suck hard. The Dawn of War series is a notable exception to this.

I got the entire collection of part 1, 2, and all their DLC on sale a while back and they sucked up so many hours of gameplay from me, and continue to.

Basically they are real time strategy games, but they have a lot of depth that other games in that genre frequently don’t (a cover system springs to mind).

Dawn of War 3 is very similar to previous entries in the series. Basically if you liked Dawn of War 2 but would like newer graphics, a new campaign and more units; then you should definitely pick this up.

I’ll be honest, this game had be at “giant killer sentient machine with miniguns for hands”

It certainly looks like battles are realistically chaotic

14. System Shock (2018)

System Shock Gameplay

Release Date: Q2 2018

Remakes and reboots are becoming very popular in gaming, and we can probably expect to see even more old classics finding their way to modern machines. One of the more anticipated remakes coming up though, is the remake of 1994 classic, of the same name. Its popularity has survived, but more in a cult fashion as the game’s steep learning curve ran a lot of casual games away at the time.

In System Shock, you play a hacker that is caught trying to hack a station. In exchange for his freedom, he agrees to hack the computer in control of the station, an AI by the name of SHODAN. All seems to go well, but after a time jump you find that the hacked AI has taken over the station and has put into a motion to launch a major attack on earth. So of course, it falls to you to save the day.

It’s unclear how close the remake will be to the original, but we can certainly expect a lot of puzzle solving and horror. Two things I’m rather fond of. 

This should have been predictable. You give a machine a face, it kills you. It’s just how it works.

I accuse Colonel Mustard, in the space station with the lead pipe!

13. Outlast 2

Outlast 2 Gameplay

Release Date: April 25th, 2017

Outlast came out back 2013 to largely positive reviews. It was highly praised for being scary, and for having very strong gameplay. In the first one you are an investigative journalist, who is investigating a psychiatric hospital (because that always works out well for people in cinema) that you’ve heard is conducting inhuman experiments on its patients. You arrive to find the place ransacked with bodies everywhere and the patients free and dangerous.

The second game has a similar sort of plot line. You again take on the role of an investigative journalist, this time investigating the murder of a young woman known only as “Jane doe”. You travel to Arizona with your wife to investigate the case, but your plane crashes and you are knocked unconscious. Upon waking you find the pilot crucified, and your wife missing.

A pretty typical horror plot line start, but that doesn’t make it any less good. There is no doubt twists and turns aplenty to be found within Outlast 2. Given how scary the previous game was, this is not an adventure for the faint of heart; but is likely an ultimately rewarding one for those that are brave enough to try it.

“Run away” seems like a good overall strategy

OH MY GOD! Would you look at those pearly white teeth! Those are very maintained.

12. Prey

Prey Gameplay

Release Date: May 5th, 2017

The first thing to get out of the way with Prey, is that it has nothing at all in common with 2005 game of the same name. The original sequel to Prey fell into development hell, and this game is what eventually came out of it, sharing nothing but some of the alien concepts.

Now, that out of the way, let’s talk about Prey.

In Prey you play Morgan Yu. The player will be able to decide on Morgan’s gender, as well as make certain key, plot-impacting decisions throughout the game. Instead of self-contained levels, the space station you are on will be continuous sometimes requiring you to backtrack.

Ultimately this is a survival game. Morgan is on a space station that is overrun with hostile aliens and he/she needs to find resources and survive.

The aliens all have different powers, and through the game Morgan can learn these powers including the ability to mimic everyday objects like chairs and bananas.

The developers have described this as a spiritual successor to System Shock, so if you are already excited for that you will likely love this as well.

That is a very severe case of pink-eye

Someone asked if he felt like a cup of coffee, and the existential crisis began

11. Vampyr

Vampyr Gameplay

Release Date: December 2017

We should probably get this out of the way early; I’m a huge vampire nerd. I play basically every vampire themed game I ever come across, and if there’s an option to be a vampire in a game you better believe I’ll try it at least once.

Vampyr is something special though, it’s a Vampire Rpg, which is not something you get often. Pretty much the only other vampire-focused RPGs are the Vampire: The Masquerade games, and the last one of those was released back in 2004. So there’s been a while without a good vampire RPG (and no, the DLC for Skyrim doesn’t count … but I did love that.)

Vampyr is a fresh new take on being a vampire. In it you will have the option to try and be a good guy and not feed on people, or feed on everything that moves. The latter will give you powers more quickly, but will have a negative impact on the morality of the character. Evidently Vampires are a lot like Jedi, the quick and easy path is not the one good guys take.

It’s set in Victorian London, during the Spanish Flu epidemic. You play take the reins of Jonathan Reid, a Doctor turned Vampire. Jonathan has not been a vampire long and is struggling to reconcile his desire to kill with his desire to heal, creating an interesting conflicted character.

