Become the Ultimate Crimestopper In 'City Eye' City Surveillance and Management Simulator

Become the Ultimate Crimestopper In 'City Eye' City Surveillance and Management Simulator
Who wouldn't want to spy on the movements of an entire city full of weird and wonderful people?

‘City Eye,’ is a city surveillance and management game that pits players against the eternal social disease of crime and misdemeanors.

Watching an intersection in the city during the early morning hours. Image by 'City Eye.'

You take on the role of a ‘Central Monitoring System’ operator. Your job is to watch the city, paying careful attention to the more dangerous and crime-ridden areas. You need to help the police to track down and catch any criminals that have broken the law under your watch.

The city map is a key part of your daily life as an operator. You use it to monitor dangerous areas in the city and to give directions to police to help them track down people who have broken the law or are causing trouble in the city.

Although the job may seem simple, it can actually be quite complex. Criminals are very good at breaking laws inconspicuously, so you will need to keep a very sharp lookout and pay close attention to the small details if you wish to catch them in the act!

Checking the police records of a potential criminal suspect. Image by 'City Eye.'

Some of your other tasks will include taking photos of criminal suspects and processing their information so that the relevant Police departments can deal with them as necessary. Your ability to multitask is definitely going to be tested. 

It is common for multiple crimes and transgressions to occur simultaneously all over the city, and you will need to observe and track all of them at the same time if you want to make sure you catch all the city’s criminals!

‘City Eye,’ is developed by ‘Ultimate Games S.A.’ The game is coming to Steam in August 2022.

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