'Autonauts vs Piratebots' Is A Comedic Global Scale Sci-fi Wargame

'Autonauts vs Piratebots' Is A Comedic Global Scale Sci-fi Wargame
Even the comedic world of cartoon characters has its fair share of evil villains!

‘Autonauts vs Piratebots’ is a cartoon-style battle game that is set in a sci-fi universe where evil ‘Piratebots’ have started kidnapping ‘Autonauts’ and invading ‘Autonaut’ settlements. This kind of brazen misconduct must not be tolerated and should be severely punished!

Rallying the Autonauts against the Piratebots. Image by 'Autonauts vs. Piratebots.'

You step into the shoes of the ‘Captain of the Autonauts Defense Force.’ Those are pretty big shoes to fill and you have your work cut out for you if you wish to lead the ‘Autonauts Defense Force’ to victory against the ‘Piratebot’ scum!

The fight begins when you respond to an invasion alert from a planet under your jurisdiction. The Piratebots have captured it and taken over all the planet’s industries and resources for themselves. You need to fight back and drive them off to wherever they came from!

If you truly want to be victorious against the Piratebots, you will need to defeat their leader, who is known as ‘The Dread Pirate Robot.’ Not the kind of Piratebot any sane person would normally mess with…

The Autonauts doing battle against the Piratebots in a lightly wooded field. Image by 'Autonauts vs. Piratebots.'

Every story needs a hero, and this one is asking you to be that hero! You need to rescue innocent Autonauts that have been captured by the Piratebots. Your job is to rebuild the destroyed settlements and take back the planet that the Piratebots have pirated!

You can grow and process various resources that you will need to fund your war against the Piratebots. Additionally, you will need to create an army composed of squads of ‘Defencebots’ belonging to all the different military classes and serving unique roles in the military. 

You need to guide your armies, strategically targeting Piratebot positions and installations until you have driven them out, while simultaneously growing the Autobot’s army and economy.

Defeating Piratebots will grant you unique new weapons and tools that will help you to keep your war against the Piratebots going until you can drive them out completely.

‘Autonauts vs Piratebots’ is developed by ‘Denki,’ and was released on Steam in July 2022.

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