There will be deep RPG elements as well as combat and a strong focus on story.

It’s from the same developer as 2015’s brilliantly cerebral adventure, Life is Strange so you know at the very least this is going to be an interesting story.

Mmm, what a wonderful vintage

Of course what vampire RPG would be complete without badass vampire magic powers

10. Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Trailer

Release Date: September 8th, 2017

Destiny was something new when it came out. It blended the concepts of an MMO with the concepts of a first person shooter. They weren’t the first to try it, and they won’t be the last … but they were one of the most effective. Bungie’s first IP since Halo turned out to be a tremendous success, having a constant player base even now, three years later.

In Destiny you play a “Guardian”, an individual charged with defending the last of humanity against a plethora of alien species bent on humanity’s destruction. You travel around the solar system with your floating robot companion, called a “ghost” and fight these various alien threats.

Destiny 2 takes place a year after the events of the most recent Destiny DLC, Rise of Iron. A group called Red Legion attack the last human city with a massive force, driving the survivors out of the last safe space for mankind. You will have to rebuild your power, and venture to new worlds in search of a means to defeat this new threat.

If the first game was an indication, this game will keep gamers occupied for several years with updates and strong story DLCs, so this one is a definite purchase to be looking out for.

They don’t know his weakness, he can’t deactivate until you say “I am satisfied with my care.”

9. Quake Champions

Quake Champions Gameplay

Release Date: December 2017

Quake hasn’t been terribly relevant for many years now, but Quake Champions aims to change that.

Bethesda hasn’t said a lot about it, but it has been confirmed that it was originally considered as an expansion to Quake Live, which was essentially a rerelease of 2009’s Quake 3 Arena.

As suck, Quake Champions appears to be pretty much exactly the same as Quake 3 Arena in form, blending the characters of Quake with the gameplay style of Unreal Tournament. We probably can’t expect much in the way of storyline, but if it’s anything like its predecessor there will still be a lot of fun to be had in its round after round of senseless but satisfying violence.

Ah, the good old fashioned leaping shot

Hoverboards? Alright this reeeeally is feeling Unreal Tournament-ish

8. Insurgency: Sandstorm

Release Date: December 2018

Insurgency has come a long way. It started out its life as a source mod, and it grew up to being a full-fledged retail release that sold 400,000 copies in its first eight months on Steam.

The sequel, Insurgency: Sandstorm will be a similar game, but will add a great deal of content.

For starters it features a single player story line. In it, you play a female Kurdish freedom fighter, fighting to free her people from an oppressive regime.

It will still have a strong multiplayer like its predecessor, but will come with split screen capabilities as well as a console launch. There will also be vehicles in at least some modes online too.

Time will tell if this is more of a sequel or a polishing of the original game, but either way it sounds worth the money if only for the addition of a story, especially one from such a unique perspective.

When she’s fighting for the freedom of her country, she uses L'Oréal because she’s worth it

There’s always at least one guy with the hat and sunglasses look in these kind of games, you ever notice that?

7. Lost Ark

Lost Ark Gameplay

Release Date: Q3 2017

Lost Ark has been compared to Diablo in its overall style, but most people agree that it manages to stand on its own perfectly well. Until recently it didn’t matter how awesome people thought it was though, because it was exclusive to Korea.

However apparently the developers have heard all of you that wanted desperately to play this in English, because a western release has been confirmed, with a tentative release window for the third quarter of this year.

Lost Ark is an MMO in which you are trying to save the world from a demon invasion. You are searching for a relic called the Ark, which was used to defeat the demons at some point in the past.

There’s likely a lot more to the story, but (likely because of its extremely limited release) it’s really hard to find much information on it. All the same though, it looks intriguing and the massive fan desire to bring it over to the west certainly bodes well for its quality.

Beautiful world design, I’ll give them that

I’m 90% sure I actually fought him in Diablo 3

6. Lineage Eternal

Lineage Eternal Gameplay

Release Date: December 2018

Lineage Eternal is another Korean Action RPG to make our list. It has been compared to Lost Ark as they both use a similar style of gameplay and are both from Korea, however they do have some differences.

In Lineage Eternal you will be able to level up four different classes of character, and switch them out as the situation requires it, effectively quadrupling your customization options.

Of course it’s the sequel to Lineage the first game in the series that was released in North America back in 1998. It’s popularity managed to keep it afloat until 2011, when it’s North American servers were taken down. Let that sink in for a moment, it was online for 13 years.

The sequel is set to be the last game in the series, and after numerous development delays, it is looking to be released soon, with beta testing already in progress in Korea.

