'Chillas Art The Bathhouse' Japanese Horror Game Is A Watery Nightmare

'Chillas Art The Bathhouse' Japanese Horror Game Is A Watery Nightmare
Monsters love hiding in water...

‘Chillas Art: The Bathhouse’ is a Japanese horror game.

‘Chillas Art: The Bathhouse’ is a horror story built entirely around the concept of a bathhouse and what happens there.

An eerily lit room in the creepy bathhouse. Image by 'Chillas Art: The Bathhouse.'

The game has been developed to be played as a “walking simulator,” with unique interactions and experiences for you to play through along the way. You will come across various elements as you progress through the game. 

There are puzzles that you will need to solve. Careful observation will help you to find all the necessary clues and figure out how to solve each unique puzzle.

The game also includes some survival elements that will require you to use your wits, plan ahead, and make your decisions carefully in order to make it all the way to the end of your journey alive… The developers have incorporated psychological horror themes to “drive you insane.” So watch your step!

A dingy room with a dirty mattress on the floor. Image by Chillas Art: The Bathhouse.

According to the developers, the game environment is inspired by Japanese horror films. They have gone with a VHS film aesthetic that “emulates the look and feel of CRT screens.” They have also included VHS tape noise, interlacing, and jitter to amplify the horror experience.

The game has multiple endings. Every choice that you make will have an impact on the final outcome of the game. Make your choices carefully and you might be lucky enough to make it through the entire adventure with all your limbs attached and not 6 feet under the ground…

‘Chillas Art: The Bathhouse’ is developed by ‘Chillas Art.’ The game was released on Steam in September 2022.

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