'The DioField Chronicle' Medieval Fantasy RPG Will Put Your Strategic Ability to the Test!

'The DioField Chronicle' Medieval Fantasy RPG Will Put Your Strategic Ability to the Test!
Time to embrace your inner strategic mastermind and hope that it's smart enough to save you!

'The DioField Chronicle,' is a role-playing strategy game set in a medieval fantasy world. 

In 'The DioField Chronicle,' the world of men is ravaged by a brutal War. As with any war, there are those who seek to profit from the chaos and bloodshed. Amidst the Flames of War, a band of elite mercenaries known as the Blue Fox has arisen.

Defending barricades against evil enemy forces. Image by 'The DioField Chronicle.'

You take command of this deadly band of mercenaries and lead them into battle. The exploits of the blue Fox will go down in history. The real question is will you be remembered as heroes who brought hope to a nation or as cruel villains who murdered anyone and everyone they pleased?

The game is set beautiful medieval fantasy world and utilizes a unique and innovative combat system. Battles are won and lost by the real-time decisions you make during the heat of battle. You need to assess the situation as it unfolds and make rapid tactical decisions using the situation and environment to your advantage.

Obliterating enemy forces with deadly abilities. Image by 'The DioField Chronicle.'

There is a variety of different classes, skills, and weapons for you to choose from. By carefully selecting different combinations of these, you can create a deadly mercenary squad that can demolish any who stand against you, and will allow you to complete your mission with ease.

The game utilizes epic diorama Style battle scenes that allow you to immerse yourself in the game as you command your mercenaries like a general.

'The DioField Chronicle,' is developed by 'Square Enix.' The game is scheduled for release on Steam by the end of September 2022.

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