Critters Television Show Announced in 2014 May Never Come To Screens

The hilarious and horrifying franchise met its end in '92 and won't be coming back.

There hasn’t been an outbreak of the Critters since Critters 4 premiered in theaters in 1992. It was announced by Warner Brothers that their shortform series production unit - known as Blue Ribbon Production - would take on the creation of a Critters Television show in 2014. Supposedly the new show was going to be written by Michael Jelenic & Aaron Horvath, the two that wrote “Teen Titans Go!.”

The Movies

Critters was a film series from New Line Cinema. The films were considered to be sci-fi horror comedies, similar in nature to Gremlins - another Warner Bros. production. Despite being widely thought of a s a Gremlins ripoff, however, the Critters movie was originally written prior to the Gremlins, but when Gremlins came out first Critters had to rewrite because there were so many similarities between the two.

Doesn't matter if you feed them after midnight, these guys couldn't get any uglier!

Critters are ferocious, forever hungering hairy aliens also known as Krites.In the first three movies, the Krites terrorize a small town but are repeatedly beat back by townsfolk with the help of some alien bounty hunters. In the fourth movie the Krites show up in 2045 on a spaceship headed for Earth, wreaking havoc among the stars.

The Television Show

In the press release it was stated that “a new batch of alien pests descends upon the planet in this new digital series” but besides the 2014 launch of Blue Ribbon, there hasn’t been any further developments, announcements or other such news on the project. Warner Bros. only shows Critters 1 on its website, without mention to the other 3 movies much less an upcoming show.

So What Happened? pops up with a Series Premiere for season one episode one in 2017, but there aren’t any posts listed, and the only article related is a 2015 piece on one of the other shows that were kicked off in 2014: Static Shock. However, there is a listing for the cast & crew working on episode one, including Horvath and Jelenic as well as Sam Register and REginald Hudlin (Teen Titans, Djano Unchained respectively) and a few others. The page is anonymous in terms of who contributed the information to iMDb. Perhaps some hopeful fan keeping an eye out, or maybe WB is just trying to keep the release on the DL until the time is right? But whether or not the television show is in the making is still a hard question to answer. There has been no advertising of the “upcoming” season, nor has there been a cancellation announcement.

What does this mean? Has WB been keeping fans in the dark in an attempt to surprise them with the show suddenly making an appearance? Or are the Krites doomed never to return to Earth?


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