'A.V.A Global' Classic FPS Shooter Stretches Player Creativity With Class-Based Combat

'A.V.A Global' Classic FPS Shooter Stretches Player Creativity With Class-Based Combat
Who wants to take the fight to the enemy for a change?!

‘A.V.A. Global’ is a classic first-person shooting game that is built around a class-based combat system.

A bullet whizzing by a character's head. Image by 'A.V.A Global.' 

In ‘A.V.A. Global’ you can play a variety of different PVP and PVE game modes. During each match, you can choose to play as either the ‘Pointman,’ ‘Rifleman,’ or the ‘Sniper.’ Each class has unique weapons and gear and plays a specialized role in the squad. 

Depending on the terrain and battlefield, a specific class might perform better than the other classes.

The ‘Pointman’ is primarily suited for close-range combat. Some of the weapons you can equip as ‘Pointman’ include shotguns, submachine guns, and other weapons uniquely suited to the role that the ‘Pointman’ has to play.

The ‘Rifleman’ is equipped with different assault rifles and throwable ordnance such as grenades, smoke grenades, and flashbangs. His primary role is to lay down heavy firepower and do heavy damage to enemy forces.

Advancing forward as a squad. Image by 'A.V.A. Global.'

The ‘Sniper’ can use different sniper rifles and is uniquely suited to fighting enemies at great distances. The ‘Sniper’ can provide overwatch for his teammates, and can also be used to take out key enemy personnel from far away.

There are a number of different game modes and over 30 different maps for players to play on.

The modes include:

  • Annihilation: Follows the team deathmatch rules.
  • Demolition: NRF must eliminate all EU forces and/or defuse the bomb. EU forces must plant and defend the bomb till detonation or eliminate all NRF forces.
  • Escort: NRF forces must destroy the EU tank being escorted to safety. EU forces must defend the tank and repair it when it gets damaged till they get it to the objective.
  • AI Mission: Players fight against AI NRF forces.
  • Domination: Teams compete for control of an objective. The team with the most control points by the end of the match achieves victory.

‘A.V.A. Global’ is developed by ‘NEOWIZ,’ and is coming to Steam in August 2022.

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