13 Best Third Person Shooters for PC

3rd person shooters
Over the shoulder bullet parades handpicked for your leisure.

Blast Your Enemy To Shreds In These 13 Best Third Person Shooters for PC 

In this guide to the best third person shooters on pc, we'll be looking to play games old and new to scratch that trigger finger itch. So we rumbled, fought, crafted, and bulldozed our way through every single third player shooter of note in order to bring you a complete and unadulterated guide to your next video game obsession. Here's our breakdown of the top 13.

13. Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 4 Trailer

Considered to be the greatest installment in the “Resident Evil” franchise , players take control of Leon Kennedy, a special forces agent sent to rescue Ashley, the president’s daughter, by dismantling a group of all manner of monsters and abominations.

But what really makes this game stand out was its innovative boss battles, exceptional creature design, innovative quick-time eventsQTEs, and twist on the usual “zombie” cliche. Resident Evil works as a horror/survival game, while utilizing the aspects of a third person shooter.

Definitely grab this one if you can, not only for the mechanics, but for the horrifying story as well.


Resident Evil to Lord of the Rings real quick.

12. Warhammer: Space Marine

Warhammer: Space Marine Trailer

What’s better than slicing up space orcs and blowing them away with an untold amount myriad of mechanical weaponry? Not much, except maybe being able to do it faster and with more blood.

Warhammer:Space Marine takes everything you love about the third person shooter genre and turns up the heat. Aside from taking a page from Gears of War in terms of gameplay, it offers melee and ranged combatinteresting mechanics and game modes such as team deathmatch and domination.

Imagine how great it feels blowing through three concrete pillars and slicing five orcs in half with a single swing.

Killing orks is more fun with friends!

Only good ork is a dead ork.

11. Spec Ops: The Line

Spec Ops: The Line Gameplay

What at first seems to be your generic run of the mill third person shoot’em up, Spec Ops: The Line delivers in ways no one really expected. Aside from being an enthralling and immersive high octane Dubai warzone, this game houses an incredible story.

It revolves around the deteriorating mental standpoint of the main character, who slowly becomes more susceptible to the horrors of war, and progresses based on player-made choices.

Pick this one up for a little philosophy with your carnage.

It’s quiet… too quiet…

Look at that view!

10. Dead Space 2

Dead Space 2 Gameplay

After the critical success that was the release of Dead Space, Dead Space 2 perfected the formula. From cyberpunk visuals to gut-wrenching gore, this space/horror/survival game has everything you need when it comes to playability and immersion.

Without revealing too much of the story, Isaac Clarke, our protagonist, deals with an outbreak of infected individuals known as “Necrophages”, which take all sorts of body horror forms, reminiscent of The Thing. Don’t play this one in the dark.

What’re you lookin’ at?


9. Max Payne 3

Max Payne 3 Gameplay

Our favorite alcoholic, bullet dodging, cynical bodyguard is back in the amazing shooter, Max Payne 3. Gotta hand it to Rockstar, making a huge improvement on graphics, controls, and mechanics from the previous installments, while still staying true to the franchise’s intriguing stories and over the top action.

With an engine bleeding black and white, fueled up on classic noire, this game weaves in story and gameplay so well that it’s replayability is through the roof. It’s like if The Matrix and Leaving Las Vegas decided to make a videogame together.

Have you ever fired a gun whilst jumping through the air?

They made fun of my shirt…

8. Star Wars: Battlefront 2

Star Wars: Battlefront 2 Hero Showdown Gameplay

Despite the initial controversy during the release of the highly anticipated Star Wars: Battlefront sequel, it has proven to be a highly rewarding and enjoyable gaming experience time and time again, even despite its hiccups.

The developers add new content, some permanent some temporary with each new season and provide a good number of different multiplayer modes from storming a rebel base to dogfights in space, as well as classes/heroes to choose from.

I mean, let’s face it; say what you want about EA, but this is a polished, playable, and engrossing game. And it’s Star Wars! You can play as Darth Maul, I’ll just leave it at that.

Switch from third to first person.

The Ewok Hunt event was a success…

7. Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect 2 Gameplay

Godfather Part 2, Aliens, Mad Max 2; these are just a few of examples in pop culture where the sequel has surpassed the original. Mass Effect 2 is one of those titles. While bumping up the graphics and revamping the story, this sequel provides one of the most immersive and resonating single player experiences I have ever had the honor of playing through.