Dragons! I’m sold! I mean … I need more than that out of a game …

That is a reasonably detailed view of a battle for an MMO. It doesn’t even look like an MMO

5. Kingdom Under Fire 2

Kingdom Under Fire 2 Gameplay

Release Date: December 2017

The Kingdom Under Fire series has a long and glorious history, and many (including myself) got a lot of enjoyment out of its blend of RTS and just walking into a huge group of enemies and destroying them like Sauron in the beginning of Fellowship of the Ring.

However sadly there hasn’t been a release from the series since 2005.

Kingdom Under Fire 2 will take place directly after the events of Circle of Doom.

As with previous installments you will take control of a hero character that can issue orders to soldiers and run around freely on the battle field with soldiers trailing behind him/her. This style of battlefield management is similar to Mount & Blade, except in that the hero characters in Kingdom Under Fire are significantly more powerful than the units they generally encounter.

Medieval magical airstrikes, it’s a beautiful world isn’t it?

I mean really, does this look like the sort of person a random foot soldier should try to fight?

4. Metal Gear Survive

Metal Gear Survive Gameplay

Release Date: December 2017

This one is … an odd one.

It’s set in the Metal Gear universe … kind of, but the characters are transported to an alternate universe populated by hostile zombie-like monsters. The story’s ultimate goal is to gather resources and return to your own universe.

The series is no stranger to weirdness, but this one is a strong departure from the series and fans are very separated as to how they feel about it. Either way though, previous titles from the developer show that we can expect a well-crafted game with a large scope.

Chain link fences are the real heroes of most survival horror games

The Last of Us gave you spore zombies, now … have CRYSTAL ZOMBIES

3. Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire

Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire Gameplay

Release date: December 2018

The sequel to 2005’s Pillars of Eternity, has generated a lot of interest. The original was hailed as a spiritual successor to games like Baldur’s Gate and Icewind Dale, and was met with generally favourable reviews.

If you need any proof of the great interest the gaming community has in Pillars of Eternity 2, you have to look no further than the massive success of its crowd-funding campaign. It raised $4.4 million with a goal of only $1.1 million, the largest crowd funding success for a crowd funded videogame since 2015.

Like its predecessor it is an isometric RPG, with a strong focus on story.

Once again you will take control of the “Watcher”, a character that has the ability to look into people’s souls and view the memories of both their current and previous incarnations. Your decisions in the first game will impact the world in the second game. When your stronghold is destroyed by a long though-dead god, you are sent on a search for answers.

This one looks like just the shot in the arm the isometric RPG genre has been needing for some time now.

The kind of small town that seldom survives RPGs

Realistically, we better hope this thing has a similar weakness to Achilles

2. Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 Trailer

Release Date: December 2019

There is no real doubt that this game is going to be amazing.

This is first game from Witcher developers, CD Projekt Red not to be set in the Witcher universe. After the entire gaming world was shaken by Witcher 3 which has been hailed by many (including myself) to be both one of the best RPG’s ever released, and one of the best games ever released.

Now that we’ve said our goodbyes to the titular Witcher, we are left to see what next will come from the developer.

What’s next is in fact a massive jump in genre.

Cyberpunk 2077 is a roleplaying game set in a futuristic city called Night City. It will be sandbox, and you will have to get implants to learn the various languages spoken in the city (which will function at varying levels of quality depending on the quality of the implant). There will be other types of implant too though we haven’t heard about all of those game mechanics yet.

The team working on it is larger than the one that created Witcher 3 and it’s been described as being quite a bit bigger.

This could be the largest city ever in a video game, and if it’s anything like Witcher 3 there will be no shortage of things to do in it.

One shot, one kill

She has … wrist scythes. Well, Assassin’s Creed is going to have to step up it’s game

1.Call of Duty: World War 2

Call of Duty: World War 2 Trailer

Release Date: November 3rd, 2017

A few years ago, WW2 was a very tired setting for a video game. Virtually every war game that was coming out was centered around it, and the idea of games that were focused on different eras was a very refreshing breath of fresh air.

However, nostalgia always catches up with us in the end and so it was with WW2.

But Call of Duty is here to help sate that nostalgic yearning we are all feeling. This November we’ll be returning to those familiar battles, with all the power of the current generation of gaming firmly behind it.

This one will not be your typical WW2 romp though, and will be focusing more on some of the darker parts of the war, things like racism, religious persecution, and sexism. All and all it sounds like a much more grown up take on what was a horrific period of history, which I am quite enthusiastic to jump into.

I really hope it has destructible environments, because that’s where tanks really shine

Really nice mud textures … actually this game is really pretty in general

There’s no shortage of awesome games coming to PC. This is the first time in years that I’ve had more games I want that are coming out than I can afford, (and that’s a reflection on how many great games are coming out, not on how little money I have) and I am very excited to be into gaming right now. 

Several of the games on this list seem posed to redefine genres, and reshuffle what we think of when we think about RPGs and war games; even MMOs. This is going to be an exciting year for PC games.

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