'Age of Reforging: The Freelands' Opens A Door Into A World of Thieves, Speculators, and Adventurers!

'Age of Reforging: The Freelands' Opens A Door Into A World of Thieves, Speculators, and Adventurers!
An open world awaits with excitement adventure around every corner... if you know how to look!

‘Age of Reforging: The Freelands’ is an open-world medieval fantasy sandbox survival RPG that is set in a world where adventure awaits around every corner!

Hopping aboard a sailing ship and preparing to explore the world. Image by ‘Age of Reforging: The Freelands’. 

You find yourself in the Freelands, battling to survive as a ‘reforger.’ People journey to the Freelands from all over in search of riches and fame, but most never make it out. They join the countless others as the little piles of white bones that decorate the vast land.

Your mission is to explore the Freelands, growing and expanding your party of adventurers as you go along. There is vast “wealth, power, and prestige” to be found in the Freelands. With the Goddess of Fate on your side, all you need to do is make every effort to grab it!

There are 5 towns and 8 villages that you can visit, traveling from one to the other and trading valuable goods that you collect along the way for mountains of profit. The game features 8 different environments, including mountains, forests, and swamps, among others.

Kneeling on the ground next to a pathway through the woods. Image by ‘Age of Reforging: The Freelands.'

Dungeons and ancient ruins are scattered across the landscape. Exploring them and defeating the enemies that defend them will allow you to search for the valuable treasures hidden within them.

A key element of the game is survival. You will need to make sure that you have enough food, water, and supplies for your party. You will also need to fight off dangerous beasts and monsters that roam the Freelands.

‘Age of Reforging: The Freelands’ features real-time combat, but you are able to pause mid-fight to give orders to your AI party members to help turn the tide of the fight in your favor.

There are exciting stories for you to experience all across the Freelands. The choices that you make will have an impact on how your journey goes, and some of the choices that you must make will be very difficult.

‘Age of Reforging: The Freelands’ is developed by ‘PersonaeGame Studio,’ and is coming to Steam during the first quarter of 2023.

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