The plot largely depends on your choices and features an incredibly thorough RPG-esque skill system, as well as some bells and whistles for weapon customization enthusiasts. With a completely open-world galaxy in the balance, you remain the best hope for its survival, but what consequences will your decisions have? Also, that soundtrack.

I can see my house from here!

The squad.

6. Metal Gear Solid 5

Metal Gear Solid 5 Gameplay

This is an open-world, base building, story driven Metal Gear Solid game. If that isn’t enough for you to instantly buy it, then I should also include this is Hideo Kojima’s last outing with the franchise. If you haven’t been living under a rock since the dawn of time, then you should’ve most likely heard about or seen something related to Metal Gear Solid, as it is widely  considered to be one of, if not the best franchise in history.

Metal Gear Solid 5 is not only graphically sound, but offers a measure of replayability unheard of within the franchise, as all the previous installments had been concretely linear, with little room for deviation.

MGS5 changes that by adding in the ability to customize and build your own headquarters, as well as explore two foreign regions and complete side missions, build your arsenal, and unlock different segments of the plot. This is a must-play.


Yes, that is a dog in a sneaking suit.

5. Tomb Raider

“Tomb Raider” Gameplay

With a couple of missteps on the cinematic front, this franchise came back with a bang when Square-Enix decided to revive the Tomb Raider title.

This new foray into the series adds some zest to the old Tomb Raider mechanics we knew and loved. While still keeping the basic idea of scaling walls and crypts the same, they’ve added new movement abilities and techniques, along with some quick-time events QTE’s that are absolutely nerve-wracking.

Weapon system got an overhaul as well with a new quasi-RPG skill point system that determines proficiency and survival aptitude. If you’re looking for a fun-filled action-packed rumble through the jungle, this is your game.

Okay, that’s just gross.

I think I made the wrong turn at Albuquerque.

4.  Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands Gameplay

Completely dismantling the infrastructure of a drug funded governmental hierarchy has never felt so good.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands makes a triumphant return to the franchise with updated graphics and gameplay and a sleiu of high-tech toys and trinkets to downright obliterate drug dealers with. This game takes place in Bolivia, which has been largely taken over by an all-powerful drug cartel run by the evil El Sueno.

You work through the story at your own pace, choosing which segments of the cartel to take down first to get to El Sueno. You can start with smuggling, the production, or hit ‘em where it hurts with the public influence.

Multiplayer offers great tactical plays as well as rewarding mission objectives. Time to clean house.

Call out orders to your squad in real-time.

The only thing this game is missing is a stellar 80’s soundtrack.

3. Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V Gameplay

The finest installment in the open-world crime franchise; Grand Theft Auto V provides the largest explorable area in the franchise and it’s chock-full of secrets, easter eggs, missions, side missions, and more. Rockstar really goes out of their way to deliver a wallop of a title.

You play as one of three characters throughout the course of the story, each with their own pros and cons, and work through a number of cinematic heists.

Multiplayer offers even more replayability by having multiple players on one map, doing missions/heists together or even going after each other. And of course, like with all GTA games, this one comes with a heaping dose of satire and over the top characters that really come to life. Buckle up.

Just like old times…

(A sunset cruise through Los Santos, smell that air!)

2. Warframe

Waframe Gameplay

Warframe is perhaps the greatest free to play game, ever.  It is a third person action-RPG-shooter with an incredibly innovative movement system and also permits co-op multiplayer.

It’s a classic loot based game, but boy does it get the formula down. With an incredibly satisfying reward system and one of the fairest microtransaction systems, every item and frame is available through sheer progression.

The game wields a plethora of explorable areas, boss fights, and weapon combinations that promises to keep players coming back time and time again for up to 500 hours. Get ready to grind.


I got chills, they’re multiplying…

1. Fortnite

Fortnite Let’s Play

Perhaps the most popular game available right now, and also free to play, Fortnite offers a unique battle royale experience that implements crafting to completely change the tide.

After landing in a safe place on the map, it is imperative to find a weapon of one of five weapon grades (gray, green, blue, purple, orange) and start gathering materials.

In a firefight, the player can craft cover for themselves in seconds, as long as they have the components. Depending on where you land, useful loot can be few and far between, so be alert, and always look for shields. 100 players, 1 winner, battle royale.

These Tilted Towers seem like a fine place to drop on my first game.

Is that a tactical shotgun- OOF!

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